Unexpected incident saves people to say one last time goodbye to beloved dying person or closer ones. And people live with strong regrets, what if they had a chance to say thank you or sorry. Dying person is the most realistic and well life versed creatures. Dying person understands the reality of life and actuality of death more than any living person. If you have a chance to meet and say some words before they pass out, make sure they are going to be worthy moments. A comfortable and lovely discussion may bring solace to them.

When physical healing is impossible, try to create emotional healing. Life trouble won’t get easier but morals to bear the trouble will increase. If you cannot encounter the beloved dying person and you are losing heart, then remember the good and positive moment you both spend together. At least one last sound conversation between two people would make the last journey easy.   

Regret is not doing the right thing; regret is you didn’t even try.

What To Say To A Dying Person?

The five essential things you must say if you are meeting with a dying person one last time. Different people have different values in each other life. It is not important if you keep one on priority the other would do the same However, say these considerable 5 things before you say “goodbye”.

Please Forgive Me

Forgiveness can be unsettling. It is natural to hesitate if you seek forgiveness. However, life is a dubious trek of ups and downs. You cannot live as a saint or devil purely. Good and bad parts go side by side. Ask Forgiveness if you have done bad or at least you have suspect you have done bad. Asking forgiveness does not make you weak but stronger and gentle. Be one who asks forgiveness in the first place. It can end grievance between both. You can live life peacefully after asking apology and they can end life well with knowing past issue has been resolved. 

I Forgive You

Offering forgiveness is more unsettling than asking one. If people have done bad or broke your heart, forgive them, if people made you lose in business or stab in the back, forgive them. Your actions are your reflection not the counteractions of someone’s bad deeds. The positive and kind approach makes you win this life. When you offer forgiveness to a dying person, actually you are offering him peace and relief from regret. It is a gentle act to offer solace at the last moment of life. Nothing in this world is permanent. Holding grudge won’t lead you anywhere but offering forgiveness will light up candle of comfort and peace.

I Love You

There are two types of people, the ones on the general term and the ones on the closer term. It depends on the dying person who has what kind of relation and attachment with you. If you are about to lose your parents, life partner, sibling, best friend, then never forget to say I love you. Show your attachment through words before it gets too late. If you would not say the right words at the right time then you would regret it lifetime. Ask yourself when last time you showed emotions. No matter when you said lovely and affectionate words, speak them again. 

Thank You

Thank you for all help you did when I need, thank you for all the lessons you taught me. These general sentences would show your gratitude over the favors the dying person offered you in the past days. Thank you for is an expression of gratitude.

In everyday life, adapt a habit to say thank you over little acts. It will bring closure between you and another person.

Say Good-Bye

Saying goodbye is always harder. In everyday life, it would make a huge difference when you gently say goodbye and say “we would meet again”.

When you say goodbye and meet soon to a dying person, it would show the loved one is never gone and it would remain in your heart. This would help you in your time of grief. It is never easy to see people dying.

It shakes your head when you lost the love ones. Nothing can match the loss. Therefore, speak gentle words when you meet last time with loved ones on death bed.

Conclusion Over What To Say To Dying Person

Death is a reality.. Humans are mortal and each of us has to experience death. Some people embrace it and some face it without preparation.

If you have a meeting with a dying beloved person but you do not know what to speak, then a sentence of gratitude, a sentence of love, and sentence of apology are the best words on the deathbed. 

We open up, we allow people to pass feeling content and happy. Therefore speak gentle words when you meet people on deathbed because sooner or later you are going to be on deathbed and you would eventually understand the feeling of a dying person.


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