It may feel a fairy chessboard that have all the successful and healthier square. People live longer when they eat fresh and live an active life. Longevity is connected with 3 main components, exercise socializing and food. The one who is fulfilling all lifestyle components, lives above 100. We have witnessed these amazing soul in7.6 billion people. Indeed they are fewer but they exist. In past few days a person who is 104 year old PhD student have been asked for his longer life, active mind and clear skin. He answered some interesting facts. 104 year old PhD student, engineer by field, has been interviewed exclusively for his longevity and successful career. He has some answer that leaves a deep impact on young struggling soul that may is tired and exhausted and wish to end this life. In this exclusive document you would be able to know all the secret of 104 old PhD student that makes life longer healthier and happier.

Lucio Chiquito from Colombia says,

The life you waste is the time you will never get back. So one must know how to use time. What you do not do today is too late to do tomorrow. He is happy to have had a long life.

And he is always busy. The PhD student never stopped working. He does not regret any of the failure he had. The PhD student does not need anything else except the good health which he already enjoying.

He is living a healthier lifestyle at the age of 104. Lucio Chiquoto easts a lot of fruits he told in his exclusive interview.

He shower with cold water that protects him from wrinkling. He has a pet dog from Canada. Mr. Lucio and his companion go on walk for half hour and keep walking beside river.

Mr. Lucio began to walk everyday. Every morning he walk and pause to think and pray for a while.

He is consistently active. The PhD student is always busy in studying or reading. In 2020, Lucio submitted his proposal to the University of Manchester. He spent his doctorial study trying to solve a problem.

He was encountering this problem throughout his career as an engineer. During pandemic he finally cracked it. In his professional work on rivers and streams there are the problems that would emerge that caught his attention. The problem was to determine the exact amount of water that can be extracted from river. In pandemic he found the solution. Lucio hopes that his thesis will help in hydroelectric power generation.

Irrigation projects use water more efficiently. He began his doctoral studies at age of 44.

In 1945 he cofounded Colombia largest company. His family feel incredibly proud on him. Not because just of his age, his lucidity but the things he learned many people.

Life goes on no matter in what age you are. He keep telling his children and grandchildren the importance of studying. More studying is the message that you should work more for your life goal.

At end he advice the young souls;

“If young wants to put best foot forward in life they must have to study. Do more and more things to learn”


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