A surprising fact about human is he can endure much more what he thinks. The only limitation is his thoughts but in reality, human has the magical power to turn every dream into reality. Life is fair and transparent. We get what we work for. However, it is a package of thick and thin, ups, and downs. It is a long trek that we have to cover with patience and positivity.  Human is also capable of appreciating and embracing more than what he thinks he can. A disabled kid would testify to this statement. Humans need two types to support to sustain life on earth.

The emotional support that comes within friendly, family, religion, and the other is materialistic support including all necessities and necessaries. People lost a balance between emotional and materialistic support. Perhaps they also unable to priorities the sources of support.

Can man live without family? How long can you live without finance? Perhaps the answer to both is NO. Mankind is born with emotions. Our environment cultivates them, as well as the instinct of survival, pushes us to earn materialistic support.

Human has a universe inside his head but it is also true some factors command him. Mankind is well-structured, organized complex creatures. Besides this discussion here are some components that are essential for mankind’s survival. At any moment each of us needs these 5 things to sustain life further. But before we discuss them, we have to remind ourselves, life does not get easier but we get stronger than ever.

5 Things Human Cannot Live Without

  • Can you live without water?
  • How long can you live without food?
  • How do people live without each other?
  • Can you live without love?

Here are some questions that emphasize the major component of life. Nobody can live without water and love. Love support man emotionally and water physically. In the same manner, relationships soothe a man’s soul and food help him to survive.

We all know about materialistic factors that sustain human life but in this article, I would discuss 5 invisible priceless emotional factors that ensure your survival emotionally and spiritually.


Religion is a set of beliefs. We spend life accordingly what we feel is true and immortal. Mankind has a discipline or a script to live life on this earth. And this script is religion. There are many religions, Christianity, Islam, Buddhist and Hinduism. But every sect has two common features, every religion delivers a message of peace and every religion has an immortal commander that secures earth and the people live in it. The Immortal owner or God owns everything everywhere. Man has to be adapt any script to live a decent and cultivated life.


Hope is another name of faith. Life has trials and hardships. They are designed to teach as well as test us. Hopeful people pass every test with gratitude and patience. Your attitude in hardships matters a lot. A negative and pessimist approach won’t do anything good for you.

It would enhance grief and pain contrary positive attitude will higher morals to pass the trials. It is harsh but the truth, your attitude won’t make easy the trial but it will make your stronger or miserable during the trial. Hope is a belief in upcoming better days.

No matter how much life gets harder, never lose hope. It will be a bright flame in dark thick painful situations. What you think you create however hope will create easiness and you will find a reward for all your trials. After all, every trial is temporary just like happiness. They keep taking each other turn till the last breath. 


People say, things are not beautiful but it is the eyes that make them beautiful. And it is true. Beauty merely not confined to sculptures or painting but it is everything that amplifies the feelings of gratitude admiration and awe.

Beauty is everything that makes life worth living. It could be texture, vision, appearance, or actions.

Human has an instinct for admiration. He attracts what he feels is beautiful. However human cannot live without beauty. Each of us has a different perception to admire beauty but each of us owns this instinct.


Man cannot live without love. It is food for the soul. Who you love the most in this world? Many people might have asked this question. Love is not confined to romance or general intimacy but it is the name of affection not for the closes one but everyone around you. Love is the name of care and trust.

The person who loves is a person who receives it most.  Every one of us irrespective of the stage of life needs love and affection. It nourished our soul and soothes our scars. It enhances our morals to fight present challenges and future fears. 

Self Care

You are good enough for everyone. You take cares everyone’s needs. Parents feel proud of your excellent academic records. Your life partner is happy with the home performance and in all of this perfection drama, how you feel about yourself. Man cannot make everyone happy. Life starts with him therefore self-care comes first. If he will do self-care then he will be able to care for all. Mankind cannot live without thinking about them first. Survival instinct ranks your personality first and leaves rest.

However, self-care and life are indispensable.

Conclusion Over What 5 Things A Human Requires

A man has two parts inner and outer, his soul and body. Therefore two types of resources are required to keep human being alive emotional and physical ones. We all know about physical resources water, food, shelter, clothe and the list goes on but few of us know emotional factors like hope faith love are required to keep the spirit alive. Body and spirit make a lively human being and for this purpose, you have to nourish both parts of a human being. 


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