William Shakespeare is a legend of English literature. A famous dramatist has written his name in golden words. William Shakespeare was a poet, an actor, and a play writer. He was also called a national poet of England. William Shakespeare’s inspirational quotes are daily life motivation. His famous works are Hamlet, Othello and Venus and Adonis.

10 Inspirational Quotes by William Shakespeare:

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare says humans have only one limitation, their thoughts. A person who can think and wish, definitely can achieve his goal. We knew what we are. We knew our good and bad points because we have experienced our limited attributes. A human is a universe and possess a miracle.

He has a giant strength in heart and the mountain will in thoughts. If he determined to conquer a goal then he would succeed. A person knows only limited attributes and expertise. He never thinks beyond the limits and hence never gets to know miracles inside his soul.

If you want to explore inner and hidden treasure in the soul then you should have considering eye. You must spend quality time and focus and care to know who are you and what undiscovered features you need to unveil.

William Shakespeare

A coward life is full of fear, suspicion and doubts. The life who circles fears cannot grow. A productive independent life has no elements of suspicion but trust and determined will. 

A coward person does not take a calculated risk. He does not have a challenging spirit. A coward person is a puppet of own fears and suspicion.

Coward is the opposite of courage and a worst cowardness is not to object wrong. William Shakespeare tells a coward person to experience the death of fears before actual death but a brave person experience one mortal death. Valor is one who stands for right even if the world is against.

William Shakespeare

Ignorance is devoid of knowledge. Lack of facts and figures makes you dumb. A successful life consists of a thoughtful approach.

Ignorance is the absence of knowledge. An ignorant person is harmful because he violates himself rights as well as people.

Lack of cooperation and collaboration under the grab of ignorance affects all. This inspirational quote tells us the importance of knowledge.

Right knowledge is the power that no one can steal. Knowledge wings can mark you high in heaven. William Shakespeare says God allows everyone to learn but if someone is devoid of knowledge then it is a curse.

William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare says knowledge is an endless journey. A person can read thought life but still can have missing pieces. Fool considers himself complete and smart.

He thinks he has accomplished the world. Half knowledge in a foolish mind can harm himself. An ignorant person is one who thinks he knows everything.

Complete and absolute are contradictory words. Nature human and everything cannot be perfect neither complete. The room of findings and improvements are always there.

The world has been evolving since 4.4 Billion and still not complete. Hence Shakespeare has to say foolish person consider himself complete while the smart person knows the cipher of completeness and perfectness and hence he always considers himself a passenger and respects the devoid places in his personality.

William Shakespeare

Great accomplishments come with fail experiences. Bad experiences come with a lack of knowledge and improper strategies. 

The accomplishment of the object is a long journey. It is full of setbacks comebacks, remaking happening failing and repeating. The great thing isn’t achieved in the first attempt but by repeating the previous mistakes. If you won’t make mistakes you won’t learn.

William Shakespeare says fearing failure must conquer to get success. This inspirational quote will be aid to tired failure and ongoing strugglers. If you are not achieving the goal and failing over and over then it’s not the destination but a step closer to success. To do great things first you must accept failures. Mistakes are an anchor in the journey of success.

William Shakespeare

Responsibility accomplishes with honesty and truth. A responsible person is the one who fulfills his duties with commitment and honesty. Bigger the responsibility bigger the risk is.

A president of the state is always in danger and keeps his head on a stake. A leader has enemies and puts his life in danger. A crowned head has not the stardom but the danger.

The fantasies about governing crowns are different in real. They do not enjoy special status but have a burden of shoulder and risk at the head. A person on a higher position is accountable than a normal one. He is unsaved than an ordinary man. Therefore Shakespeare says the head who wears crowns are uneasy not because they weigh but with responsibilities dangers and risk.


Doubts are hurdles in the journey of success. The cipher of success consists of three pillars. Ask believe and receive. If you have doubts about your capabilities the success becomes tougher. Doubts in heads are traitor and steal the good by making sight cloudy.

They fill determination with smoke. A clear mind and eagle eyesight grunted the accomplishment of objectives. Never let traitors defeat you.


Stars symbolize here limits. Stars are height. Heights are limits for successful people.

Failures are the anchor and hence spot for success. There are no excuses if you are a traveler on a dubious trek of life. Guide the stars. Mark the excellence and shoot for another star.


William Shakespeare says; honesty is truthfulness in words and actions. Honesty produces transparency. This legacy is immortal. If you are leaving honesty behind your work it will be immortal. Teach children honesty so they would never call as liar and deceiver. Honesty is a rich emotion and you cannot expect it from dual faces. Honesty is tough but it gives permanent joy. 


Humanity comes first and humanity is loving people and accepting differences. The inspirational quote by William Shakespeare is saying you must love all.

Every human deserves love but trusts few. Not every smiling face is trustworthy. Be righteous in doing. Be a man of honesty and truth. Love others but never harm anyone for personal gain. This inspirational quote by William Shakespeare can saves us in personal and professional dimensions.


 William Shakespeare considers as a legendry poet.  The correct selection of words in the right place is the recognition of his play. Inspirational quotes motivate us to cope with daily life challenges. Life is a roller coaster. Ups and downs are an integral part. Therefore to keep it smooth you must seek motivation and inspiration from legendary words.  

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