Tips to lose weight are summarizing here. They are feasible and healthy ways of reducing weight.  Obesity can cause severe blow-back to health. Cardiovascular diseases are mainly due to high weight. The balky giant body also causes difficulty in breathing. We can enjoy life with a sound body and mind. A healthy body covers all body condition (nutrition, defense, weight and age).  People starve for weight loss. Non recommended tips to lose weight can leave an adverse impact on health. Simplest ways are those you designed by yourself with help of self- learning and help of nutritionist.

 Five pro tips to lose weight:

There are some pro tips that will help you in loosing weight without starving. All tips are acceptable in term availability. A little consideration of yours will add more flavors and freshness to life.

1-Think before you eat to lose weight

Think before what you do, Think before what you say and now thin before what you eat. An eye watching consideration is necessary when it comes to life, specifically when it comes to you. You cannot take unhygienic, low cooked, and low quality means because it will affect your health and automatically your life. The point of focus is you must be careful in diet plans. Always plan a diet full of nutrition not spices. Organic natural food is the best source to lose weight

2-Take diet rich in protein and fibers to lose weight

It is not about eating high but it is always about eating right.  What you eat, your body becomes. The best part is protein-rich food is readily available and light to eat. A boiled egg can fulfill enough protein requirements. Protein-rich foods are egg, yogurt, and chicken. Try to eat eggs in breakfast so your body nourished with enough protein and functions correctly. Proteins are compulsory in running the cycle of life. From messenger to hormones, they marked themselves essential. A sufficient protein-rich diet is one of the popular tips to lose weight. Fruits have excessive fibers.  They also help in losing weight and keep body active and slim.

3- Lay low on junk Food to lose weight

Junk food is any highly processed and synthetic garnished food. It is the main element of increasing obesity. All the ingredients that collectively processed in fast food can be separately cooked. Let’s say a burger has bread chicken and cheese collectively. They are rich when cooked in spics and oil. But when take them separately, they give us nourishment more than collective form. Excessive eating does not play well in life. Eat according to need is best secret for health and fitness. Therefore, always lays low on junk food in order to loose weight. You must say no to junk food. No matter how much crave you gets, you must think about fitness goals. Because a sound mind comes with sound body.

4-Exercise makes you fit

Running, push-ups, Bent over row, squats and rest of exercises helps you keep healthy and mind. Exercise enhances blood circulation and a vital source to develop active muscles. Indeed,early rising with touch of exercise helps you inhaling nature. Exercises control blood pressure; reduce weight and lower chances of heart diseases. It enhances the stability toward moods and improves mental health. Deep breathing is a fine tip for lowering rage stress and anxiety. Exercise all in all is a pro tip to lose weight

5. Drink sufficient water but not sweet one (Soda, cold drinks) to lose weight.

Water is major element of body cell.  Undoubtedly, a human cannot survive without water. Therefore, more you drink, more you get lively. But drink on a right time will keep you healthy. Always drink before meal. Two glasses of water should be first diet you take after you wake up. 60% of our body consists of water. It is vital source in digestion and absorption of food. This keeps your skin fresh and gloomy. Water controls body temperature and pave a way for nutrition and minerals. It accelerates your performance during exercise. Soda and sweet drinks are hazardous and increase your body weight. You must not add them in your bucket of life. Pure Water is healthiest and biggest weapon to lose weight.


Well, life has ended. Undoubtedly, nothing in this world is permanent. Time and life are unpredictable. They master us. Indeed, they also left some choices in our hands. We can make ourselves healthy with little consideration and careful diet plans. Exercise and natural diet helps to lose weight.An intentional and conscious action is all we need. Health is wealth and we must save this wealth. If our inner and outer are active and sound, then our life is sound.

Am i right?



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