One of the most significant health issues all over the world is a parasitic infection. Due to these parasitic infection, many people die daily in developing countries. But, due to the migration of eastern people, parasitic diseases are on increase in western countries as well. General human parasites are roundworms, pin worms, hook worm, pork tapeworms, bedbugs, head lice and scabies. To avoid parasitic infection doctor recommends taking 1 dose of anti parasitic after every 6 months.

12 Signs of parasitic infection


The most common cause of epilepsy comes through a pork tapeworm which effects by invading the nervous system and occupies your body tissues and causes devastating damage to health. These worms grow up in your skin, muscles, eyes, and central nervous system which causes neurocysticercosis, an illness that causes diseases like epilepsy.

Pain in Liver

A liver fluke is a type of parasitic worm that occurs by eating undercooked freshwater fish. When you eat it, it goes straight into your bile duct inside your liver where it can grow more rapidly in such a suitable environment. This parasitic infection symptom might not appear for years but it can cause bile, duck cancer, or liver stones.

Abdominal Pain

Adult tapeworms affect your small intestine and damage health. Most of the times you might not have any symptoms or minute signs like stomach upset. Flu, or other common stomach diseases like abdominal pain, indigestion or increase or decrease in appetite, etc.

Extreme fatigue, Fever, and Headache

The above symptoms of parasitic infection include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, or anemia are caused by Malaria, a disease caused by a plasmodium parasite that enters your body through mosquitoes. This parasite affects your red blood cells and causes anemia. It can block small blood vessels in your body that might cause severe health damage as coughing, shortness of breath, jaundice, enlarged spleen, or hypoglycemia if left untreated. 

Stomach Discomfort

Giardia, a tiny waterborne parasite, commonly found in the United States. It usually found in stream lakes or public swimming pools. This parasite invades through food or parasitic infection that prevails from person to person.

Giardia possesses symptoms like Nausea, Weight loss, Fatigue, Watery Diarrhea, Cramps, and Gas.

You have a pet cat

Touching cat feces in may transmit the parasitic infection through Toxoplasma Gondi, a single-parasite. It may cause flu symptoms or no symptoms at all. A pregnant woman can pass this to her child that can cause severe side effects. Drugs the same as malaria can be used to cure this if you are not pregnant.

Can’t Stop Scratching your Hair

Lice are a parasite that lives on your head, body, clothes, or hair, which feeds of human blood. This parasitic infection easily spread from person to person by crawling.

Symptoms of Lice contains:

  • Itching your head or body
  • Feeling something crawling on your hair
  • Nits on your clothes
  • Little lice eggs in your hair

You have a Pet dog

Having a pet dog increases the chances of getting hookworms and roundworms. These worms are common intestinal parasites that are found in puppies. You can easily get these if you walk barefooted because these parasites are pass to dog’s stools, and if not washed can be digested.

These worms can cause havoc to health as redness, pain, itchiness on the body where they are, stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea.

Itching in Your Entire Body

The National Institute for Health that scabies affects all type of people but especially young, elders that causes a higher risk of a parasitic infection called scabies, caused by Mites.

Scabies can transmit by touching infected people by using their household things.

Children are irritated

Pinworms are very common in children but not all kids get pinworms. These little worms get inside your rectum and lay eggs around the anus area at night. These eggs live on your clothing. Eggs are so small that they can be easily breathed because they are mostly reborn. Kids tend to pass them by touching. Some strange cases have caused appendicitis, but they are very rare.

Some major symptoms of this parasitic infection are:

  • Bacterial infection around scratched areas
  • Watery diarrhea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Nausea 

You are might be having raw fish

Eating sushi with uncooked fish can cause Anisakiasis or herring worm disease. This worm can cause health issues like vomiting, fever, stomach pain, and diarrhea. While eating raw fish, if you feel itching in your throat, stop eating and cough up worm before you swallow it.

You are fond of undercook meat

It is a parasite that causes due to eating the undercooked meat. This roundworm infects animals first and then passes to humans if they eat. They pass through the bloodstream and other body tissues and cause fever, muscle pain, headaches, swelling in your face, sensitivity to light, chills, eye infection, fatigue and can show symptoms like diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting.

You are an Overseas Traveler

When you travel somewhere, there might be a risk of getting a parasitic infection. Find out what is the situation of the particular area you want to visit and do precautions such as

  • Drink bottled or boiled water
  • Wash hands constantly
  • Avoid eating raw meat

Precautions to get save from Parasitic Infection

  • To cook your food properly
  • Care your pets
  • Educate your children about risks

Prevention is always the best option, but if you somehow get infected with a parasite then you should visit your doctor which can lead you to better health.



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