Keep your phone at a distance for 5 minutes for life changing advice in this article! If you have clicked this content, you are reaching for heartbreak help. And I feel a huge responsibility to stop you know from scratching the same scar over and over. Here I need 10 minutes to elaborate on six reasons why you shouldn’t and should text your ex and how to stop the habit of texting your ex in constructive ways. So let’s start the first portion. Breakup sucks! I know, but never text your ex, it will lower your self-esteem and portray you desperate. Here are some logical reasons why you never text your ex.

Don’t text your Ex

Don’t text your ex. Yes! you heard me right. This is the biggest mistake you can ever make. Yeah! I am serious. Why do you want to text an ex in the first place and open a past chapter? Why would your texting make a difference in her/his life? What do you want to say to them? After a breakup, people typed, “why did you waste so much of my timeor “I cannot believe you would do this to me” Or “How has your day been“, or “is this really over“?

Unfortunately, these are not the things you want to say, be self-honest. You want to say “I want you to love me”, or “I miss you” under the garb of above mentioned furious message text. Am I right? Just tell the truth…!

Okay, pretend you do that; you really text your ex and tell them how much you miss them and that you want them to love you. Pretend that you hit send button and pretend to factor in the inevitable 1 to 24 hours of heart-pounding, stomach burning, nausea-inducing.

Pretend time is passing slowly. What could be the possible responses?

Your ex will say any of these statements; I am sorry or I cannot help you or it is all because of you or live and let live or they do not have anything to do with your life.

If they would say any of these things, then my dear, you are ruined. It will make you hate yourself for having lost control so much in a moment of weakness.

You will see your ex’s words on your mobile phone screen, and you will imagine your ex saying those words by himself. This will make the whole thing more painful. And all of this situation makes things pretty clear that they do not miss you and they do not want to love you; you will cry all over again just like you did when you were dumped.

6 Reasons of not texting an Ex?

Here is the most frequently asked question. I want to text my ex, but I am confused should I really do or the possible benefits of texting my ex. If you text your ex, trust me, you are telling them nothing new. They see through your seemingly innocuous text messages.

They already know how you feel. And, they get you are listening to the songs they showed you. And if they would have felt the same, they would come back to you on their accord-and tell you that they made a mistake. Do you really want someone to come back to you solely because they felt an obligation to alleviate your sad text messages and not because they wanted to? It would be a pseudo-relationship, and after a week of all of this shit, you are going to feel insecure all over again! You will keep wondering why they come back to you, and it will probably be because they felt bad! Please listen to me. That does not mean a good and healthy relationship.

If you absolutely want to send a message, send it to yourself. And wait many hours. I promise you that the extreme desire of texting my ex will pass. I do not know what brought it on! Maybe you watched some movie they like or saw some person they hooked up with, and it made you cringe. Or maybe you felt alone with your thoughts for few minutes. But the desire and urgency to text an ex will pass. It is more fleeting than you think. After a breakup, there are maybe echoes, I want to text my ex, and you actually sent it, but all in vain. This is never a good idea. Even a short message of innocuousness can cause a problem. Here are some reasons you why shouldn’t text your ex.

Texting an ex will show you are didn’t move on.

The biggest reason not to text your ex is the sense of satisfaction they will get with your message. Satisfaction of knowing you are not over yet and you have not moved on yet. Texting your ex after a breakup not only make you feel weak but disparate as well. Even just a quick text shows that you still are not over the breakup.  This gives you ex the upper hand in post-breakup land. Never, ever sacrifices the upper hand just to send a text message.

You will seem desperate in the whole scenario.

Text back your ex will make you disparate in the whole scenario. When you text your ex, you are saying, I want to get back together. That always comes across as sad and disparate. Even if you are dying to get back together with your ex, silence is the best option. Let your ex come to you instead of you trying the whole situation desperate with a single text. If your ex broke up with you, there is nothing you can say to win back.

It will only delay your decision of moving on.

Eventually, you will come over to a place where you decided to move on. When you text them, you are just prolonging the inevitable. It is only putting your ex out of your life and finding yourself that you will really be able to move on. Texting an ex derails that progress. No matter how impatient you are, do not text your ex.

You’ll drive yourself crazy for closure.

If you text your ex to find closure in a relationship, you will ultimately just find crazy yourself. People only seek closure to find out what was wrong with them, so they fix it to try to win back their ex. It will literally never works. All you need to accept is that you two are not compatible and just end the relationship.

You will lose your self-respect.

You may feel deep down, I want to text my ex, and so definitely I will, but for a moment, you are confused. Texting my ex will portray you as disparate or a caring person. You may are thinking this kind of action will rekindle the relations ion, but that is not how it works. You will come across as a desperate or a stalker, neither of which is a good look.

Texting your ex is evidence you cannot get better.

When they break up in a relationship, they wonder if you have found someone better. The moment you send a message, it is evident that you have not. In fact, it sends a message that there is the best you can do, either you are now single or with someone who is not so good. This will just inflate their feelings of self-importance, making them feel they can do so much better than you.

Getting over a breakup is never easy. After you have invested time in a person, formed or meaningful bond, and gotten used to having them as a central part of your life, it is hard to cut ties entirely.

It is not a surprise that the urge to text an ex can be almost unbearable. You may feel you are giving them peace of mind, you may want to tell them you may miss them terribly or just want to see how they are doing. When it comes to texting your ex, there is no right or wrong answer. But if you have left the urge to make contact, you know how agonizing the decision can be.

For expert advice, let’s take a look into Fran Walfish opinions about texting your ex. He is a Bravely Hills family and relationship psychotherapist author and TV personality.

Why you feel the urge to messages to your Ex?

Should you text your ex after a breakup? You may write it on search engine often you were excessively disparate and obsessed for you ex. Many people cannot stop thinking about their ex to ease a feeling of loneliness. Others who truly love their ex cannot let go. Some are afraid of getting out there again.

Wlafish explains some people keep alive their relationship to stay involved and not feel single again. Still, according to a psychotherapist, there is only one way to truly let go of your ex: dating. “The factor of readiness to (finally) let go.”

When you constantly think about someone, it can be harder to get over them; looking forward and moving on seems like an easy thing. Some may be afraid to feel loneliness, and they right away text their ex. But some who have been deeply hurt may close the vault to their heart and shut it away under lock and key.

Wlafish says you need to know yourself and respect your timings. Try dating again when you are ready, and in the meantime, it is fine to stay in touch with your ex via text; just make sure they are not rejecting or causing you any pain.

When should you text your Ex back?

When should you text your ex back after a breakup? According to Walfish, there is definitely a time when it is acceptable message ex. Particularly when it is clear you two might be able to reconcile. Messaging ex will clear the air for you to have a bond again. 

These signs include that they express and demonstrate genuine accountability and remorse for having hurt you. Another sign is that your e demonstrate changes with continuity. Anyone can change with a moment, but being flexible and sustaining the real element we are looking for in a life partner.

If you feel that there is my case, messaging ex can positively impact us, then go ahead. There is no time limit for how long to wait before reaching out. If it feels right and you have an echo, text my ex back is the right thing to do, then go for it. But remember, never expect; results can be unexpecting.

Walfish says; you will be joyful surprised if you get a positive response. Expectations lead to letdowns and disappointments.

When to Refrain From Texting Your Ex?

There is a time when texting him after a breakup is not acceptable.

According to Walfish, that is when they enter a new relationship. What not to text your ex is a tricky question because you are weak and emotionally fragile when you newly stuck into a breakup.

However, never contact your ex if they have started their life. This is pivotal in the grieving process. Most folks entertain a certain fantasy the reconciliation of romance and all good love will resume. When you learn your ex has a new relationship, the ending and death of the fantasy must be faced, and the true mourning process begins.

Even if your ex is still single, the psychotherapist warns against another scenario in which it is perhaps not the best idea to reach out.

Undoubtedly, reasons not to text your ex can be several; it could be their will of having you back or rebuilding relation, it can be someone new in their life, or simply they do not want to go back on old roads again. But, reasons to text your ex is only one, and it is their will to have you back in life.

How to keep from texting your Ex?

Breakups are the worst. Not only you have to change the passwords for all your streaming services, but also it is emotional suffering. When you are confused, hurt and lonely, you may have thought of messaging ex but don’t text your ex. It can make you lose self-esteem and portray you desperate.

Ignore your ex-girlfriend and everything that is happening to her life.

I understand it will be painful to stop chatting completely, but time heals everything. You are never contacting your ex again because contacting him again is like a scratching wound.

It hurts and keeps you from healing. It is also strangely addictive. However, it is never a good idea to text t your ex. Firstly observe what you want to say, and then delete your ex number. The answer of how not to text your ex simply lies delete the respective number. Working out is a great option to resist the urge to text him.


Reconnect with your friends, move on and look for better options in life. Keep remembering your ex was not the only human being on earth. Your self-respect and ego come first. However, adopt a good lifestyle and give yourself time to forget all the noisy and toxic stuff that your ex has given you till now. Life is full of joy and beauty. Live and never scratch the old wound because in the end, only you are going to hurt.


How to not Text your Ex?

A very fine solution; just delete the number. And also, send yourself a text so the urge to send a message to your ex will end after some time. Let’s suppose even if you send, what could be possible replies, the replies will be heartbreaking, so better not to ignite a fire that has a chance to burn you down.

Should I text my ex-boyfriend?

No, you should not text your ex-boyfriend. Be self-sufficient; never scratch a wound that keeps hurting you. Just move on and see all the beauty and lights out there.

Should I text my ex-girlfriend?

No, you should not text your ex-girlfriend either. Take time to self-compose. Text an ex when you see a light of rebounding and patch up; otherwise, texting an ex will only damage your self-esteem and ego.

How to stop texting your ex?

Have a good lifestyle, do workout, eat healthy food and give time yourself to heal. The best way to stop texting your ex is to find some activities that can divert your attention.”


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