Money habits are manners or techniques to manage your finance.  Every phase of life demands different expenditures. There should be a balance between earning and spending. Better money habits save your money and make you responsible for a future scenario. Everyone should learn basic financial literacy. Better money habits make you a better person in life. Because as long as life goes, expenditure goes, therefore, one must be master in handling finance.

How better money habits make you secure in life?

Life revolves around finance. We spend on bread and butter or favorite car. There is a thick line between necessity and luxury. Financial literacy makes this line visible.

Never spend money for sake of pleasure but meanwhile don’t go for a stingy attitude as well. Be humble and moderate. Always spend according to earning.

There should be a healthy balance in input and output. Lack of financial management skills can drag you in financial crises and even in poverty. A wise person never spends more than he earns. Money-saving is a ground habit for a financially secure future. Better money habits for sure don’t guarantee a successful life but are a guarantee for a secure life.

10 better money habits you must adapt for finance management

1-Always go with budge;

You should create a budget to avoid overspending. It is a good money habit to understand what we need and how much we need to spend. This is a beneficial exercise for kids.

As children always follow their parents hence if you create a budget for households, kids will do the same. It is a generous way of spending money. Making a budget is easy.

Write a cost of all items you need in a month, from grocery list to electricity bill, and calculate the sum. It will tell how unnecessary you were in the past days and how should you care in the future.

2-Create a Saving account- Financial literacy;

Create a savings account in either home at home locker or a bank. Deposit saving monthly. Keep a good check on savings. Make your family understand the importance of saving accounts and ask them to create theirs.

A healthy family is a secure family. Your savings account will set an example for kids. They will also follow the lead. The savings account is a ray of hope on rainy days. It has immeasurable advantages. It is a weapon in adversity and investment in the future. All in all, establishing a saving account is one of the better money habits.

3-Buy with cash- Financial literacy;

Psychologist explains when you have the cash you have more respect overspending on goods. Learn to bring cash not a credit card. When you go to a general store or shopping mall purchase the necessary item then pay in cash, not with the master card or credit card.

By repeating this habit, kids also follow this example and will respect the sum of money in the same way as you do. Credit cards, on the contrary, do not impose a sense of responsibility on our shoulders. This is all psychology has to say regarding purchase with cash.

4-Keeping an eye on expenses daily is an also better money habit;

To avoid spending keep an eye where you are spending and what purchased items are really necessary. People who are careful in spending to be more secure when it comes to financial literacy.

If you have an eagle eye on spending then a sudden loss of money won’t bother you. It is a fact we need ages to earn money but need moments to spend it. A sum of money that has earned in whole life can spend overnight.

You should be careful in daily expenses. Note them down and try to avoid spending on luxuries. You have a family to eat and you must show a responsible attitude. Without a doubt impress friends and community may not a healthy choice.

5-Save with intentions- Financial literacy;

There is no action futile without good intentions. If you want to make your action productive and useful then you may go with productive intentions. Spend intentionally and save intentionally with better money habits. Always go for less spending and more saving.

A save amount will help you on rainy days. Ask your children to do the same. A saving hand is beneficial not only for the family but for people around it as well. Troubles are always unexpected and especially troubles regarding finance.

Good savings will help you in fighting financial crises. Poverty isn’t a misery but a challenge and lesson. If you want to avoid poverty in life then you must be careful about spending money.

6-Make financial literacy a goal;

It is a skill in how you manage your money and in what terms you spend it. You should be thirsty when it comes to learning skills. Financial literacy will shape an insecure human being.

Make finance management your goal. The starting of a career is a sensitive point and hence managing your finance is a sensitive point also. Have growth in earning and spending. Better money habit doesn’t always lie in action but intentions also. If you have the intention to learn then it would be easy to apply. 

7-Kill Bad money habits and adopt better money habits;

It is important to define bad money habits. A practice that increases mismanagement in finance is a bad money habit. Some of the general bad money habits in adults are;

  • Spending more than earning
  • Dependence on debt
  • Spending on luxuries than necessities
  • No saving for future
  • Negative thinking
  • Blaming others for financial crises.
  • Not ready to lean financial literacy

You must kill them and adopt better money habits. Productive financial literacy not only stables your present but also secure your future. Never let bad habits put the lives of all family members at risk. Be responsible in doings because what will you do, your children unintentionally follow. Better habits don’t run in genetics but in generations. 


Better money habits are useful and productive learning and increase the chance of success in life. Successful people are ones who spend quality time in learning and adapting good habits. Better money habit has the same worth as rests of good habits have. Financial literacy guarantees a secure future and it reduces the risk of adversity. It is a fact, financial crises leave a bad impact physically and psychologically.



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