We need daily life motivation for life goals and objects. All-times renown scientist fills our source with positivity passion and commitment with inspirational quotes. Their work is still serving humanity. Inspirational quotes infuse an enthusiastic, passionate, and compassionate soul. There are some famous quotes by the famous scientist.

How inspirational quotes help us in daily life motivation?

Inspirational quotes are saying by a famous person who is a statue of hard work and passion. They never take failure on the heart. Neither people’s criticism can affect them. They are the greatest source of inspiration in life. Success is a long and challenging journey, and you need some motivation to carry on. Failures and disappointments are part of success. These quotes help in overcoming the hurdles and building the .castle of success.

Top 10 Inspirational Quotes for Daily life Motivation

A universe of atom an atoms in the universe

Richard Feynman

Human life is like a microscopic blip as compared to the vastness of this universe. When looking at the enormity of this world, one feels like a mote of dust in sunlight. However, this small creature is a universe in himself.  We may be infinitely small, but we have consciousness and the ability to understand nature. That makes us something very special. When you learn to value yourself, the mysteries of this world will start to unfold before your eyes. So have some faith in yourself and if somehow you need motivation just take a deep breath and thing who really you are, a universe.

If you don’t do stupid things while you are young, you will have nothing to laugh about when you are old

Albert Einstein

A human being is prone to mistakes.  We all have our own flaws, and we make mistakes accordingly, but to acknowledge your weakness and amend your mistakes is the height of humanity. Everyone wants to be perfect, but no one can become perfect without pouring some stupidity and errors in his life. Learning from mistakes will grow our experience and broaden the horizon of our minds. Don’t be shy about making mistakes. You have one life, so live to your fullest and learn from your mistakes to become a better version of yourself. Einstein motivation introduces another aspect of life, live to fullest despite of how much we are stupid.

If you want to live a happy life, tie it with a goal. Not to people or things

Albert Einstein

 Most people make the mistake of tying their happiness with materialistic things or ungrateful people. Things will demolish, and people will leave you when they deem it fit, then how a person is supposed to move forward or find happiness. The secret of living a happy life is to always keep moving forward with motivation. But to move forward, there should be an unyielding force to keep you going. This inspirational quote tells us make that force your goal and try your best to achieve it. In the end, if you succeed, it will be a mission accomplished, but even if you don’t succeed, you will have the satisfaction of trying.

IF we did all the things we are capable, we would literally astound ourselves

Thomas Edison

Everyone wants to achieve success, but few are willing to make an effort for it. There is potential in every living soul, and if that potential is utilized to its full extent, it will create wonders. Try to find your strength, horn it, and unleash your potential. In the end, you will be your own judge, and not doing what you can do will only lead to despair. Even if it is you are not perfect, you are more than your own imagination. Hence all you need is motivation.  So, buckle up and try to do something for yourself!

Many life failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up

Thomas Edison

Life is an amalgam of success and failure, but the essence is to learn lessons from failure and not become arrogant with your success. It all depends upon the will of the bearer. One must have an iron will to achieve his goal. Most of the people yield before difficulties in their path and abandon their goal. They often forget how far they have reached and how close they are to achieve their goal. Being consistent is vital for success, and consistency comes from a commitment and motivation to your goal. Being committed means dedicating your utmost efforts to achieve your long term goal and not despair on failures. This Inspirational quote tells us the importance of commitment.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit

Thomas Edison

This inspirational quote also revolves around the motivation and commitment of a person to his goal. We don’t achieve greatness with the action we randomly perform in our life. Rather these are the small and usual activities that we do in our daily life that shapes our personality and life. Excellence will be achieved when a single task is performed to such an extent that it is considered as a habit. Adapt meaningful and healthy habits in your life that are relevant to your goal, and then success will be your companion.

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom


In this busy life of the materialistic world, we are so immersed with our ambitions and daily tasks that we seldom pay any attention to know ourselves self. When it comes to knowing oneself, we either exaggerate or underestimate ourselves. Knowing yourself means you should never fear to face your weaknesses and be honest about your feelings. Give genuine feedback, full of motivation, on your actions to yourself and don’t compare your life with others. Remember, you are your own master, and your path is different from others, so do not get depressed with the success of others. The most candid way to know yourself is to see your actions from others’ perspectives. It will enlighten you about your behavior and actions toward others

“Will opens the door to success, both brilliant and happy.”

Louis posture

If you have the desire to achieve something, then you can achieve it with motivation no matter how hard and impossible it seems. All that you need is action and work accompanied by a strong will, and you can achieve wonders. This inspirational quote tells, the doors to happiness are opened by those who have an iron will and hard work to accompany it. It is said where there is will there is way, so stay motivated and never lose your will to achieve success.

Man builds too any walls and not enough bridge

Isaac Newton

This is a true illustration of modern human psychology. We have enclosed our hearts in strong walls to protect ourselves from pain. It is human instinct to build walls for protection, but we have so many walls that we can not communicate with other humans even if we want to. Despite the modern age of communication, there is a lack of sympathy and humanity because we don’t prefer to build a bridge of understanding; rather, we shut others by building walls. The world is full of enclosed hearts be the one to build a bridge towards humanity.

We must have perseverance and above all, confidence in ourselves. We must believe that we are gifted for something.

Marie Curie

Marie curie was underestimated all her life merely because she was a woman; however, with her hard work and perseverance, she proved her worth. She believes that every human being is gifted and has some special talent that others cannot compete or overlook. Believe in yourself and know your worth even if you don’t know what to do now you will eventually understand your role so be positive and have confidence.


Lives of these distinguished people are full of wisdom and lessons. They prove their worth with their actions and left behind a legacy to be followed by others. There is a lesson to each one of these scientists, but it can only be perceived by an enlightened mind. Horn your skills and enlighten your mind to achieve success in this world. Daily life objects can be achieved by motivation and inspiration.

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