Eastern society is renowned for its traditional cultural value and colorful outlook on life.  The 21st century is advanced in medical sciences and technology development. However, our broad perspective of life does not have a positive impact on eastern society. It has a lack of development aspects. The incentive for a grown-up society unlikely to seem to accomplish before irrational ideologies. Society development has a close relation with human preferences. Lack of education, conventional lifestyle, irrational beliefs are giant hurdles in the advancement of eastern society, socially and psychologically. Social taboo will keep impacting unless we burn the roots. A change comes up with a change of thoughts at ground level. 

7 social taboos of eastern society need to end

Taboo is the name of irrational beliefs and conservative outlook on life. A wrong perception and irrational personal belief compact the taboo in society. Wrong remains wrong unless we spoke about it. A wrong society is not one where guilty actions come off but the one where people keep silent do not condemn.

Body Shaming

Easter society has to shake off body-shaming taboo. Fair and clear skin, slim body physic seems more impressive over a brown fatty girl. Strong and positive morals, intelligence genes, muscular character, and a healthy body has nothing to do with face complexion.

It is not necessarily a good dressed person is also a well-versed person.  Derogatory and hateful remarks over body-shaming can affect a person whole life. Most women are judged by the weight they carry. Irrespective we know that we carry genes for body weight and it is not food who make us fat. But still, we take a biased approach and ridicule someone for his weight.

This body-shaming needs to go.


Parents taught girls, once you marry, the in-law’s house is your final destination irrespective of what they bring for you. Girls suffer silently and do not seek separation. Primarily the parents allow girls to damage themselves psychologically and scatter self-confidence and self-esteem.

People are supposed to share consolation, comfort and responsibility. If one does not find true happiness in a relationship then why would it need to keep going in the first place?

The Law of every state speaks for freedom and liberty. Women should ask divorce if they are not happy and men should seek as well if they do not find compatibility. A perception for divorce as an unfortunate blackened stain needs to be wash off.


A sudden red stain on clothes perceive as embarrassing disgraceful and shameful thing. Periods are a natural bodily phenomenon. It is a part of the body.

Sanitary pads consider as extra and scandalous shopping items. Every year a large number of girls miss their school due to period days. A girl in the home of males cannot go shopping for sanitary pads.

Nervousness and anxiety surround a girl for all seven days. Women need to take care because they are hypersensitive during menstruation days.

The conventional male approach should end for period taboo. It is not a choice but a natural human body part.

Late Marriages

Eastern society is not welcome for late marriage. But child marriage or early marriages are preferred. Women late in 25 years seem old and wrinkled for marriage.

It is the wrong approach. Every person came into the world for a limited life span. Girls should not taken as a burden. They should allow educating and selection of career. Early marriages for girls and boys are unfair. Early ages are not clear and transparent to direct you in the world.

Later, the children grow, a bond of anxiety instead of compatibility takes place.

Denial for late marriages should wipe out from eastern society.

Career Expectations

Good stable and prosperous career opportunities are welcome for boys but not for girls. When a girl is born it is automatically perceived she has to go to another home to do house chores. She has no right to set life goals. A male society isn’t welcoming for ambitious life of a girl. A woman has to be rebellious if she wants to earn space for a career.

The advancement of society may have bought advancement in technology but not in perceptions. Our thoughts are centuries old. We are stick to the same conventional and conservative melodrama of society standards. Career expectations should welcome both genders equally.


If there is a marriage there is a dowry. Parents brought up their daughter; they educate them and provide all necessities. At the end, when it comes to the permanent settlement they again have to invest for so-called “necessary items”. Working and poor class both suffer. It is devastate for a home with one earning hand and 4 to 5 eating mouth.

Unnecessary expenditures on the name of social values and cultural traditions should wash off.  Marriage is a sacred bond between two people. It needs to be as simple as possible.

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is not a new taboo. It is a century-old issue. Women’s rights, feminism, male chauvinism, trans-sexual discrimination, and homosexual marriage are interrelate.

The same social issues with new-age have not modified much. We have no answers still in the advanced era. We are wriggling around for food and education and ignoring the fact that gender discrimination have strong routes in eastern society.

A society cannot become prosperous unless all of its classes are treated equally well. However, gender discrimination over education, carrier expectation, job opportunities need to go.

Conclusion over eastern society taboos

We become what we allow us to become. A change is possible but we have to make the struggle for it. People with conservative approaches harm themselves as well as the lives of others. A society is a bond between communities.

A community should be positive and productive so elements of community can live peacefully.

We should raise awareness against these social taboos. So everyone can feel free. Freedom in speech and action is necessary. A depressed and stressed society increases violence and intolerance.

The only productive way to eliminate social taboo and irrational cultural beliefs are education and practice of education.


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