Depression is a mood, and it is classified in mood disorder. It is a feeling of emptiness, a feeling of anger and loss, and sadness. People with depression and anxiety are wrong in coordinating with people. They are unhappy all the time. People lose the sense of gratitude and satisfaction. They always think they can never make up life in the right way. people are over-thinker and load extreme negativity in thoughts. Depression is a severe threat to someone’s life. People with depression and anxiety are likely to commit suicide.


What are the depression symptoms?            

Indeed, there are no hard and fast rules in showing depression symptoms. Therefore, different age group shows various signs. Some people feel sad or some extremely angry and some restless. You can never get if somebody is suffering from depression until a couple of symptoms appear. The worst symptom is the feeling of emptiness. You suddenly lose interest in life, people who love your activities you enjoy and careers you are going to make

  • Firstly it affects the way you behave and the vibes you get in the surrounding.
  • People with depression feel all-time empty and sad.
  • They lose interest in favorite activities.
  • People feel restlessness and anxiousness.
  • They feel failure and lose interest in life gradually.
  • They got muscle weakness, fatigue, nausea, headache, and consistently digestion disorders.

Is there a difference between anxiety disorder and depression?


Anxiety disorder, more or less, is less crucial and severe than depression. People with anxiety disorder tend to be over-thinker and negative about different aspects of life. It is clear, but a thin line difference between anxiety disorder and depression. Anxiety is a bubble by extreme thinking, negativity, and anxiousness over the future. Anxiety is the first stage of depression, and if it is neglected over a long time, then results would be worst. Hence, the majority of people with anxiety attack shifts to depression disorder.

What are the symptoms of an anxiety attack?

Anxiety attack comes up with restlessness and anxiousness over the matter we cannot handle. There are some general symptoms of anxiety attack generally common among adults who are trying hard for goals and the future. A continuous anxiety attack can lead your depression and even attempt of suicide.

  • Your heartbeat rate gets faster over 100hb/min.
  • You start feeling nausea and lack of digestion.
  • Diarrhea is a common symptom.
  • Restlessness and insomnia
  • Overthinking and sad feelings.
  • Lack of satisfaction from life
  • Lose interest in everything around you
  • You crave for nothing and no more a happy, excited soul

Five things you should never say to somebody with Depression and Anxiety Disorder.

People with depression and anxiety disorder are fighting already. It seems awful with an empty heart among the happy people. However, if you find anyone with depression and anxiety, you should never mock at them. Just say kind words and offer you help. Five ways can make someone light and fine about mental health.

1. Shake it off; you will get over it.

Indeed, you are not supposed to tell anybody with depression and anxiety attack that shakes it off; you will get over it. Always offer you help instead of judgment and criticism. You do not know what kind of fight they are having inside them. Offer help instead of recommending and suggesting a later way to get riding depression and anxiety disorder.

2. It is all in your head

An anxiety attack and depression are real demons. They can make you feel sad, neglected, empty, and even dead. Never tell them it is all in your head because it is the worst thing you would do. People have unstable psychological conditions, and you cannot judge them. Instead, you can say to them I know you have hard times. It is going to be okay.

3.People have it worse than you.

There is absolutely no comparison of troubles that different people have in life. Everyone has their journey and own hardships. You cannot compare two different people with different experiences. The same code applies when it comes to people with depression and anxiety disorders. Instead of it, you suppose to say I recognize your unseen battle. Everything is going to be okay. You keep morale high.

4.You are always such a downer, stop telling us.

Never tell people with depression and anxiety attacks they are overdramatic. You are not supposed to make them a failure in case of controlling anxiety and depression. Always try to listen up. Always try to cheer them. If people talk to you about dark times of depression and anxiety, it is good. People with depression and anxiety disorder need care and attention instead of criticism.

5. You don’t look depressed.

“Never judge a book by its cover “it a truth phrase. People with smiles and faces can be sad and unhappy. Appearances are decisive. If people have depression but charming outlook, then never say you do not seems happy. Just say you are going to be fine inner as you look fine in outer.


People are battling a real fight with their minds. The human brain is broad and complex. Indeed, the circumstances of life make it even harder. People who have anxiety and stress should be treated with care, love, and attention. You never get so hard on them. Treat them politely. Always offer your services of learning and make your presence notable. This world is suffering much; you supposed to be a kind one.

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