Ramadan Kareem is a ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The fast extends over a whole month. Fasting is the religious duty a Muslim is bound and supposes to perform in order to spiritual discipline and in obedience to Allah Almighty. Ramadan Kareem is the most awaiting month for all Muslims. A sense of true joy, blessings, and forgiveness are being asked by fasting from evil deeds and eating.


Worship according to Islam is a means of purification of the soul and his practical life. The basis of (Ibadah) worship is the fact that human being is a creature and thus bound servants of God, their creator, and their Lord. To whom they are destined to return.  Thus man turning toward God in intimate communion, reverence, in the spirit of devotion and humble submission is termed as Ibadah. Worship is an indispensable part of all religion including idolatrous ones. It is motivated however in each religion by different objectives assumes different forms and performs under a different set of rules.

The Fast in Ramadan Kareem.

After prayer five times a day, the second religious duty of a believer is the fasting for one month every year. One must abstain during every day of Ramadan from eating drinking and smoking including inoculation and injections from dawn to sunset. One must likewise abstain from thinking of carnal and other pleasures, incompatible with the spiritual regimen.

Ramadan Kareem

Aim of fasting

The aim of fasting essentially and chiefly is a religious practice and a spiritual exercise. It enables the proximity to GOD. If one fast for temporal services, only under the prescription of the doctor for instance- he will be far from accomplishing his religious duty and will not benefit spiritually at all.  Sick and old are not need to fast. Indeed, yet if he has meant he must feed a poor each day of the fast of Ramadan Kareem. Undoubtedly, the same goes for women in famine indispositions hence they defaulting days are to be made up later by an equal number of days of fasting.

5 facts about Ramadan Kareem.

1. You who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous.

(Al- Baqara: 183)

Ramadan Kareem had been commanded upon ancestors before it was decreed upon us. Fasting offers us a chance to chain animals residing in us. It makes us morally correct and justified. It frees our soul from sin. The order of fasting issued from Divine Allah SWT is thoroughly in our favors physically and spiritually.

2. But the fast is best for you if you knew.

(Al-Baqara: 184)

Ramadan Kareem

The word fast literary meaning is “to stop, to abstain”. A person abstains from evil thoughts and evil doings. Fasting is not a mere name of being abstained from eating but also we fast our soul from evil deeds. We obey Allah and for His pleasure, we stop from evil deeds. In Ramadan, Satan is chained and every Muslim is offered by a chance to make the best version of him. Fasting is beneficial morally spiritually and physically.

3.He has certainly succeeded who purifies himself.

Al-A|laa: 14


A purifies soul is honest to avoid lie and deceive. A successful life in the world and hereafter is for one who knows how to command himself. Fasting is a way of caging animal desire, humanly greed, and hunger for the materialistic world. The best person never desires more than he needs. He has a sense of gratitude and satisfaction in the soul. Ramadan Kareem makes us kind for the people who do not have anything to eat. It arises the sense of brotherhood and instinct of sharing. Kind and Care are attributes of Divine and hence He likes those who possess kindness and care.

4.The messenger of Allah said whoever fasts Ramadan then follows it six from Shauwal then that is equal in reward to fasting every day.

[Jami` at-Tirmidhi Book-8 Hadith-78]

The lunar has employed in Islam has 355 days, and the lunar month sometimes 29 and sometimes 30 days. So a Muslim fast every year for 35 or 36 days, which is worth tenfold. i.e. 350 or 30 days the average being 355, which is the number of days in a lunar year.

5 Indeed we sent the Quran down during the night of decree. And what can you make know what is the night of decree? The night of decree is better than thousands of months. The angels and the spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter. Peace is until the emergence of dawn.

 Al-Qadar: 1-5


The night of power is in the last days of Ramadan Kareem and is better than thousands of months. This is a night of blessings great reward, forgiveness, and peace. Worship (Ibadah) Prayers, reciting the holy Quran, and seeking forgiveness are highly recommended act. The worship in the night of power (Layalat al- Qadar ) is a night of destiny. He answers the prayers who ask and forgive who appeal. 


Fasting in Ramadan Kareem is a way to check animality. If one commits sin, penitence, and mortification through fasting may bring solace and purify the soul. Fasting is intended to conform to the behest of God, in the result, he approaches nearer to him and obtains His pleasure; and that is the ultimate aim of man.

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