Since Adam has been parking his senses in the body, he is always trying to figure out his curiosity. A human mind moves in a sphere of possible ways of construction and possible way of destruction. The human brain is a weapon. If we use it well then we will command a limitless and mortal bunch of powers.  The 5th generation war is not a new term for the people of the world. It simply means new human approaches to get the advantage of others. 5th generation war and the rest of others are all about power. Power has an attraction. This is the time testing feature. It introduces you to your own inner and the rest of others to the outer.

All generations of war at the quick sight:-

Who hates power? It is the idiotic question. Humans and states are subjects when we discuss international law. Human compromises a state so the human who is living in a definite territory with definite identity is called state. If we say this human has an advantage over other humans living in a different state it simply means state A has an advantage over state B. Irrespective we are talking about humans or states. Both are the same referencing internationally recognized binding customs and rules (International law).

  • First Generation was simple and fought with a small arm and sharp materials as a sword.
  • Second generation war was about innovation and operation of explosive material (atomic bomb).
  • The third generation introduced all forms of troops, ground, naval and air forces as an expression of power.
  • Fourth-generation war banged the world with psychological distortion and economic disturbance along with orthodox manners of previous warfare.
  • 5th generation war is silent and sharp but destructive. Where you will never know who is the enemy and what is going to happen. An Anonymous war!

As time is passing, Earth is getting older. Life is getting complex and human is intending to make it even more complex. Controlled experiments and the introduction of new features regarding aspects of life leave a broad sphere for a writer.

Let’s decipher 5th generation war:

5th generation war has a clear and strong slogan;

A war within: harder to fight, hardest to understand. Lose the battle to win the war.

The index of the 5th general war is quite obvious and broad. The index covers all aspects of life. If we achieve one target it means we destroyed one aspect of life. Major attacks on major parts of life.

Index of a new warfare;

  • Economic instability (Sanctions and hindrance in economic growth)
  • Shortage of daily life commodities (without specific reason in a dubious manner)
  • A breach between public and Army (Attack on unity)
  • Isolation at the international platform( Attack on a targeted state by a hit and run manner)
  • Morally and psychology distortion (Attack the code of ethics and moral, analytical and critical thinking)

A state has two main pillars to counter foreign invasion. Her economic development and defense system. Economic development supports the defense unit and the defense system supports the economy by keeping state free from chaos.

How it is designed?

5th generation warfare is designed tactically to tackle major areas of life. Economic instability will lead to inflation and inflation will lead to poverty and poverty will lead to resources shortage that will attack economic development and cycle begins again. If you want to counter a factor, you must grab her powerhouse and defense system. The 5th generation war is the best example.

How to counter your opponent:-

  • Defense system
  • Powerhouse
  • Alliance separation

A victory is hidden in the above-mentioned aspects. The defense system and powerhouse are a vital element of existence. You cannot serve life if you are unable to defend it. A hostile state firstly attacks the defense system of another state, then try to create economic chaos by starting propaganda of inflation and shortage of commodities. A hostile state then sweetly and silently separate it by removing alliance and building own diplomatic relation. Wisely manners can damage unity, protection, and finance (possible ways of destruction).

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The strongest feature of the 5th generation war is that it is silent. Attacks from the anonymous spot will never make you able to draw defensive measures. This generation war is a brain game, not a strength game. Attack the vital parts of life and lead the victory. Time is a strange spot; nobody is foe and friend forever. Alliances shifts as interest shifts. Nobody knows when and where your friend can turn into an armed opponent.


The past few decades and upcoming decades are presenting the picture of how a human mind can change the course of the world. Powers who ruled history are the best reference. Unconventional approaches make you stand 10 steps ahead than the rest of the world. Eagle eye vision for out of the box approach can make you lead the world. A king is the one who predicts future watchfully and plans the strategies carefully. Life does not function according to your will. You must have a strong vision for targets to negotiate with life.

A true leader understands this secrecy. Doesn’t he?



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