A good leader unites his team. He leads and protect his employers. He believes in leadership instead of management. A good leader has exceptional qualities with a charismatic personality. A good leader is honest in words and transparent in actions

Some people take Boss and Leader as alternative terms but they are totally different from each other. All the experience they have is through the hard work they have done throughout their life. They make decisions that help the company to grow up in the market.

However, there are a lot of differences between a leader and a boss. But a boss can become a leader by possessing some qualities that a leader has. He can enhance the quality of the company and can better the atmosphere of the company.

There are 11 differences between a leader and boss

Good leader Coaches his Employees.

A person is best known for his company. He possesses the qualities of the people who inspire him the most. A leader makes a friendly bond with his employees and works with them side by side. He teaches them how to do a particular task in a better way. He set his own example. When you take place in your employees’ hearts, they start to follow your footsteps.

In contrast to this, the boss drives his employees to work. He wants positive results no matter what. He lost leadership qualities that sometimes leads to failure.

A Leader depends on Goodwill.

A leader always depends on goodwill. He always behaves well with his employees doesn’t matter what rank they have in the company. He gives equal respect to peon and to the CEO of the company. This makes them work by heart. But a boss depends on the authority. He behaves differently to his employees and enforces his rule on them.

A Leader Generates Enthusiasm.

A good leader is always an energetic person which he passes to his employees. He never let his morale down and so of his workers. His leadership qualities make his employees work enthusiastically. He often addresses his team and listen to their problems and later tells them the best solution of it by motivating them. This makes a stronger bond between them.

But a boss inspires fear. He always scolds his employees on minor mistakes. He is a sort of stubborn person. His employees do all the work of fear. This ultimately leads to the feelings of dis-respect towards the boss. They work from the fear of the boss which leads to so many mistakes in their tasks.

Good Leader Says “WE”.

A great leader always includes his employees in success. He always gives the credit of the success to his employees. He addresses his employees by using the pronoun “We”.  He doesn’t take the credit for success. 

Meanwhile, a boss always talks of his own success and take all the credits of it. He always says that “I did it” instead of “we did it” that causes a feeling of disrespect in them.

A Leader Fixes the Breakdown.

If unfortunately, a breakdown occurs, a leader always works with the employees to get rid of the breakdown. He doesn’t blame anyone of the loss but tells them the things that caused the breakdown and not to repeat these.

On the other hand, a boss always blames his employees for the breakdown, and sometimes make them pay for the loss.

A Leader shows how it is done.

Both leaders and boss, have enough knowledge of their work that is why they are the owners of the companies. But there is a lot of difference between them.

A leader always shows his employees how work is done. He teaches them through his leadership qualities that enhance their skills.

A boss also knows all but he doesn’t transfer his knowledge to his employees that aren’t very effective for his company. They work with past experiences and don’t learn anything new which doesn’t cause any change in them.

Good Leader Asks his Employees.

The beauty of leadership is calling everyone with respect. He always asks his people to do his works in a more respectable way. But a boss always orders them to do his works that offend employees. 

A Leader is Passive.

Being a passive person, he sees clear. He isn’t blinded by pride like a boss. He lacks this complex and doesn’t hesitate to meet his employees with a happy heart even to the peons of the company.

His humiliating habit is what makes him work equally with his employees. But a boss has an inferiority complex. He never let his employees even sit equal to him. He always tells them that he is the boss.

A leader Extends Hand.

A leader always extends his hand towards his employees if they are in any problem. This really motivates them to work more passionately. When someone falls, he always needs a hand to lift him up more rapidly. If it is provided then he will never fall again since he knows the reason that made him fall down.

But a boss always points his finger in case of any loss. He wants employees to work on their own and the most which them do mistakes again and again.

Good Leader Says “Let’s Go”.

A leader leads his people to the destination. He works with them as an employee. It makes them more enthusiastic and motivated. But a boss always says “Go”. He sits on the driving seat and asks his employees to push but doesn’t tell them how to push or which direction they want to go.

A Leader Lifts You Up.

One of the best qualities of a leader is that he always thinks to be beneficial for his employees. If a newbie comes there, he teaches him himself and lifts him up from the bottom. A good leader teaches you each and every aspect of his duty. And if you become successful, he’ll give you a bonus for your extra work that will make him work more hard in order to get more bonuses.

But a boss doesn’t appreciate his employees. If they succeed, he takes their credits and gives them a very inferior bonus that isn’t even worthy of their struggle. This drives employees away.


You always heard of leaders, political leaders, religious leaders, country leaders, business leaders, and community leaders, etc. but you never heard of bosses. These are leaders who run institutes through their hard work, passion, sense of teaching, humility, knowledge, and activeness.

A boss and a leader both act differently in every aspect. They adopt different management styles, build different relationships with their employees, and make different decisions in almost the same situations. One responds with his wit while other acts according to his negative mental approach of blaming and roasting his employees.


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