Social media is a market to sell and cinema to entertain. You must careful before you upload routine pictures. You should review your friend list before you upload personal details. Your parameter and privacy must be strict to show the pictures so you may not encounter any incident. Routine pictures are trendy. Bloggers, vlogger, YouTube, buyer, seller and everyone clicks and uploads often but here are some sensitive details I do want you to know!

Everyone once in a life surrounded by social media. Each of us posts often. But how entertaining and scary social media is? Do you ever have to face online digital abuse or you felt something went extremely wrong, just after you uploaded a happy sweet selfie. Well, vibes bang. The negative vibes of a person around you can destroy your positive aurora.

What can and cannot happen

But we are going to talk ab out very sensitive detail, about your children and their future. Do you share your kid’s picture on the internet? While everyone is not there for entertainment. Social media is a good place to connect with friends and fellow near and far. It allows you to share your perks of life with loved ones. But maybe your perks can be misused by friends of friends.

There are some caveats that you might be wary of. When you post pictures of your children on social media, you might reveal a very precious and intimate side of yourself. You allow people to look into your home. Although all of it happens unintentionally but results can be devastated. On social media, you make conscious choices about what to show and what not to show. Not everyone whom you call a friend has the best interest at heart.

The first social media site started back in 1997. Today, there are 200 sites and the popular ones are Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can follow and get follow back in hundred to millions. However, all you have to do is to remain active and post on daily basis. Well, you cannot know all the people on your list and by posting private picture may later affect badly.

Some followers are predators and they in search of a sit to find a new victim. However here are some types of pictures that you shouldn’t upload on social media.

Why social media is scary

When you upload a picture, your friends of friends can easily download it. Anyone who has a little knowledge about editing and graphics can change the picture. It might not be on your friend list but you cannot guarantee friends of friends. Let’s say, you uploaded a picture then your friend shared it on her timeline, now there is a criminal, he downloaded and edited. The scariest part is, you forgot about the details of the picture. Here are 5000 to 15000 people who abducted women and children in the market. Human trafficking is a real problem. The operator of abducted rings are strong and they know how to prey physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Putting your children out in the world may mark them as a target. Predators look for demographics, gender, nationality, and the easy target is one they track.

Pictures of children may Fall Into wrong hands

You can make the custom your post on Facebook. But many people skip to turn off friends of friends. They forgot to set their privacy and parameters. If you are a business person then it must be useful to allow friends of friends to view your product. Let’s recall the mastermind of children pornography, Geoffrey Portway. He was arrested from Massachusetts. The investigator was shocked to see there were 4500 exchanges of child pornography on his computer. How easily can shift your children’s photos from your timeline to your friend and next to his friend’s timeline?

Pictures to avoid on Social Media

You may think your little ones are the cutest in the world and you want to show the world, but the world may looking at your children to make them your next target. There are 5 types of pictures that you never post on social media because of the dangers they are putting on us.

Bath Time pictures

There is nothing cuter than a little one in a bubble bath with their toys. However, these pictures show an intimate look at your children without clothes. While you may do your best to cover their private parts but you still invited a human trafficker to look into details.

Pictures with private details

Your children look so cute in Halloween outfits. You want to put a picture of your cutie-pie in a Halloween outfit. But you may not realize while clicking the picture outside, you accidentally showed your home address. This is a direct invitation to the home trafficker and digital harasser.

Controversial Photos

Many people love to see the naked bottom of a baby. It is not pornography but actual classic picture of the baby. Many photo studios won’t allow these pictures anymore. But it won’t stop parents to take a few shots more. There is nothing wrong to take such photos when they are infants but growing age can be controversial. Picture of babies with naked butt is not cute anymore especially with the society of today.

Pictures that show weakness

How many times you allow the world to see pictures that show kids mess up as well as their crazy act. If you allow the world to notice how frustrated you are with your kid’s act then you may are inviting someone to haunt your kid. They would know you are frustrated and your child is a handful. Do not show any weakness on a public site as it could be a disaster.

Pictures of other people’s kid

Never upload any pictures of relatives or friends and make them vulnerable without their approval. Understandably, you want to show cute nephews and niece but you may are allowing human traffickers to target those innocent souls. Your social media account parameters are not the same as your friends have. 8000,000 children are missing each year in the United State. 36% of these children are abducted from their home and 44% are under the age of six years

Bottom Line

People are not what they seem. Always careful with sugar-coated words. You must keep in mind the following point;

  • Never allow your children to use social media before they reach adulthood
  • Only send pictures of children in private messages to family and friends.
  • Be careful in allowing your children to play in chat rooms.
  • Never allow the school to take children’s photo for any media.

You are responsible for your children’s safety and no one else. Be a responsible parent so you may not regret it in the future. You cannot repaint evil but you can save yourself.


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