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5 differences between being honest and being rude?

Differences between
Differences between

Five differences between being honest and being rude will let you know either you are genuine or discourteous with the public. Right communication by proper selection of words is an asset. Unfortunately, the majority is unable to understand this art. Undoubtedly in a journey of life, people deal ups and downs in developing and maintaining relationships. The high tone of voice with an inaccurate selection of words creates tussle among people. Irrespective of sincere intentions, an incorrect choice of words would always drag you in trouble. Differences between being honest and being rude are clear and distinct. Both belong to different genera of words. The difference between being realistic and being rough is the same as the difference between truth and humility.

Differences between being Honest and being Rude:

Differences between

People share a bond and try to stabilize it. However, things do not go as we plan them. Every human being on earth is distinct so their approaches too. While arguing or acting, we cannot be related to each other opinion and try to object. It is essential in which manner we are trying to oppose, and either objection is necessary or not. There are three possibilities

  • We are expressing harsh honesty.
  • We are expressing honesty with a lack of kindness.
  • The acting as being rude with the absence of honest gesture. Just trying to give a personal opinion

Honesty belongs to truth. Speaking up sincere and real thoughts without humiliating is called virtue. It is also considered as opening your heart and let the originality out. An honest person is genuine in speaking and acting without considering circumstances. Meanwhile, rudeness belongs to humility, ego, and inferiority instincts. If you judge someone by intruding personal uneasiness with a touch of ego, surely it is called being rude. Rudeness has nothing to do with honesty. Honest is the light and straight word; meanwhile, crude is the sharp and dark word.

Five differences between being honest and being rude;

  1. Courtesy VS humility; Honesty has a gesture of kindness, while rudeness has a gesture of humility.
  • Truth VS ego; Honest people express truth while rude ones express ego. This is a significant difference between being honest and being rude.
  • Goodness VS insecurities; When people express honesty, they express goodwill gesture, but when rude people humiliate, they show superiority complex and inner insecurities.
  • Suggestion VS Objection; honest human being redirects fellow beings by sound and sincere suggestion while rude people redirect public by destructive and nonsensical objections.
  • Relevant facts VS personal approach. Honesty comes with logical facts and figures. It also belongs to authentic argumentation while rude people use a harsh gesture with their own opinions. Their perceptions take over logic.

How do you know you are being honest?

Differences between

Honest is a valuable attribute. Honesty with kindness is a superb alloy. Real people know how it seems to be honest and kind at the same time. An alternative gesture for expressing openness instead of straight one is sound practice. You are honest if your dealings are real, as well as gentle. Undoubtedly you will be honest when you suggest instead of the object. It is a transparent and straightforward way of expressing the truth. Indeed, the selection of words for expressing honesty lies in your hand. Morality doesn’t hurt people if it has a gesture of kindness. The fact with gentle speaking leaves a profound impact on the listener’s mind, and unconsciously they start considering your suggestions.

How do you know you are being rude?


Practicing harsh words for communication is bad behavior and can hurt someone. You are rude if your words are straight and sharp. Rudeness is a gesture of humiliation and ego. Irrespective, the category of intentions harshness always acts in a destructive manner instead of constructive. Being rude and harsh isn’t beneficial to anyone. Contrary, they would hurt someone. A big sign of rudeness is your arguments are loud, sharp, and straight without respecting someone else opinion. People with rude behavior are unable to have friends. Kindness smells sweet, and if you avoid it, then you avoid of good people.  These signs and symbols will help you clearing whether you are practicing honesty or rudeness. These are significant differences between being honest and being rude.

How to modify rude behavior into an honest one?

Differences between

Undoubtedly, there are apparent differences between honest and rude. If you are unintentionally practicing it, you must stop it now. Your harsh gesture will end up losing good people.  You can modify abusive behavior into an honest one by practicing lower voice polite argument. If someone is not ready to listen, then accept differences and try to end the discussion properly. It will save from creating a breach among relationships. It is not necessary to be out speaking for every objection. Sometimes, accepting and respecting differences is also a part of being honest. Opposition with harsh words destroys even more. However, next time when you are about to genuine, try it gently with kind words.


Communication is a broad aspect of life. Unfortunately, the majority miss perceives each other conversation. A change of frequency can do a lot. The argument with logical and sensical facts and figures always wins. Honesty is a part of truth with a base of love. However, humility can someone feel disrespectful. Keep things gentle and sweet while expressing opinions. Communication comes with practice. Your understanding of differences between honesty and rude can change future dealings with people. It is quite simple to observe your methods and make improvements wherever they are needed.

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