Friends are important in every phase. They are like a backbone. Loyal friends are priceless assets. But life is not a bed of rose for anyone. Your friends also need care and affection. They face major problems and get depressed.  Depression is a difficult sign to find in yourself and some else. Depressed people can hide their feelings by showing a sweet smile on their faces.  

Depression can hide from others. But luckily, there are still things you can find out that if you think your friend is depressed. Depression can be described as sadness, loss, or anger .people face depression differently. There are some sign of depression that is

Sign of depression:

  • They ignore message
  • They are not interested in what they used to enjoy
  • Depressed friends have emotional outbursts
  • They have a significant change in appetite
  • Their body language communicates sadness
  • Their energy seems off
  • They seem more closed off than normal
  • They recently had a major life change

8 signs your friend is depressed

They ignore messages:

Are your friend is ignoring you? If you text your friend but your friend does not see your text but your friend left the text on reading. If you call your friend but your friend does not respond on your call and mad at you without no reason, he or she may be depressed.

The common sign of depression is to away from being social. In this situation, he or she liked to sit in silence. When people like to away from another human probably they are facing some problems like lost in thought, feeling sadness, and ruminating. If you feel that your friend in depression you have to support them and showing them you care. You should help others to battle with bad days; they may be dealing with them.

They lost interest in favorite activities.

If you ask your friend for an outing at their favorite restaurant but they say No. Or you ask to do their favorite activities but him or her showing no interest in it. Then probably they are facing depression… This is known as apathy.

Apathy appears as you have not in the mood to do something and also show laziness. It does have a scientific basis. In our brain, there is a portion that runs our motivation and reward system. There is a chemical that runs this system name as Dopamine. If you notice this in your friend do not judge them but trying to solve their situation.

Depressed people have emotional outbursts:

Many people who fall in depression feel irritating all the time than normal. This can lead to emotional outbursts.

According to Harvard Health, irritating is the most common sign of depression in men. Women are not exempt as a sign of depression and can show still irritability, and some men are depressed but not showing irritability. If you see some sigh of this in your depressed male friend you might want to keep an eye out for this one.

Depressed people have a significant change in appetite:

Appetite change also linked to depression. It may be that your friend feels less hungry or hungrier than usual. So this is due to the stress level in the brain. If signs are the stress increase eating habits transition from loss of appetite to an emotional outburst. Overrating is also another sign if you see this habit in your friend this is also the sigh of depression.

The body language communicates sadness:

 Since the major sign of depression is sadness. Body language that may make your friend appear sad, for a long time might be the sign of depression. This type of body language may be hunched shoulders, head down, etc. 

The energy seems off:

If your friend starts acting happier than normal, or do they seem quieter than normal then your friend is probably depressed. And it can also be a sign of depression.

They act like they are happy, but actually, inside they feel chipper and convince the people that nothing wrong with them. On the other side, people who fell in depression may be quite outside but inside they have anxiety. If your friend constantly seems quite they may be suffering in depression.

They seem more closed off than normal:

If you notice something that your friend is disturbed but he acts like normal, but they seem to shy away to talk about it then he may be depressed. 

In some time talking about their depression may make them feel someone uncomfortable or even make them sadder. If your friend is suffering in depression then you must encourage them to talk

They recently had a major life change:

Life change either positive or negative can evoke depression. These changes can be about moving, job change, or even goals he/ she set in their life. If you feel your friend is depressed by a new change in life then you must console him.


Life is fair and full of ups and downs you must take care of people around you. Friends are important and hence they deserve affection and care from you. You must have checks and balances over them. Do not be quick to judge them. If you are observing any signs then you must talk to him. The best thing we can do for others is support and care in hard times. Because this is what true relationship demands.

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