2020 has taught us a major lesson it’s that our health takes priority. Like the societal changes last year, the trend of exercise and fitness has changed as well. More people were staying at home to prevent the COVID-19 and hence the fitness landscapes have transformed dramatically. 2021 is bringing new trends to fitness culture. Industry experts are predicting massive shifts, so you may wonder why this year has in store.

Here are 9 predicted fitness trends in 2021.

With gym restriction in place for the foreseeable future. People are continuing to invest in a home gym for a better fitness experience. According to the recent poll of 2000 people by one poll, 75% of people believe to stay healthy at home.

Home Gyms

Since the 20202 pandemics, 64% of people thought it is convenient and easier to gym at home than anywhere else. As the uncertainty of COVID-19 continues people think it is better to continue to gym at home. People are dedicating living places to a personalized home gym. You can go out to a professional workout without buying expensive gym equipment. Americans spent $95 on gym equipment during the pandemic and this is less than a gym membership.

Apps for minimal equipment exercise

However, some people do not have enough space for a gym. They can use apps for minimal equipment exercise without spending a single penny. People are utilizing YouTube videos without gym equipment or minimal tools. They use bodyweight to resist.

Luxurious gyms

Luxurious indoor gyms and boutique fitness studio closure during pandemic led to the high purchase of end workout equipment. Stationary Bike Company and treadmill experienced a 232% increase in sales during the first quarter of 2020. This exercise machine requires initial investments, they are highly rated and hugely popular.

Holistic Fitness

Due to intense interest in whole-body health, many people are approaching fitness as one piece of a larger health puzzle rather than simply lose unwanted weight. They are balancing exercises like meditation and sleep.

As people become conscious about the workout, they are putting focus to enhance performance. Sales of products that soothe joints and muscle pain improve circulation and increase relaxation are about to increase in 2021 as they did in 2020. People are focused on whole-body wellness, which involves all aspects of health, stress, sleep, and mindfulness, nutrition, and exercise.

They all be looking for products apps, to help them track their growth make sleep cycle better, and improve overall wellness.

Wearable Devices for fitness

Wearable devices have gain popularity in the last decade. It is predicted that in 2020, 900 million people will purchase wearable devices and in 2025 the industry will earn $70 billion. People will rely on these devices to inform about health, sleep cycle, recovery, and personalized information.

Mind-body Connection

Since the pandemic has started people are interested in combining exercise with mental relaxation to relieve stress. Fitness enthusiasts are looking to promote mental and physical well-being in unison rather than a separate activity. Yoga, Pilates, and other mental activities are stress-relieving exercises. The industry will earn 66 billion in 2027. It will include virtual learning classes, apparel, and equipment. There is also going intentional exercise, with focus placed on muscle activation through the motions of activities.

Virtual learning for fitness

People are stuck in the home since 2020. Through physical and social isolation will be implemented throughout 2021. Athletes are finding a new way to compete and stay active. These include options from digital at-home cycling programs to online workout communities. Users can log into veer prerecorded workout learned by real trainers and share their progress with the rest of the fellows. This industry is about to earn $30 billion by 2026.

Active videos game

However, training apps are popular. The video game industry is also incorporating the fitness industry by using the human body as the main controller. You can play yourself, friends or strangers, to get in a fun workout.

Solo Fitness

Golf, outdoor cycling, and surfing have increased up to a ratio of 20% in 2020. Solo fitness is increasing since the pandemic. Everyone has been more conscious and careful about mental and physical wellness. Home gym and solo fitness have played a major role since the pandemic took the world by storm. People knew a fact, health comes first and leaves others rest.


In 2021, fitness is about to take new trends. With ever-changing technology, the fitness industry, apparel, and equipment are shifting dramatically. 2021 promises to make life more enjoyable and fun for all.


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