World Sight Day

It is an international event to bring attention to vision impairment and blindness. World Sight Day organizes on the second Thursday of October and it always comes with a new central theme. IAPB, (International Agency For The Prevention Of Blindness) highlights the World Sight Day under the 2020 global initiative. Organization and welfare societies collaborate with IAPB and organize individual events. 2020 global initiative is to reduce and eliminate avoidable blindness till 2020 with adequate resources. Many organizations are working in collaboration with WHO to initiate the project. However, you can promote World Sight Day and can be a useful member in spreading awareness about avoidable blindness.

5 Promises You Make On World Sight Day

You should take some oath for the goodness of own as well as humanity. Try to accomplish them till next year.

Help poor and malnourished to escape avoidable blindness

Approximately 1 billion people around the globe are suffering from preventable vision impairment but most of them don’t have enough resources to get treatment. People who are most affected with malnourishment-related vision impairment are usually living in underdeveloped or developing countries where living conditions are dire and they can’t even find food to fill their bellies for one meal. Be generous and pay attention to your surrounding give charity to the deserving and  feed the poor not just to eliminate blindness but to create global harmony as Mahatma Gandhi said ” there is enough on this planet for everyone’s need but not for everyone’s greed”

Regular eye checkup

It is recommended to visit your doctor for a routine eye checkup. The standard recommendation for young adults to maintain healthy eyesight is to visit an eye specialist for a detailed examination once every two years. While older people are advised to have an annual thorough check-up of their eyes. While the people who are susceptible to optical complications to visual impairment should visit their doctor more frequently. A routine checkup will eliminate the risk of any serious optical disease thus saving you from a lot of problems. Your good vision is not only beneficial for you but also for your loved ones so, being a responsible person visits your doctor regularly.

Eat Nutritious food

Well ‘you are what you eat’ taking a healthy diet will not only improve your eyesight but also your general health and your mood. When you are healthy you will have a calm and positive approach towards your life. Some recommended food items for better vision are:

  • Spinach ( it is rich in vitamin A and  lutein in spinach protects our cornea from UV rays)
  • Carrots ( these are a rich source of beta-carotene, lutein, calcium, and potassium. It protects our eye from night blindness)
  • Sweet potato ( it contain vitamin A and helps to protect eyes from bacterial and viral infections of the eye)
  • Peppers (pepper are not only colorful but also enriched with vitamin A and C, Vitamin C in peppers protect eyes from cataracts.
  • Broccoli (it contain vitamin B2 and it is a rich source of anti-oxidants which protects the eyesight)
  • Walnut (it is packed with omega-3-fatty acids, zinc, vitamins, and anti-oxidants)
  • Dark chocolate (Dark chocolate are rich in flavonoids which helps in increasing blood flow to the retina)

Wear eye protection Equipment

The climate is getter worse with every passing day and more harmful ultra-violet rays are reaching earth because of ozone depletion. These rays are a major source of skin and eye allergies. To avoid any such problems it is best to use eye protection equipment like glasses and umbrella to shield yourself from scorching heat.  You can avoid blindness by a continuous staring at gadgets. Use limited-time on laptops and mobile phones. Eye protection is necessary as any other organ of the body. You cannot eat unhygienic drinks because it can damage the digestive system in the same way you cannot move in an unhygienic environment. After all, it can damage the eyes.

Promote World Sight Day

Every year second Thursday of October is celebrated as World Sight Day to promote global awareness regarding blindness and vision Impairment. Apart from maintaining your own optical health spread the awareness of this campaign initiated by a world health organization to eliminate preventable blindness and other eye diseases. Awareness is crucial for human survival. However, we suppose to share beneficial information for the goodness of mankind. 


World sight day is a responsibility for all who can help their vision and people’s sickness. Donating a number of funds to the needy or buy nutritious food may help in the treatment of vision impairment. Eyes realize the colors of life. With a little amount of help, you can stable someone’s color of life. Count every vision. Help people and show kindness. Help people financially so they can end their struggle for survival of the eye. Share what you have not because you have so much but because you already know how it feels not to have.


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