Self-defense is protection. Public harassment, gang rape, or outrage of modesty is a social rioted virus that is integrating deeper than ever. Street robberies to street rapes, kidnapping to gang rapes, harassments to human trafficking, every social disorder is caging us. Verbal harassment is common but 51 percent of women have to say they are touched by the unwelcome way and 27 percent of women survived sexual assault. You have to know how to walk alone or how to encounter your feeling of being unsafe. A study from the University of Oregon found that women who practiced self-defense moves; they feel,

  • Had better safety strategies in place
  • They are well known to deal with strangers
  • Had a positive feeling about their bodies
  • Had increased self-confidence

8 Self-Defense Moves

Before you attack suspects, pay attention to vulnerable areas, nose eyes throat groin. Make sure you every move leave a strong mark over vulnerable area. Use maximum force and aggression during the execution of the attacking move. Use your voice to make sure you are loud and create attention if somebody is there.

Hammer Strike

Using your car keys is the easiest self-defense moves. Don’t use fingernails because it can damage your hands. Use key as and apply hammer strike whenever anyone tries to outrage your modesty. If you are walking alone in a street, hold keys in a fist to make a hammer strike.

Groin Kick

Stabilize yourself as best as you can, take a deep breath, hold your thoughts.  Lift your dominating leg from the ground and start driving your knees upward.  Extend dominant leg, raise your hips a bit, lean back slightly, and hit the target with maximum force.  Make sure you are stabilizing so you cannot fall over.

Heel Palm Strike

This move is damaging for the nose and throat. To target the suspect, get in front of him as much as you can.

Flex your wrist of dominating hand. Aim for nose or jaw or throat

Make sure to attack again immediately. This will make your attackers move back allowing you to escape their grasp.

Elbow Strike

If your attack is in close range and you are unable to throw or kick or punch then use your elbow.

Stabilize yourself to create a strong punch. Bend your arm at the elbow. And strike your elbow in striker’s neck. These all are the effective target. These may allow you to run.

Escape From Bear Hug attack

If your attacker is coming behind you, focus on getting low so you can create enough space to free yourself. Bend forward from the waist.

Enough bend will make it difficult for your attacker to hold you anymore. It also gives you a better position to threw elbow attack side to side on the attacker’s face

Then hit the groin with the foot. And run by making continuous face strike with elbow and kicks on the attackers’ groin.

Escape With Hands Trapped

If your attacker comes from behind and holds your arms. It is similar to a bear hug but you are unable to move freely here what you can do,

The first reaction would be to stopping the attacker arm for going headlock.  Shift your hips to one side and will create a space to attack the groin.  Stay aggressive on your knees unless you disengage hands trapped.

Escape From Side Headlock

Turn into the attacker’s side as much as possible to avoid being choked. Strike the groin with an open-handed slap until you got the chance to turn your head all the way out to disengage.

Alternative Elbow Strike

You can attack suspects from front and back. You have to apply good momentum with the stable rotation of feet and always focus on vulnerable places such as the eyes, nose and throat.

How To Be Safe If You Are Physically Unable To Protect Yourself

Here are some safety tips that can save a handicapped person from harassment or outrage of modesty.

  • Stay in well engage public area
  • Call the police
  • Have a safety equipment knife or sharp thing.

If you are carrying a self-defense tool make sure you have practiced over them. You can use anything blind to throw on target. Either it is a pen, book, knife, umbrella, and rock.

Verbal and Physical Boundaries Are Also Self-Defense Moves

You cannot trust every person you meet. People can change and hence their perception about you as well. Learn to develop a certain distance either in verbal communication or physical interaction.

Never get so engage in a phone that you become blind and deaf from the surrounding. Constantly have a check on what is going on. Never let any closer one cross boundaries. Tell them where you feel unsafe. No is very clear and precise answered. It does not need any justification.

Why Every Women should Practice Self-Defense Moves

Life is highly unpredictable and uncertain. Massive amounts of rape have a connection between the victims and culprits who knew each other for a long time. A rapist not often is an outsider. You knew them in the office or street or even a friend, relative anyone can be hurt your modesty.

It is the responsibility of a girl to make herself safe. Self-defense moves allow you to feel free and secure. No matter how enough you have manpower around you, always learn to live alone and learn to survive alone. So when a vulnerable time comes you already know how to escape it.


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