Companionship is a beautiful feeling. Everyone wants to have a person in life that is genuinely caring and supportive. The relationship is all about being productive and positive. A real man is the biggest asset you have. A real man is like a backbone of life. Life is all about developing and maintaining a relationship. But what is the most important relationship in the world? Without any doubt a companionship. A real man makes this world easy for you. Here are some general characteristics of a real man. If you find one you must keep it.

10 signs of a real man

1-He supports you.

Real man support his lady. He defends her in public but always correct her in private. Companionship is always about understanding and acceptance of facts. We should learn how to accept differences. People with a good relationship are actually acceptors. They respect differences. A real man supports you when the world is against you.

 2-A reading man gets hard to know her family.

A real man does not play superficial relationships but pays a lot of hard work to know her family and friend. He is the one who takes care of the details.

A real man accepts every person around her. He protects her from harm and supports good entities in life. A man tries hard to get introduced to family and close circle of friends. He does not play carelessness in a relationship.

3-He believes in respect.

He has respect in action and words. Modesty is his right hand. The sweet and kind gesture mark him respectful among the audience.  He does not insult his lady even in a minor joke. A good sense of humor and bullying someone are two different dimensions. You can talk funny but you are not allowed to humiliate anyone on earth.

4-A real man is highly capable in emotional holdings.

A real man is open about feelings and emotions. He is honest in emotions and always ready for emotional upbringings. A real man is expressive about feelings and encourages you as well to be open in emotions. Deep but open emotions make the relationship healthier.

Companionship is all about sharing feelings either they are good or bad. A healthy relationship stands on emotions. Transparency in emotions will lead to an easy and less complicated life. Ups and downs are integral parts of life. But in every phase, strong emotion holding makes companionship worth keeping.

5-A real man is willing to work on companionship.

Working on a relationship will make it strong and firm. A real man is willing to have work on rioting parts of companionship. Nothing is perfect in this world and hence neither the relationships are. A real man always sits and discusses upcoming challenges and present problems.

The complex situation can be sorted out if both are ready to work.  A good cooperative couple is one who understands what needs to be sorted out and how we can make things better. Leaving a poor and fragile companionship is not the answer. If you love your bond with people you must keep them healthy instead of objecting and leaving them right at the moment.

6-He has a good manner.

A real man has well morals and values. He knows the basics of morality and civilization. He will never let you down like an ignorant man.  There are some basic manners that a gentleman shows;

  • Speak with moderate voice
  • Closes his mouth when chewing
  • He cares of hygiene
  • He is ready to help
  • A real man listens and respects the opinion of others
  • He keeps his elbow off the table and washes his hands.
  • He will never use the phone in other people presence neither he talks while eating
  • A real man does not humiliate anyone.

Upbringings mold a man what he is now. A good healthy home with responsible parents will contribute a lot in human development. If he is good mannerly it clearly means he belongs to a good family.

7-A real man is reliable.

Companionship is all about trust. If you do not have trust then you have nothing. A real man is reliable and trustworthy. He knows the pros of trust. A strong relationship has strong trust. People with weak trust suffer internally. Trust issues can damage personal and professional life. You can trust him with all of your heart.

8-He is a leader and a follower.

A true person is a leader and inspiration for all. He is a follower of great leaders as well. The best person is one who leads and follows the lead. If he is a true man then he is also a great leader. 

A leader always leads companionship with a broad vision, high acceptance, and great reliability. Life is challenging and only the one is successful who has leadership qualities.

9-He owns his Mistake:

No one is perfect. Everyone has its flaws. A great person admits where he is wrong and where things need to correct. People with high wisdom tend to be mistake acceptors.

They accept and apologize. Stand stone attitude can damage the relationship. If you are wrong you must accept the faults. That’s how companionship works.

10-A real man is financially responsible.

All emotional capabilities like romanticism, care respect trust is acceptable but what about the practical zone of life. If he is financially responsible and can take care by providing all necessities of life then he is more than good enough. If you about to go in companionship always consider respect trust love and care (emotionally and financially)

Concluding remarks on a real man.

A real man will never let you down in life. Differences are part of a relationship. Any companionship cannot go smooth and reliable. Ups and downs are parts of relationships. If you want to lead a strong and beautiful relationship then you must hold the hands in the worst days. A ray of hope will clear path in storms. A real man is one who understands how much a relationship is fragile as well it is strong. A massive consideration and lot of hard work will make reliable companionship

Love is not found but it is built with the right person.

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