Labor Day- May 1

This Friday, May 1, 2020, is Labor Day worldwide. During this pandemic period, people are already facing lockdown and get stuck in their houses. Markets are closed.Labor Day is officially off for every professional who is doing jobs to their life survival. It is a traditional and well- known Day all over the world but on different days. The origin of Labor Day has some incredible facts.1st May 2020 is strange and sad among previous ones. Labours are suffering from poverty and grief; no financial and food aid can reach out due to lockdown.

This day is for Laborers, but somehow they are still depriving of rights. This lockdown is giving us setbacks and grief. We are locked behind the door and unable to express solitude to the poor workers. Workers with low wages are always here for our services.  They are our society building blocks and as crucial as any other member. 

7 introductory Facts about May 1

  • Fact 1

The first Labor Day occurred on September 5, 1882, in New York City. Pakistan’s first Labor Day policy was introduced in 1972; a plan was approved by the International Labor Organization (ILO) right after its independence in 1947.

  • Fact 2

Oregon was the first state which established Labor Day an official holiday in 1887. In Pakistan, it is also an official holiday on May 1.

  • Fact 3

The holiday’s origins stem back to the 1800s. The average American worked 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Children ages 5-6 worked in factories and mines. In Pakistan, mostly professionals work more than 12 hours and 7 days a week.  Child Labor has a majority that worked in local hotels, dhabas, etc.

  • Fact 4

People avoid wearing uniforms after Labor Day as it unofficially marked.

  • Fact 5

In Pakistan, poverty circle living people continue their work on this day.

  • Fact 6

Labor Day began as an indication for workers’ rights but is modestly seem like an opportunity to celebrate the 1st day of May.

  • Fact 7

In other countries, September 5 (Labor Day) is the working people are honoured. The majority of Europe celebrates (May Day).

Labor Day: The ongoing plight of our workers

 In Pakistan, Labor struggles so hard, and issues should receive attention. Our country is in the middle of a battle against violent religious extremism has other priorities. The central fact is Labor Day will be observed like other public holidays, and it is a sad reality of our society.


Health workers organized a demonstration in different hospitals in cities. To this extent, Leaders of Punjab Paramedical Alliance also demanded that govt would regularize the duties of all the health workers and supporting staff in all the hospitals.

Garment Factory

In 2012, garment factories in Karachi and Lahore got fire, killing over 250 persons and injured more than 600. It involves the loss of hundreds of lives. The conspiracy theories include the cause of the fire. Four years on, lousy condition of working Duki coal mine.

Food Inspection

The impact remains to be seen since we merely make intelligence hygiene food choices in Pakistan. There should be a mechanism that ensures that workers receive sufficient monetary protection. This state needs to be guarantee for the inspection system.


The impact of child labor is worst because orphans worked at hotels and earn for their selves. They struggle so hard for their life. They can’t approach schooling and food. The government should take steps for child labor. Child Labor worked in homes as home maids.

5 Happy Labor Day quotes

Labor Day

Without Labor nothing prosper – Sophocles

Every person in this world work tries harder to achieve goals. Nothing prospers without hard work. You must pay close attention to the goals you want to conquer. Every person in your own life is a laborer. There is only one difference for one who works for himself and for one who works for society. Labour always leads to prosperity and build a castle of success.

1st may

Genius is 1% inspiration and 99 % perspiration- Thomas Edison.

Inspiration is the motivation for a desire. Thoughts can do nothing, but you have to make maximum effort to achieve life goals. Your hands get harder and stiff by working day and night. Success is divide into two portions. 1% covers inspiration and 99% perspiration.

Labor Day

Dear to be Honest and fear no Labor- Robert Buns

Never get ashamed of what type of job you do. Your honesty and dedication is all matter. No job is superior or inferior, but your perception towards it creates a difference. Always accept a job that you perform. Tell people with confidence either you are sweeper or bar attendant. Accept it and announce it with confidence.

Labor Day

The miracle is not we do this work, but we are happy to do this work- Mother Teresa

Satisfaction with the right work is priceless. Many people perform jobs to earn bread and butter, but some of us are genuine enough to accept what they want to do. Never go with temporary happiness. If Your profession should be your passion. Your dedication is your interest in the job. Always complete a task with love, honesty and commitment.

Labor Day

Nothing will grow unless you do- Maya Angelou

Your actions transform thoughts into reality. It is you who decides how you are going to convert the dream into reality. Nothing will happen with your thoughts, but your actions make a difference. Think and then perform. If you fail, then try again unless you win. Your firm will and determination towards a goal is a first and right step in a long journey of success.


Labor Day is the official day celebrates in many countries as well as in Pakistan too. Every intonation has two aspects first is positive, and the other one is negative. So, the positive impact of Labor Day, on many respected professions are good. On the other hand, the negative aspect is that jobs that never get respected and they lose their self- esteem and just work for their survival of life.

Like Child labour, farmers, brick makes, fruit wagers, maids, etc. they have a negative impact and face hurdles in their life just for the sake of being poor. Poor people also worked on Labor Day. They don’t get proper rights by the government and our society. Labor should be equalizing in their professions, whether it is respected or not. Because every labor struggle is hard, it should be addressed as in other countries. However, Labor struggles are essential elements in our society that aspire to move forward.

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