People promise the longevity of the best relationship and they do a lot of effort and try. However, sometimes things do not go well between two distinct people. To have a good stable best relationship you must have ground common relationship goals. Compatibility has to play a major role in the best relationship. However, some genuine harmful elements can damage a bond between two people. We may live in an illusion to have a perfect bond but in reality, it is a weak fragile broken link between two people. What kind of things can kill even the best relationship and how to save a fragile bond?

5 Things That Kill The Best Relationship

A bond is a love connection between two different souls. People work with patience and affection to make it strong. However, if you or your partner has started losing spark or interest then you must review these 5 killing factor of the bond.

Communication Gap

A communication gap can kill the best relationship. People stop talking when one is unable to speak and other is unable to listen. Good communication is always transparent and clear. The sense of the speaker is being understood as it is by the listener.

If things are not working out among people they must view their communication level. Generally, people are not good at words. They speak unclear multi-meaning sharp tune. And this attitude has a high tendency to create misunderstanding between people.

The communication gap is a major con of any relationship. It can destroy the years-long bond. You must have a strong conversation whenever you two have to speak about a particular thing.

Taking For Granted

You made a promise of candlelight dinner and forgot at the last moment. You forgot a birthday, anniversary, friends meet up or movie night. This gesture is called taking each other for granted. You do not care enough to remember moments and do not make them special. A relationship is a commitment of two people. A solo person cannot make it no matter how much he/she indulge in it.

If you care about partner then have a sharp eye for care moments, observe the behavior, and show more affection when they feel low.

A big loss is to lose someone who is loyal and think good for you. Making bond is easy but keeping it is difficult.

Being Overly Selfless

Self-care comes first. Selflessness can be a reason to kill the best relationship. You stop thinking and caring about your personality and lose spark eventually. It is good to care about everyone but sometimes you also have to understand you are someone too.

Self-care is not selfishness. At end, it is you with you and it is you against you. No matter how much you love someone never take your health, peace of mind and career at stake. No one has forced you to forget yourself.

 Everyone does what is best for them and you should do the same. This act of self-care must not be confused with selfishness. If you would be at peace you will bring peace automatically in a relationship. 

Being condescending

Being condescending is a sense of superiority. It is a feeling of superiority in all manners on your partner. Irrespective it is a lifestyle, communication skill career, or outer look. However to make someone insecure or inferior can kill the best relationship. You cannot insult or mock your partner. This action is not unforgivable or unforgettable. Making fun of someone’s appearance can hurt them badly. Neither in private nor in public, you allow mocking at your partners. 

Instead of being condescending try to resolve terms at an equal position.

Jealousy and Lack of Trust

Being a supportive partner is a hard task. Many people complain of not having sufficient support for a career by their partners. If two people decide to stay with each other then they must have to be on good terms in all manners. Doubt and suspicion are rotting factor. They can destroy and make it empty. Trust is the base of the best relationship. If you doubt your partner and keep investing about time and routine eventually relationships would end. Never invade the privacy of your partners. It is the basic right of every human. Respect your partner’s boundaries and make him respect your boundaries.

Jealousy and insecurity add fuel to fire. A relationship should be productive and positive instead of the battle zone and full of insecurities.

Bottom Line Over What Can Kill The Best Relationship

Life is uncertain and hence your commitment to people as well. People keep asking why someone left us and why we lose a spark in the relationship. No outer element disturbs the harmony but it was some harmful element from both sides who disturb the best relationship. If you feel your relationship in danger then you must check these 5 things and fix all the bugs you guys unintentionally level up.


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