People have post-marriage affairs and its ratio is gradually increasing. Married people often cheat their partners and risk factor could be various; either childhood trauma or mere a habit. Married people share a strong bond of commitment and loyalty but cheating causes severe havoc. The one who is being cheated has to face an emotional breakdown. Cheating is always a choice and cheating between married people is unforgettable. After being cheated you have two dead-end option, either leave or try to improve relationship.

Primary reasons why married people cheat

The primary reason could be at an individual level or companionship level. Alcohol addiction can make you cross limits. Childhood trauma could trigger disloyalty. In companionship level, boredom or opportunity are the biggest factors. But here are 5 general biggest primary reasons;

Dissatisfaction/ Lacking content

Dissatisfaction causes unhappiness and mental exhaustion. Dissatisfaction from life is a major reason for anxiety and depression.

You are not contented over things you own and always desire more. Lacking content from a partner could trigger a similar situation.

A person is likely to cheat if he is not finding true happiness and mental peace. Lack of communication or lack of attention is the biggest reason for dissatisfaction in marriage. If a person is finding out that his/her partner is always exhausted then it is time to make observation either he/she is satisfied? Or some modifications need to make.

Lack of care and commitment

Where is love, there is care. Miss-commitment, carelessness and irresponsible behavior cause disloyalty. A relationship supposed to peaceful and caring instead of a battle zone.

Decided spare time activities enhance responsibility. If you have caught cheating your suppose then maybe the reason lies in lacking commitment. Negligence hurts partner especially when you do not support the person whom you are currently sharing life.

Boredom/ Lack of grooming

No matter how elegant your inner is but eyes always capture the outer appearance. A good sense of fashion, adequate grooming, changing clothing styles and body shaping takes part in preserving or destroying the relationship.

If your relationship isn’t well maybe you have stopped looking attractive.

Take care of yourself. Keep growing, change your outer style at intervals. They will maintain a spark between a married couple. The same appearance over the years causes boredom and your partner starts looking over diversity that initiates disloyalty. However, keep yourself maintain and presentable. No matter how life messed up, always dress well.

Alcoholism/ Pornography

Alcoholism is a disease and it must treat to save a life. Being alcohol makes you cross limits. One alcoholic partner can lethal mentally and physically.

Domestic violence, cheating, exhaustion are expressions of being alcohol. If your partner is cheating and he is alcoholic then maybe he is not in enough consensuses to support his marriage relationship.

Pornography enhances ideal vision for sex life while in reality things in bed are different. A disappointment over sex life triggers disloyalty. Alcoholism and pornography are enough straight situations to decide whether you are going to separate or should give another chance with patience and treatment of partner.

Childhood trauma / Personality disorder

If a man has a vision of domestic violence or exhausted parents that man would be likely to cheat in the next life. Disturb and exhausted parents ruin the life of kids as well as his adulthood.

A person is a mirror image of his parents. He acts what his parents used to act. Childhood trauma leaves a deep influence on the future.

Married people who are cheating may have experienced domestic violence in childhood. Personality disorder or mental illnesses are also the primary reasons for disloyalty. Sometimes cheating has no solid ground except it is a habit. If you are dealing with a person with a cheating habit you may leave for your own mental wellness.


Married people have extramarital affairs. No matter what are reasons, cheating is always a choice and it causes severe damage to companionship level. The extramarital affairs of married people with kids have to face double damage.

A choice is always hard. Once you caught your partner it is hard to decide either he/she deserve the second opportunity or not. Bad habits could be captured, personality disorders could be treated, another personal factor could be eliminated but make sure whatever decision you are going to make will never take your mental health on stake.


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