5 Things I learned When I lost my Loved One

There are no right or wrong ways to grieve but there are healthy ways to deal with it. When you lost a loved one it is difficult to come out from a particular zone. It is a natural phenomenon to be upset over the loss of a loved one. However, nobody can make you heal except yourself. When you are in immense pain, observe what the pain is teaching you. Every pain comes with a lesson. However, death is a natural biological phenomenon. Human is mortal and everyone eventually lost his loved one.  But here are a few things I would like to share when you lost someone and eventually start healing. Here are 5 things that my loss taught me. 

Death Has a Different Meaning For Everyone

Some people die at 30 but didn’t bury till 70. It was said by many the death is not the physiological end but when the desire to live dies, the person automatically dies. There are many philosophical definitions of deaths. Some say death declares the moment when the heart stop working and some say the death of a soul is actual death. Everyone deals with death differently. If you lost someone maybe it is a loss for you but relief for the suffering soul. Some people might think death is an escape from worldly trials and hardships. However, everyone has their own perception. So if you lose someone always think maybe this world was not best for them to live in and maybe they deserve a better place. So no matter if you lost loved ones or someone else is suffering from the same loss, let others be available for you and be available for others. 

Allow Yourself To Be Grieved

Why every time we need to get over the grieved. Why can’t we upset about our loss? Cry and howl as loud as you can. Allow yourself to grieve don’t close doors for sorrow. You lost someone whom you love all your heart. It is okay to feel upset and weak. You do not need a bereavement certificate instead be honest with your feelings. Go and talk to your friend about how you feel low. Open when you are ready. Don’t push yourself and never try to control emotions. It is okay to talk about loss. Things will take time and eventually everything will be alright.

Cherish The Memories Of your Loved One

After the death of loved ones, a time comes when you actually start losing focus on everyone. It happens so often that you may start wondering about your creativity. You may feel that you are going to lose the spark. But the truth is, grief is an emotion. You become extremely grieved at moments and in next you act just like normal human beings. However, see all the photo albums of the person you lost in the journey. Cherish and rewind moments. They will not put you in grief but they will soother the soul. If you want to heal pain, look into more pain instead of avoiding it.

Do things That Make You Happy

Sometimes you can’t clearly think after a loss what can ignite your spark. Try to remain all the things you used to do when your loved ones were not separated. Try to do them again. I taught after losing my loved one I stopped doing my favorite activities and this action put me in more darkness. Then I wrote about all my fun-loving activities and started again. I feel relax and satisfied. It is a sad moment when you lost a loved one and it would take a while to recover the scar but eventually you will do it. Do all favorite activities with a heart. It is true loved ones left you but it is also true you are still alive.

Give Yourself Time to Heal

You cannot let the pain define you. If a loved one dies or separates, you cannot resist the phenomenon but the level of acceptance can ease your pain. The more you accept the more you heal. Therefore give yourself time to settle. Do not rush into pain. Instead, feel the pain accept it, and then make effort to heal it. It is all about inner struggle. When you make choices and do things consciously the results would be very different.


Life is full of setbacks, comebacks, disappointment, and heartbreak. Life never gets easy you get stronger. Something you must understand is pain is an emotion and never try to get rid of it. Instead of ignorance, you must accept it. Live this emotion as you live happily. Treat equally both. Celebrate both. Try to resolve things. However if still, you are unable to cope with sadness and grief. Write down your heart on paper or speak your heart to a friend.


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