How to stay mentally strong?

Mentally strong human beings cope with all difficult times with bravery and positivity. Life is unpredictable and full of ups and downs; one may experience happiness at one moment and grief the other moment. But being mentally strong will get you out of these troubled water with minimum damage. When you are stressed, you feel anxiety and out of energy with no will to do anything. This mental state will undoubtedly harm physical health because the physical and psychological wellbeing of a person is interlinked. When you are happy, your body automatically feels lighter and full of energy. Here are some ways to boost your mental health to keep yourself mentally strong during difficult times.

How to be mentally strong -11 Tips

  • 1-Give yourself some ‘me time’:

When you are stressed and don’t know what to do, then take a deep breath to pull yourself out of your daily routine and give yourself some me-time.It will keep you mentally strong.  The hustle-bustle of daily chores surely weighs heavy on your nerves. Give yourself a mental break and paper yourself. Your mind needs rest too! Do something that makes you feel alive and happy and doesn’t overthink your problems. Life has a solution for every problem. You must seek that solution with a sound mind.

  • 2-Don’t forget to smile:

Stay mentally strong with a smile. Smile is a miraculous cure for anxiety, try to laugh often, and enjoy yourself. It is not easy to overlook your problems and smile, but staying gloomy all the time and dwelling in negative thoughts will get you nowhere. Try to enjoy little things in your life. When was the last time you saw sunrise or sunset and wondered about the beauty of nature? Meanwhile, when was the last time you enjoy snacks in rain? When was the last time you smile for yourself? Take some time for your exhausted mind and improve your mental health.

  • 3-Bring some change in your life:

Monotony of Life adversely affects mental health and reduce your performance in daily chores. Break that daily cycle of life by doing something different. Take a walk down the park, have a cup of coffee with your friend, stretch your body, or meditate for 10 minutes. It will keep you mentally strong. Even as simple as coloring, a sketchbook will enlighten your mood. Take your mental health into consideration and do something for yourself; it will calm your nerves and enhance your mental health.

  • 4-Keep your family and friends close:

Stay mentally strong with family and friends. In times of mental break down, one often feel isolated from their family and friends. You should not shut them out of your life just because you are having a hard time in life. Good friends and a caring family is a blessing with no alternative. Spending some peaceful time with your family or friends will boost your morale and enhance your mental health. In a time of depression or anxiety, talk to a close friend or family member, share your problems and thoughts with them. It will lift a significant burden from your heart and soothe your nerves. Moral support in times of hardship is also substantial for survival. So, spend some fun time with your friends and relieve your stress.

  • 5-‘No worry have to curry’:

Yes! your diet is an integral part of your sluggish and dull mode. ‘You are what you eat,’ which means if you eat healthily, it will uplift your mood also, and thus it will make you mentally strong on the other hand, a weak and unhealthy diet will cause you to be depressed.  In a time of difficulty, treat yourself with some of your favorite meals and enjoy that time wholeheartedly. However, beware of junk food as it will deteriorate your health. When you eat healthily, you will feel healthy, and it will reflect on your outer self.

  • 6-Remember your blessings:

Stay strong mentally with all blessings you have. Life may be hard for you right now, but it is not entirely unfair to you. Your mood will change dramatically if you count the blessings in your life. If you have roof over your head, food to eat and a healthy body then you are a blessed person, don’t let your anxiety break you down. Counting your blessings and thinking about what you have rather than what you want will change your outlook on life. Remember, life is far worse for some people, so be grateful for what you have and try your best to use your capabilities to their fullest.

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  • 7-Take care of your body:

Taking care of your body during depression is no doubt challenging, but engaging yourself in healthy activities will reduce your anxiety and improve your mental health. You should use yoga and meditation in your daily life; it will keep your stress in check and calm your nerves. Exercise is also an effective way to improve your mental health, plus you will gain the physical benefits of an attractive body!

  • 8-Help others:

It is said that ‘what you give will eventually return to you.’ Helping others will make you feel alive and gives you the energy to cope with your challenges. You will get an energy boost by helping others, and you will feel refreshed. Some random acts of kindness towards others like helping an old lady with her grocery or taking some toys to a shelter home will make you feel mentally strong.

  • 9-Adapt creative ways to deal with your stress:

Stay mentally strong with creativity. The fastest way to reduce anxiety is to get a hug from a loved one. It will increase the production of oxytocin, commonly known as the cuddle hormone, which will make you feel happy. One way is to create an artwork or embrace yourself in aromatherapy. Pleasant fragrances alter the brain waves and reduce anxiety. Read a book or two and relax your mind.

  • 10-Take care of your sleep:

Proper sleep is essential for a healthy body and mind. If your sleep is disturbed, you will feel agitated and down, which will adversely affect your mental health. Your body combats with its damage when you are sleeping, that’s why seven to eight hours of uninterrupted sleep is necessary. If you are skipping your sleep time to accomplish your goal, you will surely regret this shortly.

  • 11Seek professional help when needed:

 you can’t do everything alone, and if you try and overexert yourself, life will become unbearable sometimes. You are not superhuman, and no one is perfect; don’t worry about things you can’t do focus on the things that you can do and polish those abilities. If you want to stay mentally healthy, then embrace your limits and seek help when you feel cornered.


A happy life is possible with a sound body and a sound mind. Mental health is as vital for life as physical health, so learn appropriate methods to deal with anxiety in your daily life and seek professional help if things get out of control. Don’t forget to rely on people who are close to you as they will be a source of positive energy for you in gloomy days. If you want to stay strong mentally, then you must adopt the above mentioned 11 tips.

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