Depression is a behavioral disorder that doesn’t bound with age or gender. It is a common mental illness between the age of 15 and 45. Once you get into major depressive disorder, life becomes miserable.  A persistent feeling of sadness drains your productivity. Major depressive disorder can make you lose interest in life activities and beloved people. Environmental elements have a major factor to trigger the major depressive disorder.

Undoubtedly medical help has to seek if major depressive disorder starts leaching your mental health. A bundle of professional stress and personal heartbreaks may bring you to the point of suicide. People may face confusion, mood swings and major depressive disorder. They are not the same. Mood swing or feeling of down for a particular time is normal but the continuous feeling of hopelessness can drag you to death.

15 symptoms of major depressive disorder

You may encounter with major depressive disorder once in your life and proper diagnosis and treatment become lively. You will heal once you start considering the symptoms and treatment hand by hand. Here are self-observing medical symptoms of major depressive disorder;

  1. Hopelessness and sadness
  2. Anger and restlessness
  3. Feeling of worthless
  4. Start losing focus over daily life matters
  5. Quest for attention
  6. Stress and Confusion
  7. Lack of will power
  8. The feeling of being a failure
  9. Suicidal thoughts
  10. Zero-interest in future
  11. Headache and muscle spams
  12. Disturbance in the sleep cycle
  13. Chronic fatigue
  14. Poor digestion
  15. No productive or positive thoughts

Pediatric Depression

People might have confusion about age when it hit the human brains. This behavioral disorder merely does not belong to adults but children as well.

It is estimated that more than 2.8 children are facing major depressive disorder from age 12 to 17 and only 5 percent suffer in silence.

The symptoms of pediatric depression are different from the symptoms in adults. Here are some generally observed symptoms:

  1. Solitude attitude
  2. Often crying
  3. Aggressive behavior
  4. Refusing to go to school
  5. Poor self-image
  6. Lack of self-confidence
  7. Irritation and restlessness
  8. Poor diet and poor digestion
  9. Disturbance in sleeping cycle
  10. Extreme sensitivity and overthinking
  11. Anxiety
  12. Communication gap
  13. Anxiety
  14. Often hallucination
  15. Suicidal thoughts

When to seek help for major depressive disorder?

You have to go for medical treatment if you are feeling persistent sadness or hopelessness. Restlessness can trigger anxiety which produces aggression. Go for medical advice or friend counseling if you are unable to control current anxiety then go for a psychologist approach. Ignorance of mental illness can park suicidal thoughts in mind. Suicidal thoughts make you pessimist and they confiscate all bright side of life.

Medication or prolong physical illness can also trigger mental illness. If you are sick and unable to get out of bed then you may feel depressed. And temporary sadness may trigger the major depressive disorder.

Unlike traditional depression, the major depressive disorder may affect your daily life routine instead of a lifestyle.

If you have tried hard and are unsuccessful in treating it then you must go for medical advice.

Treatments for major depressive disorder

Antidepressant medications are used to ease stress. These drugs are classified into different types;

  1. Tricyclic
  2. Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor
  3. Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake Inhibitor
  4. Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor

The most general is SSRI medications. They enhance antidepressant effects in the body and make muscles relax.

Unfortunately, 30 percent of people do not find any satisfaction in anti-depressant medicine.

But they have a tendency to make you addicted. Some people do not take anti-depressant pills and they heal just by meditation or counseling.

Natural remedies for major depressive disorder

Some natural herbs or exercises also reduce major depressive disorder. Nature has an excellent connection with inner soothness. Here are 5 ways to make you calm and stress-free:

  1. Take a healthy diet

A diet has a major role in reducing depression and anxiety. What you eat your body will act and produce activity in the same manner. Turn your diet from junk to organic. A plant-based fresh diet is bast if you are going to treat your depression. A plant-based diet is rich in healthy nutrients and keeps the body healthy active and fresh. A healthy life comes with a healthy mind. And a healthy mind depends on the fuel you add.

  • Exercise

Exercise is the best way to treat your anxiety. It reduces the stress of brain cells and fills the lungs with fresh air. It makes muscles strong to seize negative radiations. Exercise makes the mind active and strong. Start your day with exercise and hopefully the rest of the day will go productively.

  • Intake healthiest drink

Drinks beside water also reduce major depressive disorder. Some healthiest drinks on planet earth are;

  • Ginger tea
  • Lemon tea
  • Strawberry shake
  • Hot chocolate
  • Orange juice

They will fill you body with fresh and healthy content. They improve digestion which parallels improve the functionality of the body.

  • Natural herbs and spices

Here are some natural herbs which are proved beneficial for treating major depressive disorder.

  • Chamomile
  • Lavender
  • Passion flower
  • Lemon balm
  • Valerian

They enhance gamma-aminobutyric acid which lowers the stress of brain cells and helps in reducing anxiety or feeling of loss.

  • Talk to counselor

A counselor can be a family member or friend or medical advisor. If you are feeling depressed all the time then speak about it to a trustworthy person. Talk to people whom you trust. You will feel light and directions will become clearer after truthful negotiation.

Bottom lines over major depressive disorder

Behavioral disorders are not delusions. They exist in real. Environmental factors, childhood traumas, or current life challenges can trigger them. If people around you are keeping saying negative and sad things then it is important to tell them carefully. Major depressive disorder can disturb daily life activities. The difference between a mood swing and major depressive disorder is persistence. If you are feeling every day sad and lost and disappointed then it is time to seek help before it leads you to suicide


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