The Coronavirus pandemic has led to global panic, and people are looking for safe ways to protect themselves. Smartphone apps play an important role in responding to COVID-19 pandemic. These apps are used to track infected people, publish self-quarantine guides, provide citizens with the latest messages, and ease the burden on healthcare providers. Now the technology has come to the rescue to diagnose the victims, identify places, and receive updates in real-time. COVID-19 smartphone apps are applications that use digital chasing to track contacts in reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, as they processed in sensing people who may be in contact with an infected person because they have specific software. There are many useful resources with smartphone apps and even on social networks. These include COVID-19 distribution tracking software, remote access healthcare applications, and even physical contact tracking phones.

If you do something today during COVID-19 self-isolation, you should download at least one of the COVID-19 applications. Fortunately, there are increasing in numbers and are popular applications to curb boredom and focus our minds, allowing users to monitor their health and find people nearby who have a positive or suspected coronavirus infection. Some of these COVID-19 applications are designed to help you keep track of the virus and get the latest health tips. It is everybody’s right to stay alert an keeping up to date with these test periods is very important, technology is describing smartphone apps designed to help you keep track of the progress of the virus and keep up to date with the latest health tips.

5 best health Smartphone apps

1-The NHS smartphone apps;

Contact tracking application currently under development by the National Health Service (NHS), a state-funded national health service. The application was established by NHSX, an advanced division of NHS, and will be released shortly. The British government has asked the public to download the app as soon as it is available.

 The application will monitor people’s movements and inform those who are in close contact with the infected person. Experts recommend that by analyzing the COVID-19 virus and hot spot extent patterns, the application will help release the blockade. It will classify the data based on demographics, home structures, and mobility models, and on this basis, it will allow the maximum number of people to move freely.

2-Medici Healthcare Smartphone Apps;

This application gives patients the chance to communicate with doctors and medical professionals on the GP network for a partial period. The main goal here is to reduce the additional costs of visiting a hospital through on-line consultation of workers and minimize physical contact during a Coronavirus pandemic.

3-United Nations;

This multilingual UN application offers comprehensive information from around the world on a variety of issues, from sustainability to climate change.

It combines Covid-19 global virus information daily with a series of audio and video field reports on how a pandemic affects daily life in every corner of the planet.


The app allows people to protect themselves and their communities without losing privacy. It uses Bluetooth signals to detect users when they are near each other. And notifies them secretly if they have been communicating with someone who has had a positive test result.

A unique feature of the application is that no third party, including the government, will be able to trace who disclosed who. This was one of the first applications to release an open-source secrecy protocol. It use to maintain the reorganized track of Bluetooth contacts.

5-Corona data cast;

This German smartwatch application tracks the spread of the coronavirus by collecting important signals. It includes heart rate, body temperature, sleep patterns – from helpers with a smartwatch or fitness tracker. Check whether they have developed COVID-19 symptoms or not. The results then show on an interactive map. It allows health authorities to assess the situation and identify hot spots.

Are these smartphone apps safe?

Few of us in an independent society, the entire government expects to monitor and trace infected people through their smartphones. However, the potential of smartphone technology to distribute COVID-19 means that it is a valuable too. It should see as a defense against this pandemic.

 The key to the success of the government is to eliminate any risks associated with data privacy. And to inform people about measures to protect the privacy of the Application to ensure wider public recognition. In future, the government will force to enforce these safeguards, protect data from abuse and data leakage, when it will no longer necessary. It restore the use of the Application for the benefit of the whole society to restore its normal state as soon as possible.


The effects of the coronary virus (COVID-19) are gradually becoming apparent. With the advent of the latest wave of the pandemic, businesses and governments have taken more serious and direct measures. Examples include temporary closures of companies such as bars, restaurants, shopping malls, shops, gyms, and sports centers, curfews. And measures to get rid of overcrowded environments. We do not know what the actual impact is.

This is because not everyone who carries the virus has been tested. Mostly, people are asymptomatic or show mild symptoms. In such cases, tests are unlikely, especially in countries with disabilities. Situational awareness is assessed in difficult situations such as environmental awareness, threats, and opportunities. Contact tracking is using by governments around the world. As a means of raising situational awareness to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

Government enforcement follows the same path. Attracting users is the sole aim of building trust. Many governments offer a summary of how this has to be done. If it is foreign and increases over time, it is disproportionate. And the expected goal is different from the stated objective.

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