Life starts with a healthy brain. Mental health is equally important as a physical one in life. But sometimes bad choices about people make us suffer. Friendship is the most beautiful bond one can ever have. Someone other than your family whom you share close affection with must be a true and sincere being. Life is very confusing, and that’s why friends are there to stand by you in those bad and tough situations.  A recent Harvard study concluded that having solid friendships in our life even help to promote mental health. Friends help us deal with stress, makes better lifestyle choices that keep us strong, and allows us to rebound from health issues and disease more quickly. Friendship is emotionally as well as equally important to our mental health.    

Why friends are important in life?

There’s no doubt that a friend adds to the fullness of life. Authenticity, honesty, and trust are qualities we expect to find in a friend. There’s an understanding that the binding together of people in friendship helps each of us define and realize a meaningful life.

 “The language of friendship is not words but meanings.”

Once you are truly comfortable with them and things are not awkward, but bad people, on the contrary, can make you suffer a lot. Toxic relationships affect your mental health with a physical one. They directly affect your productivity and creativity.

 Signs of toxic friendships that affect mental health:


It’s not bad to be sensitive to a person’s needs.

Any kind of discussion with your companion is worthy but if you don’t find comfortable or you can’t say anything you want to say without getting a pessimistic response this is worth worrying for.

How are you even assumed to be in touch with somebody who needs constant planning and master plan to have pleasant communication with you?

This isn’t healthy for you, specifically for mental health.

Creeping around anybody’s feelings, cautiously is not good for them.

It merely indicates that their feelings and responses are somebody’s responsibility. 

It will definitely cause complications until they end up being with somebody who won’t play any extra milder with them.

2.Hanging out is enormously disruptive.

Do you feel arranging a hangout with them or even attending their phone calls is disturbing for you?

Are you continuously being underestimated? You might not like yourself when you are with them.

If you have a big distance in between or you need an assistant to get your companion back to you twice a week, it must be better to close this topic.

It’s not healthy to know that a friend is consciously avoiding you for no reason.

These people are just too egocentric to realize that friendship is a two-way street, and you take it out of your mind that you can change them. Because it’s not that easy, if it’s not good for your mental health, give up on it.

 3.You appear an inferior creature

 There is no comparison in friendships. A person who truly concerns for you will let you know how remarkable you are and how much you mean to them. 

This might be less they will let you feel how lucky they are to be a friend of yours. Friendships are all about supporting and caring about each other’s needs.

In your friendships, there might be very few reasons for it.

You should embrace it, Respect and admire that person. You should always feel lucky and thankful to be a part of their lives.

But if you are hanging out with someone bad who lets you feel that you are lucky and they are just passing by, then it’s not a healthy relationship, and you can do away better than it.

4. Justifying their behaviour

You don’t need to justify your behaviour in a healthy friendship.

Do you feel like you need to explain yourself to others why you spend time with someone who misbehaves and treats you badly it’s time to cut the ties?

Are you not supposed to make excuses or apologize for somebody behaviour? You shouldn’t let others close to you treats you in a bad manner.

 5. They cause impatience

If they always induce anxiety and dread, this is alarming.

If planning to hang out with them, make you feel stressed rather than excited, none of you is getting positive out of this relationship. 

This person has dawned on your good sides to the extent that they now seem a burden. 

Spending time with your friends should be pleasant enough for you to relax and not a challenge. 

If you can’t sit with your friends in complete silence and it’s not awkward than my dear! This is the relationship you deserve.

Time with friends is all about feeling comfy and cared for if you get an opposite feeling than they aren’t your friend anymore.


Life is better with friends. If it’s a true friend, he can make your life thrilling and adventurous also good for your mental health. But you need to keep a check on it whether it’s serving the purpose or not. If it is not the, don’t stick to it because you have been through a lot together. Give up on toxic friendships because it’s bad for your health.

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