A child always has trouble explaining what is going on with him. Hence in childhood, you have ignored signs of invisible illness such as headache, slight fever, diarrhea, or muscle pain. Parents have told you to shake off your head. Parents are not always right however they try hard to make what is best for you. Invisible illnesses grow with the passage of time. It is possible you didn’t clinical tested for invisible illness and they have now proven fatal in adult age. In childhood, it is always difficult for a kid to explain his medical condition. Doctors and parents are likely to mistaken while speculating your invisible illness.

Did you experience invisible illness as a child?

Did you feel, the adult age chronic inflammation has a link with childhood invisible illness? It is quite possible the young age invisible illness was wiped out but you have started experience again. Here are some symptoms of invisible illness you may have gone through in childhood.

Frequent exhaustion

You may have noticed in childhood that other children went for sports when the school ended but you wanted to nap instead of gaming or co-curricular activities. Physically exhaustion is a symbol of hidden sickness.

It is not unhealthy for a child to take sleep occasionally but if a 12-year kid takes 8 to 10 hr sleep then it needs to be investigated.

Doctors are more receptive to hidden sickness. Because they knew complicated medical conditions can be started at a young age.

Chronic headache

Lots of things can cause a headache. People can see them as side effects of hypertension, sinus trouble, poor schedule, or an unhealthy diet.

However, it is unusual for a child to complain about headache. It could further cause eye problems or rheumatoid arthritis. Parents should never ignore if a child complains often.

Social anxiety

Mental illness has a close interconnection with social anxiety. Do you remember having stomach bloating while you were trying to mingle with other kids? Did you have a headache while you went grocery store?

A chemical imbalance in the brain can happen at any age. Parents would say their child is shy and they would never go deep in routes to know what made him like that. Social anxiety may grow as you grow. And you may still feel the same as you felt at a younger age.

Constant bruises and muscle strains

Bruises are likely to happen when kid play but if you experienced often against slightly touching then it is a symptom of hidden sickness. Muscle stain could have also happened with simple round of games such as cycling.

It is a genetic condition when a child experiences constant bruises. A special checkup needs to place with a routine checkup.  Many people need decades to find out what is happening in their bodies.

Heartbeat irregularities

Heart conditions are unlikely to engage children. However, this is big misconception. America has one in four children with heart abnormalities.

It leaves a bad impact on children psychologically and physiologically. Most children outgrow in these abnormalities and live a happy and successful life afterward.

However other illnesses are not as innocent. Some other heart irregularities include;

  • Heart Valve Disorder
  • Hypoplastic  left heart syndrome
  • Ventricular septal defect
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Kawasaki Disease

If you have a problem with running or gaming due to fast heartbeat then you already have an experience of heart irregularities in young age.

Heat intolerance

Some children are intolerant of heat. They vomit or get sick. Some children are breakout in rashes.  It is common for an adult to consider temperature intolerant. Most people think this is cannot happen in children. But it is a mere miss conception.

Thyroid condition or autoimmune disorders can make the body unable to regulate temperature properly.

Body dis-functionality can turn a good day in a nightmare.

Chronic Pain

It is easy to pass off a child’s knees or back pain as a growing issue. Juvenile arthritis is pain that happens often in young age. However, parents should not ignore it.

Many invisible illnesses can start at a young age. And then they tend to worsen as a person gets older.

Urinary tract infection

Urinary tract infection typically a female problem but males can acquire it as well. A poor lifestyle makes women prone to this infection.

While it is perfectly normal to get one of this infection after a round of antibiotics anyone who continues to get them several times of year is a harmful gesture. 

Diabetes and kidney problems are associated with urinary tract infection. It is important to investigate the bottom of invisible sickness because urinary tract infection can plague you.

Always sick

You always sick as a child. Do you remember the time when you kept complaining about stomach pain, nausea or slight fever?

Parents catch on to their children for every to investigate a problem. There could be an underlying autoimmune disorder that is wreaking havoc on the body.

Extreme skin sensitivity

Skin sensitivity may come up with detergents or cosmetics. Parents tend to change chemicals around children to see what can place fit in this situation.

However, skin sensitivity could shift from a young age to adulthood. Proper care, a healthy diet, and suitable detergents can save you from rashes or allergy. Autoimmune diseases are also caused by hypersensitivity reactions or allergy.

A proper diagnosis and medical treatment is a reliable solution if you experienced skin sensitivity in childhood and you are still experiencing it.

Bottom lines over invisible illness

Many children survive exhaustion, inflammatory reaction, stomach pain, and nausea, and joints pain. They are all hidden symptoms of invisible infection. A hidden sickness could or could not trigger later in life.

The medical community has advanced in the last decades. Doctors are well informed about the illness that triggers in young age.

Hidden sickness can cause severe Schizophrenia, Parkinson’s diseases and diabetes.

Parents need to show more responsibility and should take the complaint seriously.

Children may have not the best communication when they talk about their own medical conditions. However, parents should have a good checkup over kid routine before he cages into some serious medical disorder.


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