Happy people live longer, studies confirm. Life depends on the quality of lifestyle that a human being adopts. All spheres of life must be healthy either it is finance, diet, or relationships. Happy people express some fundamental characteristics that add sound hues in their life. They are an optimist and kill a negative situation with a positive attitude. They are out of hate jealousy and envoy. Happy people respect differences and independent in life decisions. They act on the sentence live and let live. These people have some fundamental characteristics that help them to live a happy peaceful generous life.

10 fundamental characteristics of a happy life.

1-Happy people focus on what they have.

The sense of gratitude is the first fundamental characteristic of happy people. They focus on what they have been blessed not on what they are lacking in life.

Gratefulness for life blessings separates ungrateful people. Ungratefulness and anxiety lead to a unhappy life. Serotonin is a hormone that is responsible for life happiness

When you are happy gland releases it the insufficient amount that leaves a good impact on the rest of body organs.

People with a positive attitude tend to live a disease-free life. What you think your life becomes. Hence if you will think positive and will be grateful for things you have now, undoubtedly your life will be full of peace curtsy and happiness.

2-Happy people are generous.

Happy people are generous and hence they believe in giving rather than getting

They are greedy when it comes to offering help. Happy people are out of materialistic competition and hence understand the value of relationships on articles. They divide what they have either it is food or love.

They have a selfless soul and never ask anything in demand. Happy people have bright inside. They offer hand anyone in need irrespective of the problems they are facing at the moment.

They keep eye on the good in people and never judge their flaws. This fundamental characteristic automatically makes them happier without negativity.

3-They knew life is a name roller coaster.

Life doesn’t remain the same and human too. It is a dubious trek with lots of challenges, heartbreaks, and disappointments.

Happy people know happiness not the final destination and there must be hard times in life. They are always preparing for a hard task and failure. This fundamental characteristic infuses their body with a spirit of hope and optimism.

They enjoy life as a roller coaster rider. Challenges activate them. They are hopeful and happy no matter what is the situation. Positive people enjoy the journey instead of the destination. Learning every aspect of life becomes their attitude. They did not stick around the temporary article. They knew the fact life cannot be the same and a human must need to prepare for good and bad.

4- They have control over their lives.

One of the fundamental attributes is they command over life, emotions sentiments failures. They did not let any life aspect to control them. If they trap in a problem then they know how exactly to unwind them and always move ahead.

 A satisfactory person takes full control and responsibility for his life. They are easy-going and good observant when it comes to their life aspect. Is something making you worried or toxic, instantly they remove them? 

5- Happy people understand before they perceive.

They understand the position of someone else before they judge. A good sound understanding is necessary for a healthy and positive relationship. They understand the reasons for someone act.

They truly understand the aspect of anything before they judge or criticize. This world is full of distinct humans.

Every person is different and hence the thinking also. If you start understanding the facts behind someone’s action you actually might not mad and will never judge him in the first place.

6-They know healthy life does not offer shortcuts.

A healthy life has sound success, healthy relationships, good finance, and good health. You have to earn it if you want to be happy and successful in life.

Happy people understand this secrecy what you ripe you will cut. Therefore they never go after shortcuts.

Long journeys are hard but worth traveling. If you want good relations with people then you need to stabilize them. A good wealthy successful life comes with consistent dedication and hard work.

7-They are self- dependent.

Self – dependency will save you from disappointments regrets and heartbreaks. Happy people are self -sufficient.

They do not rely on someone else for happiness and favors. They knew the only person who can help them in a hard time is the person themselves. 

Happy people believe in self- services. They never look anyone for granting them favors. They try hard for a happy good stable life. An Independent person is not caged one but he has a better way of expressing ideas opinions and performing the task. 

8-Happy people forgive and never seek revenge.

A person is at peace that has a clean and honest heart. If someone has a bad intention for them they simply forgive and avoid future interactions in life. Happy people never seek revenge but forgive without asking forgiveness and move on

The best revenge is no revenge but silence and future avoidance from toxic people.  They forgive others as well as forgive themselves for wrong decisions, mistakes, and bad choices. Happy people accept they committed mistake firstly they settle out things with own and then move on. If you want to settle with the world firstly you need to settle with yourself.

9-They speak carefully and act wisely.

Words once spit cannot take back. If you about to talk think twice, if these words are necessary, are they gentle, what are alternatives to convey the messages. Harsh brittle words can hurt sentiments.

Happy people speak carefully and act wisely. They live out of other people’s dramas. They do not interfere with anyone’s life. Happy people have a concern about what they are doing life and how to make life better.

10-They do what make them happy.

Happy people enjoy their individuality. They do not demand society certification. They live how they want to live.

A person in outmost happy when its inner is satisfactory. They practice originality. They accept their flaws and imperfection. Happy people embrace every aspect of their personality irrespective they good or bad. They are happy because they do not pretend to be accepted in the flawed system.


Life has a limited span. Instead of wasting we need to embrace it. Life is fair. It offers everyone the opportunity to change. It grants the favor to those who don’t complain and never play the victim. Nature thrones the stubborn soul, the one who not bend before challenges but face them with a strong straight face.

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  1. It’s hard to find well-informed people for this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!


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