Your relationship was safe but now you suddenly doubt it. You feel your partner isn’t on back. They are preying on your self-confidence and playing with your insecurities.  Your partner may be killing your self-esteem. If you are observing elements of selfishness and toxicity then there are possibilities you should take a step back. Toxicity in a relationship can drain productivity and self-esteem to cherish life. A toxic relationship can drag you into mental illness. A war zone between two people causes frustration and exhaustion. However, vibes never lie. If you feel your relationship is leaving a bad impact on you and your partner are draining your positive energy and killing self-esteem then it is a time you should think carefully either you want to carry on a relationship or you should end it. 

12 Signs That Your Partner Might kill Your Self-Esteem.

A person in insecurity tries to put another person in insecurity. If your partner keeps saying bad words about appearance, actions or work performance and continuously degrades your morals then it is a toxic relationship. Humiliation over encouragement is enough to show you the toxicity of another person.

He acts as Instructor More Than Partner

A comfort zone and cooperation between two people is important. A person could be a controller or a cooperator. If he always tries to direct relationships according to his personal opinion then he is an instructor. A healthy relationship works on mutual cooperating bases. Autocracy isn’t an option in a bond. You should talk with your partner that the relationship works on the principle of equality, not autocracy.

Feel Neglected

In a healthy relationship, two people work together to make their bond stronger and positive. But the effort is missing in a toxic and negative relationship.

You start feeling the other person isn’t value what you are saying. And you start keeping your opinion to yourself.

Ask your person a few questions if you feel neglected;

  • You don’t seem interested in me?
  • What you have thoughts about our relationships?
  • Why are not you listening to me?

Treat You As A Kid

There is nothing worse than see another to treat you like a kid. If they humiliate and insult or bully you in front of everyone and you start feeling unwanted then the other partner is lowering your self-esteem.

If you feel demeaned in the presence of your partner then you are not getting the respect that you deserve. Respect is an integral component of a healthy relationship.

Insult You In Public

A sense of inferiority lowers self-esteem. A true-life partner never degrades another one in public or private. Miscommunication and misunderstandings are likely to happen.

But it has nothing to do with humiliation or insult. There is a thick difference between a joke and an insult. People insult under the grab of a joke and they forget it hurts the sentiments of people.

Show Conditional Love

Never settle in a relationship where you have to perform for being loved. The relationship has no condition for respect and love. This behavior is not a gesture of a positive and healthy relationship. You deserve to love who you are instead of what you can do. Conditional love end when conditions are unable to succeed.

This is the worst situation for mental health, people leave when you don’t give them what they ask. A temporary and superficial and conditional love needs to end.

Criticism Over Appreciation

Critical and negative partners criticize every move. They criticize how you dress, how you behave, how you make hair, and how you cook. They never admire a single thing, you put effort and time. You start feeling inadequate and inferior. You feel you cannot do anything right.

They treat you with disrespect and never value your actions and words. You cannot make people realize their mistake unless they want to realize their misdeed. They make you feel unloved and unappreciated and you start losing self-esteem.

Start Blame Game

Blame shifting is blaming something or someone for your failures. When the partner refuses to take responsibility they start blaming you. They never accept wrong actions could happen by their side.

This action is abusive and leaves a bad impact on the brain. You unconsciously start blaming yourself for every wrong act and perceive yourself as a wrongful person. It plants a sense of failure and drains your capability of doing great work.

Relationship Seems A Trap

The negative and toxic relationship seems like a trap. It might be a real-time to realize you should step back. You start having thoughts about lying and cheating. You start feeling prisoner and start losing your self-confidence.

If the presence of someone makes you doubt your capabilities and push to pretend as a fake happy person then the partner is killing your self-esteem.

Don’t Value Your Thoughts

If a partner does not value your suggestion in a relationship then the person is toxic. A relationship means to carry mutually. Autocracy end communication between two people. Being denied to talk is the biggest gesture that a partner is not giving value to your opinion. A sense of being neglected hurt the sentiments and you start losing interest and part in the relationship. Gradually, relationship becomes dry and dead.

Doesn’t Support Your Ambitious Approach

A person with a negative approach will count hurdles over opportunities. If your partner does not respect your ambitious approach then he is automatically killing your self-esteem. You feel giving up on your dreams.

This kind of behavior from a life partner eats your self-confidence. You start losing hope in your future and life.

Look At Others

If your partner flirts with others then the partner is disloyal and you should not wait for an apology. What you devote to a relationship you deserve to get back.

Tell your partners you are disappointed with their behaviors and then leave. Trust is hard to earn and easy to break. No one deserves disrespect or disloyalty.

Conclusion How Partner Can Kill Your Self-Esteem

If you feel your relationship is affecting your mental health and personality then it is time to tie off and move on. A bad relationship drains positive energy and productivity and you all leave with a broken soul, scattered mind, and blank space. The human brain can endure damage up to a limit. Beyond limits, you start losing self-esteem to carry on life. Negative pressure on the mind can drag you in depression and even suicide. Live life on your terms, live to make sure at death bed you would not regret anything.


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