There is love, there is a fight, people usually say this. But it is a contradictory sentence. Some couple fights and ends their bond but some after fight work even harder. There are some reasons how and why fight can stain the relationship of loved ones. There is no ideal relationship, you always hard work to make it perfect. Loved ones can sort out reasons for instability, poor communication, and can heal relations with compatibility and affection. The all-time fight can disturb the bond between two people. A long time ignorance cause breakup. If you don’t want to face emotional breakdown and psychological disturbance then heal unstable bond with focus and care

There are general 6 reasons why loved ones fight with each other.

A fight may have no reason but mere wrong circumstances. You need to take a deep breath and review all past situation; here are general reasons for a fight between loved ones

Lack of communication:

Good and clear communication is a strong pillar for a relationship. Usually, in a couple one is unable to say and others unable to understand.

Sometimes an argument can convert into conflict and can end the relationship.

When you are arguing make sure you are clear in worlds and always keep lower your voice to reduce harshness.

Misunderstanding and lack of clarity of worlds are big reasons for the fight between loved ones.

Try not to be selfish:

Thinking about oneself instead of the team can harm you.  You must consider your partner views, likeness, and dislikes. It is not worth having to prioritize your stuff instead of cooperation.

Selfish behavior is a solid ground of fight between loved ones. When two people are in a relationship they need to share responsibilities and try to flex rigidity of nature.

A stable relationship has patience and compromise. Therefore if two people are fighting over little discussion the possible reason behind can be selfishness behavior and lack of cooperation.

Insecurity between loved ones:

Our insecurities don’t cage our soul unless they are triggered. If you are feeling your person is showing insecurity that means you have triggered it.

In this scenario, a discussion can turn into conflict. Try to cover insecurities of partner with care and affection. There is no scar that care cannot heal. You must observe the mood of loved ones so you can treat them in a proper way

  • Always self-aware from the mental condition of your partner and try to lesser it down
  • Understand that no matter how the situation gets hard never give up on the relationship
  • Discuss conflicting points with a calm mind. Try to be more clear in conversation

Lack of good lifestyle:

Poor routine, unhealthy diet, lack of sleep can also be possible causes of a fight between loved ones. Healthy human beings share a healthy bond.

 If physically two people are too fragile to understand each other, ultimately their bond will also be weak and unstable.

Lack of a good lifestyle can be a possible cause of domestic imbalance. It will leave a bad impact on children as well.

A consistent fight, domestic violence, abusive relationship hurt both partners as well as leave bad impact everyone around them.  If a couple is fighting for a longer period both must consider; are lifestyles good enough to support bond?

The continuous struggle for perfection:

Everyone has flaws and we must accept instead of knitting ideal. We cannot be perfect human beings no matter how hard we try and the same goes for a partner. There are rooms of improvement in both partners.

If you are trying hard to be a perfect life partner you may start exhausting. You will expect the same from a partner. And instead of improving relations, all time seeking perfection cause havoc.

Sometimes loved ones need to embrace flaws. Let the wrong be wrong and be slow down. Don’t rush for a solution. Analyze again and again even if you perceive right.

Talk to your partner and work gradually but with the cooperation.

Being Unauthentic:

People usually say if you want to end an argument be silent even you know the other is wrong. This all-time positive approach can fill inner with exhaustion.

It is mind troubling fact to have silent when you want to speak and object wrong.

All this exhaustion reveals in little fights and arguments. All-time irritation starts shattering bonds. This is a natural phenomenon if you may not express anger, you will start filling this relationship with negativity.

Silence is wisdom but not in a relationship. Tell your partner where things are not so well so you may both cooperate and heal unwinding stuff.

Lack of self-compassion:

Love yourself before you love someone else. It is true and has 100 percent accuracy. You cannot be gentle to any human being unless you are gentle for yourself.

If you make mistakes you must forgive instead of pushing yourself away. Never let disappointments, flaw and mistake take advantage of relationships.

If things are not working between a couple it is not a fault of one and hence one should not punish by showing distance. The best way to recover the gap is more work.

Concluding remarks over the fight between loved ones:

Fight between loved ones can drag them in depression and anxiety and hence make them less productive and creative. Always try to find a solution instead of worrying.

 Differences of opinion are the usual thing but turning difference in an argument then conflict is not normal. It can disturb the peace of mind and comfort of the surrounding. 

If there is a consistent fight between two people there must be some general causes that need actual attention.

If you keep balance and treat love one with care, definitely you are going to enjoy eternal bond. These 6 reasons are the possible situation if you are having a continuous fight with loved ones. Listen to them and then speak as they will listen to you. 



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