Basic etiquette rules are an integral part of the lifestyle. Irrespective of age, etiquette rules says a lot about personality. Social gathering is an expressive platform for showing etiquette. Proper etiquette rules represent you comfortable and well-groomed personality in people. 

Difference between etiquettes and manners.

Etiquette. people use manners and Etiquette interchangeably but their meanings are different. Etiquette go beyond taught guidelines and directly attach to norms and culture. They guide action example; spoon should keep on left or right.

Manners: Actions are considered before performance what kind of effect they will leave on others. Manners show thoughtfulness and respect. Saying sorry when you mean apology and thank you when you show gratitude are manners.

How etiquette rules matters?

The young who learn proper etiquette and manners are considers civilized ones. A parent who does not teach their children etiquette put them at high risk. Education and qualification are two different terms. You could have a degree and since hence can be ignorant and insensible personality.

First teaching comes from home. It is important to teach children valuable manners so they may mark as beneficial human beings.

Children follow their parents because more is caught than taught.

You should teach them proper etiquette so they may behave like an educated, well-groomed and civilized nation. A person’s lifestyle says a lot about the surrounding. 

Some important etiquette rules of daily life.

Greeting Etiquette rules

1-Say greet properly; Hello & good bye.

When you meet someone in the first place always say;

  • Hello
  • How are you doing?
  • How is your job?
  • It is good to see you

Teach your children to speak politely and gently. Have a smile on the face and keep body gesture elegant. Never make feel someone awkward in conversation.

Speak slowly and listen carefully. Pay full consideration when someone is talking to you. It leaves a bad impact when someone talks and you keep busy with work.

Say proper goodbye with a smile and invite them over to visit you. A good meeting wholly depends on the behavior of the host as well as the guest. If you are attending guests make them feel good.  

2-Make eye contact and remember the name of the attendee.

Remember the name of partner. It leaves a good impact on the guest. Maintain eye contact to show your attention toward partner human Being.

A good host never feel awkward. Ask politely name of other person and treat them gently.  Offer your services and keep asking about theirs.

Parents should teach children how to make good eye contact and how to treat others with respect and attention

3-Show greetings over favor and sorry over the loss.

Parents should teach children not to mock or bully. Parents should teach respect kindness and care. If someone offers you services say thank you and behave nicely. If your colleague has lost something go and show sympathy.

Make their morale high and say a few kind words. Kindness costs nothing. Little gesture of greetings and sympathy make valuable consideration in life.

Eating Etiquette rules

4-Sitting at the table.

While taking proper meals always sit on the table. Parents should scold children over eating on couches or bed or somewhere because these are wrong practices.

The dining tables are specifically for the eating purpose. You must respect this practice. It comes under safety.

A meal on dining will remain on dinning, otherwise, meal on the couch has more chance to stain it. Surfaces of dining table are washable and hence stains can be removed.

5-Ask before you take a meal.

Parents should teach their children to ask permission before they take a meal. Children may say can I take it instead of reaching along with the table. They should access the items which are near to them.

For far dishes, they must ask politely. This is specifically applicable to large social gatherings.

May and can both are used. May usually use for asking permission and can for use when you are able to perform physical activity. Many adults reach across the table instead of asking and hence leave a bad impression on others.

6-Keep elbow off the table.

Elbow should be off the table. This is basic and proper etiquette of dining. Never put your elbow on the table. This is a harder habit to adapt. When parents will repeat this habit kid will eventually adapt it.

7-Say “Excuse me please” before sudden leave.

If you are eating with a group of people and all of sudden an important work grab your attention, first try to complete a meal but if you can’t wait then say “excuse me please” I have to go for urgent work.

If you have finished but others are eating then say politely “can I go I have to go for important work”. It will show respect for others. Never leave the table without saying anything.

Etiquette rules of conversation

8-Interrupt a person with proper words.

The selection of words for objection or denial purposes is essential. You must teach children to interrupt if they want to ask about a thing while you are in conversation with another person.

A child your say excuse me mom, and then he can ask whatever he wants and may leave without the wait. Elders also practice it. It is a bad habit to interrupt in two people’s conversation and bubbling talk without asking their permission.

9-Try to befriend not a parent.

There is a stage in life when children are more comfortable with friends, not parents. Parent’s strict behavior can leave a bad impact on parents- kids bond.

But if you treat them in friendly and polite manners as their friend do then results would be different.

You should treat children politely and friendly so they may treat their kids politely and friendly. Parenting goes into generation. Therefore, parents must be careful in parenting practices.

10-Listen as well in conversation.

This etiquette rule is important for every age group. You should listen as well in conversation. Speaking and listening are important modes of communication.

If you can’t listen you would be unable to understand other person’s point of view. Listening opens a door for learning and hence acceptance. 

The conversation is not about speaking but listening too. Teach your children to respect the difference. This is important etiquette and applicable throughout life.


Kids have a high tendency to adaptability and learning. The home environment molds its personality. Friends Company attests its character. Teach your children valuable and good attributes so they may come up as civilized citizens, caring siblings, kind human beings.

Proper etiquette rules are a helpful in decent lifestyle. Be a good version so people remember the good character. Because the body is mortal but the character is eternal.

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