Life Lesson Quotes broad our vision to see life differently. Wisest people have experience patience-testing times with courage and develop a sharp vision to observe life. They have thought over and over before they could right word of wisdom. Life has a different meaning for everyone and it is all about what you make from it. Life Lesson quotes boost our morals to pass hard times. Motivational and inspirational approaches in life likely to develop a positive attitude and a sense of gratitude. The problem is not a problem unless you make it one. Your attitude toward the problem defines how you are going to perform in particularly hard times.  Here are some best life lesson quotes of all times.

Life Lesson Quotes

Kindness is a gentle virtue but too much kindness can cause trouble. Kindness can be harmful if it exceeds limits. It is gentle to offer favor or support in hard times but you should also know whether the other person wants favor or not.

Never give water to a plant that would not want to grow. It is true for humans as well. A consistent offering of favors earns enemies. Your gentle side can perceive as weakness. And the other person can make you lose by stabbing in the back. Keep low and work in silence. Never too expose to be targeted easily.

Life Lesson Quotes

There are no short cuts for success. Life is a trek of dubious road and is a well-equipped roller coaster. Ups and downs are part of life. You cannot have short routes for a long journey of life. Hurdles remain the same but improper strategies can make the situation more difficult.

Never repaint circumstances. Let them who they are. Try to face and counter the originality of difficult times. A blind man’s buff game cannot help you in life.

You need stronger strategies and focused vision according to the severity of the trouble. A false view of a particular condition increases the difficulty. However this quote tries to elaborate, always plan your actions according to circumstances, and never go for a temporary vision for prolonging problems.

Life Lesson Quotes

People who live alone are more self-conscious than people who live in a group. Consciousness about self-personality is vital if you want to survive in the world. The survival of fittest is outdated this is the era of survival of wisest.

A blurry vision and confusing approach are likely to protect you from the worldly illusion. You have to find out the difference between reality and illusion. A sacred and peaceful place is the one who introduces you with your inner. Self-Recognition with pros and cons is compulsory. Never afraid of being alone but always afraid of being among the wrong people.

Life Lesson Quotes

Life offers two proposals, either life will design your actions or you will design your life by actions. It is like a car if you can’t hold steering it will go by arbitrary.

You come on earth for a limited life span. Live it that you won’t regret in the future. Live it or spend it, the choice is yours. You have to make strategies of life for a peaceful and prosperous life day.

A life without a purpose is a waste of time. Nature has given you a beautiful chance for spending days on earth.  Plan it wisely. Make sure the leftover time on death bed spend in laughter’s not in grief and regrets.

Life Lesson Quotes

The world is a reflection of your action. What goes around comes around. Perception changes with circumstances. Nothing in this world is absolute and conclusive. Every matter has the flexibility to remold and reshape.

Never have solid beliefs and consolidate judgments. Your vision approach ideas and belief tend to mold. Your past has gone but present and future depend on perception. Keep them positive so you can relieve the mind from disappointment. Positive thoughts lead to a productive life. In the same manner, negative thoughts create mess, exhaustion and frustration.

Life Lesson Quotes

Measured and limited stuff is more likely to examine watchfully. Either it is a human or materialistic thing. The more is the measured thing, the more we can examine in detail.

If a human continuously keeps an eye on his pros and cons eventually he will know where he should make improvements. Robin S. Sharma is giving us a major life lesson quote to make us realize, keep things short.

Fewer numbers create less confusion and the same true for people in life. You cannot realize the cons of relationships in a group of people as you can realize it with one person. Learn and live in the least quantity.

Life Lesson Quotes

The life lesson quote of Paulo Coelho is similar to Robin S. Sharma. Overthinking for temporary circumstances is not reliable. It will damage your future. Never take on stake permanent happiness for temporary leisure. Go for consistency. Unlock a permanent door and it will lead to endless satisfaction while a temporary one will put a hurdle in path.

Life Lesson Quotes

Never judge the character of anyone based on how they act in life or other people. But if someone hurts you or creates hurdle in your path tries to avoid the wrecked personality. Never use an optimistic approach when things are clear. Ignore the throne person and move on in life.


Life is fair. You get what you ask. Success is about asking, believing, and receiving. Never complain over the things you didn’t ask and didn’t get.Merely a wish is not enough for achieving the desired element. Consistency honesty and hard work are a major component behind any success. If you view lives of successful people, you would know the one thing is common among all and that is the work for the desired element. Nature bows down for a stubborn soul.


Life offers realities, not problems. At the end of the day, you have to understand the reasoning and justification of every aspect and circumstance that life is offering you. Experience realities and comes up with a possible conclusion. Perceive the same subject from different angles.


Life Lesson Quotes are words of wisdom from the wisest people. They enhance wisdom and broader our vision.

Knowledge is a strong weapon. Life experiences of other people are a lesson for us. Because sooner or later we will encounter a more or less similar situation.Hence, it is better to prepare yourself with the knowledge that our seniors left for us.


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