Herbs have been using since 5000 years. Homemade remedies, as well as medical sciences, are taking advantage of healing herbs and spices as meditation. Herbs and spices offer anti-inflammatory properties as well as keep soothing mind and body. Herbs and spices are easily available in the market but for secure food, you can grow on the home farm. You can use spices and herbs as a supplement, food, or beverages.

5 claiming herbs and spices for anxiety and stress

Since the COVID-19 hit the world. Many scientific generals are writing about reducing anxiety and stress. Suddenly COVID-19 caged the world and elevated anxiety level especially in the youngster. It has parked a fear in us. Therefore, doctors and researchers are advising the use of natural herbs and spices to be stress-free as well as boosting immunity. 


herbs and spices

It is a medical herb that acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps to recover and use to heal muscles span, insomnia and ulcer wounds gastrointestinal tract, hemorrhoids. It induces sleep as well as called mild tranquilizer.

University of Pennsylvania medical center patients with severe anxiety took chamomile for eight weeks and after this duration; they had a significant decrease in anxiety.

Chamomile used extensively in cosmetics and aromatherapy and is popular in the form of herbal tea.

One million cups per day are consume.


herbs and spices

Lavender has known for his beautiful fragrance. It has used to recover insomnia depression anxiety and fatigue.

The Latin meaning of lavender is to wash, for its possible ingredients are used in bath especially in soap. It is a suitable cleanser for the body

A survey shows reduced anxiety levels in nursing graduate students. Double-blind random survey show lavender can reduce anxiety and soothe our soul.

Passion Flower

herbs and spices

At first native Americans use passion flavor for healing purposes.

Primarily people use to lessen restlessness. It was spread in America as a sedative.

Scientific research shows, it enhances gamma-aminobutyric acid in the brain which lowers the stress of brain cells and hence relaxes the human brain. 

Journal of clinic pharmacy and therapeutic shows, passionflower is used to treat generalized anxiety disorder (GAD).

Another survey shows people who take passionflower before surgery show fewer symptoms of anxiety and nervousness than the people who take a placebo.

Lemon Balm

herbs and spices
Lemon Balm

It is a member of the mint family and this herb is commonly used as anxiety and stress digester.

Lemon promotes sleep and improves digestion. It can use with other recommended calming herbs to reduce restlessness.

A specific dose of the lemon bar can change mood quickly.

It boosts up calmness.

A study also attested lemon bars with other calming herbs and spices can reduce depression.



Valerian also uses to treat anxiety and insomnia. It was popular in Europe in the 17th century.

In studies, it was also found Valerian is one of the drugs who reduced gamma-aminobutyric acid.

They lower the stress level of brain cells and hence lower anxiety. It promotes sleep and calmness as well. A double-blind random study also suggests a Valerian amount of 600 mg promotes sleep and enhances calmness.


Calming herbs and spices possess anti-inflammatory properties as well as enhance calmness and maintain smoothness.

They reduced the stress level of brain cells and reduce anxiety and depression.

Calming herbs and spices can promote sleep and reduce nervousness before surgery.

They are easily available in markets and hence can also grow in homes. Calming herbs and spice can take in mono form like supplements or also in the mixture.


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