2021 is important for the comeback of major science events. It looks set to be important for climate change, COVID vaccine, Alzheimer’s drug, microscopic launches, autonomous cars, and entrepreneurship flip. 2020 was unexpected and uncertain. The last year was disappointing and surprisingly shocking. We all are hoping for 2021 to be good and prosperous in terms of personal and financial aspects. Science events are attention-grabbing when they offer environmental sustainability, enrich natural resources, controlled pollution, better marine life, clear air, and availability of food and water. These all are a symbol of hope, betterment, and prosperity of all living ones, living on and under the earth.

5 Science Events of 2021

Climates Comeback

2021 looks to be an important year for the stand against climate change. Newly elected US president Joe bidden has clearly said that he will restore the country’s position and responsibility in this aspect very well. He will join the Paris climate agreement to fight global warming. The last president Donald Trump had pulled the country from the accord and the nation left officially on the day after the 2020 elections. A key negotiation and details will happen in November, Glasgow United Kingdom, to discuss the details and key aspects of the United Nations Climate Conference. Countries will make a pledge from scratches to cute greenhouse gases emission. The first pledge was made back in 2015. The EU and China have ambitious goals to become carbon neutral by 2050, 2060. Scientists are waiting to see either Bidden will select similar goals or not.

COVID Detectives

A task force established by the WHO will move into China for COVID investigations. They will move to find out the exact source of COVID-19. A group of epidemiologists, virologists, animal researchers, will begin their search in China in early January. They would search in Wuhan which is the origin of SARS-CoV-2. It was first identified in 2019. The initial stages would look after the meat selling point in Huanan markets. It was visited by many people who primarily reported COVID-19. This tracking may take many years but experts think new information may come out at the end of this year.

Vaccine and Pandemic

2020 witnessed the development and successful inoculation of the COVID-19 vaccine to volunteers. The effectiveness and impact would be clear in January 2021. These particular interests are extracted by the clinical trials of immunization developed by USA pharmaceutical companies Novavax, and jhonson, jhonson. These jobs are likely to be easier to distribute than the RNA based vaccine made by Pfizer-BioNtech and moderna. The Pfizer vaccine already had emergency authorization for use in some countries. Novavax launched two large trials of its spiral spikes proteins vaccine in the UK and USA. The company could produce as many as two billion vaccines per day.   

Project “Mars”

China’s ambitious approach to reach Mars would take place in 2021. A Chinese probe destined for Mars should touch down it in February. The Tiaanwen-1 mission would take place to look for water and signs of life by using 13 instruments. It includes a camera, radar, and practical analysis. If successful, it would be china’s first exploration of the red planet and the only time that probe containing orbiter lander and rover has touched down there. Craft from UAE and US should reach there at the same time.

Long-Awaited Telescope Launch

 October 2021 would see the long-awaited launch of the James Webb Space Telescope which developed by NASA and being called the largest complex most powerful space telescope ever built. The US $8.8 billion Webb would seek to repeat the success of the Hubble telescope. Hubble telescope had revolutionized astronomy when it launched in 1990. She had made 1.3 million observations since. Webb is capable to cover more wavelengths than Hubble. It makes scientists look into the universe deeper.


This year is exciting for new innovating launches. A project to Mars is a bigger step in science. On the other hand, a deep investigation for COVID-19 spread would hit the ground with surprising facts. Once we can catch real causes, we can avoid future pandemics. This year is important in terms of environmental stability, science development, and COVID investigation and defense. We all hope for a better time, a healthy environment, and financial stability.


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