It is a fact, putting weight on is much easier than losing weight. You need a strict carb diet, restricted sugar, work out and proper sleep to lose weight fast.  Losing weight is a long and frustrating process. You may end by losing all motivation. There are many reasons for weight on, lifestyle and genetics are a general one. However, if you are struggling hard but still a chubby person then maybe your strategies are a failure. A healthy lifestyle includes the perfect balance of life routines and activities. Many people find themselves in hot water because of the failure strategies they imply during the weight loss journey. Never give up your effort no matter how hard the situation gets. If you have a desire for a strong healthy body but it is hard to do then you may need to notice 5 factors that are a roadblock.

Weight Loss

5 Reasons that not let you lose weight

Weight loss is a struggle. You have to make efforts to succeed. If you are still at the same point where you started the journey then maybe your diet intake or sleep cycle is not well enough. Here are 5 reasons that don’t let you lose weight.

Lack of protein intake

Protein intake is crucial when you want to lose weight fast. Enrich protein sources are egg, chicken, broccoli, cheese oats, and yogurt. Proteins reduce appetite. It would make you less hungry. It is easy to lose weight fast when you do not crave junk food or unhealthy snacks. Less appetite leads to less consumption and the body becomes less vulnerable to fats.

The important thing is, the food that you are taking is the source of satisfaction. But if the meal is too big and it left you to crave for something else then it is not worth it. People ask how to lose weight? The answer is less carb food and a good amount of protein.

Consumption of Unhealthy Snacks

Snacks are quite tricky. They help curb diet but unhealthy snacks can be damaging. Some snacks are beneficial for some people but harmful to others. Processed snacks are dangerous and they do not give health guarantee.

However, if you go to the departmental store, and there are snacks labeled with low calories, no sugar, and rich protein snacks then surely avoid them.

Because they can be without any nutritional values.  Processed and preserved snacks are not that beneficial. If you are on the journey of weight loss then go for wheat and protein snacks.  The best is the consumption of organic and natural foods instead of processed and preserved snacks. Eating right and eating on time are the best efforts to lose weight fast.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

It is interesting how weight loss is interlinked with the sleep cycle. Stressed cells in exhausted routines are unlikely to perform productive functions.

 Stressed cells do not functioned well to reduce weight.  National Institute Of Health, NH, lack of sleep can have the same effect as marijuana or any other secondary drug.

 Lack of sleep makes you lazy. Lack of energy is a symptom of unburned body calories. As a result, you would keep a lack of enthusiasm to lose weight, and hence your body would keep packed calories.

 Sleep is beneficial for weight loss as well as stable mental health. Good quality of sleep in average hours is important for the healthy functions of the body.

Negative Mindset

How to lose weight when you are demotivated at the beginning? Lose weight fast with a positive attitude. Mindset is everything. Positive thoughts give positive results; likely negative thoughts create miserable vision.

 Your belief vision and thoughts affect how the body would react. If you have negative energy and a negative approach for losing weight then probably your body would behave negatively.

If you think, your body is becoming chubby day by day, in reality, it would become chubby after some time. What you think, your body behaves similarly. And it is not surprising, our mindset leaves a deep impact on our daily life actions. 

Unrealistic Goals

Weight loss never happens overnight. No matter how badly you want to lose weight fast, still, it is a long and struggling journey. It is as same as putting the weight on. The journey is dubious with high and lows.

It is possible in one weak you drop 2 digits for weight but in next you unable to reduce half. Patience is necessary if you about to start a journey of losing weight.

Take weight loss as a goal. And any goal makes you face failure before success. Failures are a step toward success. Hence if you are not losing weight the possible chances are, you are taking it as unrealistic goal instead of a realistic one.

Bottom lines on why you aren’t losing Weight

Losing Weight

Losing weight is no easy task to do. A restricted diet with often fasting is the usual manner. You have to do a lot of workouts to burn calories.

But if your strategies are not giving the desired results then probably you are ignoring some crucial factors, like balance in diet, work schedule, or mindset. A focused and clear vision with a positive mindset surely will help you in reducing weight. The rewind approach may help you in shedding unwanted roadblock fats. If you want to live a healthy life, then stay happy and eat healthily.   


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