Life is not simple and easy. It is full of challenges and ups and downs. A lot of courage determination and hope requires carrying the journey on a dubious trek of life. Happiness and sorrow come and go at the interval. This is quite impossible that you will enjoy only happiness. A shock of grief comes as people may break your heart or you may fail after doing a lot of hard work. A normal human being experiences all emotions from love to hate, success to failure, and happiness to sorrow. But some people are always unhappy. Nothing can drag their interest. They are covered with hopelessness and helplessness. Unhappy life will affect you psychologically and hence your creativity and productivity too. There are some reasons why you are unhappy all the time.


The first things that command us are our thoughts. Perception and thoughts determine the lead of life. Overthinking is the biggest cause of unhappiness. If things are not going well, it is okay. You cannot control everything around you. Consistent thinking about unresolved entities of life will make you unhappy. You need to have a breath and let things go which disturbs you.

A person is always unhappy who think about people opinion. If you care what others think you probably going unhappy to the rest of life. Other people, opinion judgment, and criticism should not fade your spark. Stop overthinking and start accepting everything.

2-You regret the mistakes you made in past.

Mistakes are the biggest lesson. You are not supposed to disturb by past. Everyone has dark sides. And everyone makes mistakes. The past is a lesson. You should listen to it as an anchor but never let it hold your present. Unhappy people hold regrets over the past. It affects their mental health.

A consistent regretting about past and mistake will never let you move ahead. Meditation and a positive approach are required to battle with the past. If memories from the past are disturbing you then heal them calmly. There is no need to rush. The pain will fade once it teaches you. Listen to the past, plan the present, and decide your future.

3-Comparison with the rest of the human being causes unhappiness.

Everyone has their individuality. All persons own earth has own destiny and different challenges. You cannot judge someone unless you do not wear their shoes. You do not know what they have lost before they won. All-time comparison over blessings will fade the sense of gratitude from the heart. Satisfaction comes with gratitude and peace belongs to satisfaction.

If you are unhappy that means you are consistently comparing your life with others. You must neglect this approach. You should understand all people are different hence their lives too. A comparison with other people creates anxiety. Have deep breaths if your life is not going well then you need to keep patience instead of comparing with other stuff.

4-You have lost a sense of gratitude.

This is the biggest and for sure a major cause of unhappiness. If you are not happy it means you have forgotten how to bless you are. A simple home, family, and loyal friends a sound food are priceless blessings. If you have them all then do not be sad over temporary failures.

Look over the people who have nothing or less than you but still are happy and satisfactory. Never compare yourself to anyone else. You got your life and you have no right to chaos in mind by comparing it with other people. If you continue to lose the sense of gratitude at the end you will lose and will destroy your life. 

5-Negative thoughts cause unhappiness.

Quality of thinking determines your life. A narrow conservative mind is unlikely t grow. Contrary a broad vision can create miracles. These are your thoughts who design life. People with a positive attitude are successful. They embrace the challenge rather than complaining.

Unhappy people are commanded by negative thoughts. They are engaged in the feeling of loss regrets over mistakes, sense of failures. They are unable to see the bright side of life. This practice can curse your whole life. A negative person tends to lose the relationship quickly.  If you want to shift your life from unhappiness to happiness then you must shift your thinking from the negative side to the positive side. 

6-You are keeping the company of unhappy people.

Company matters.  The people surround you, the people at your job, the people you meet every day and at the end community, you live in. All these factors affect your mental health. If you are unhappy and negative then you must look out your surroundings.

Good people will make you happy and positive but the negative people are the biggest hurdles in your productivity and creativity. There you need to change the company. Successful people have a loyal and positive company. You must surround yourself with people who want to see good in you. Indeed, negative people will fill you with negativity.

7-You have surrendered in front of challenges and failures.

Life is full of challenges, disappointments, and heartbreaks. Unhappy people feel hopelessness and their attitude to confess failure create complexity in life. All of sudden their life becomes useless and empty. They do not find anything interesting.

Loss of interest, negative thoughts and a consistent feeling of failure mark them, unhappy creatures. If you are unhappy you must your approach toward life challenges. If you are hopeless than it is more than enough reason why are you unhappy. Sorrows and grief are temporary and you must not let them load on the head.


There are some other factors like childhood traumas or have authority over destiny but of all are secondary. These 7 elaborated points are self -explanatory and the biggest causes of unhappiness. People with good faith and a positive approach lead a happy and positive life.

Negative people are unhappy. You are born with a cause you must not let any secondary factor to make you unhappy and hopeless. This is your life, moment or later everything is going to be a place. If you are unhappy you must divert the way of thinking. Positive thinking guarantee a happy life and negative thinking guarantees an unhappy life.

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