Is he a nice guy or a player? When a girl is dating a charming guy who knows everything about girls. Like what to do and say in any situation to wrap you around his finger. There is a feeling about him. Is he playing me, or a player likes you? Trust me, all women are afraid of men who are playing, or he is not pure. Girls were scared to even from the thought of being used. Knowing the warning signs of a player saves yourself from a bad boy.

9 warning signs you immediately spot a player

He keeps his phone out of your sight.

Everyone needs privacy in the early days of dating. No one wants to share everything with someone dating just yet.

But you would know there is a vast difference in causal glancing or staring at your phone.

When you are using the phone, he might be looking at your phone, but he keeps his phone out of your sight every time. 

This is one of the most prominent signs your boyfriend is player. If he often checks his phone and, after checking it, place it face down on a table or take it back in the pocket.

Don’t worry if he places it one or two times, but if it’s frequent behavior, stop and think about it for a while; you may know you are dating a womanizer.

Player is constantly blending the truth.

If you think ‘my boyfriend is used to be a player, you might be right if he always tells the same story with different facts because if he blends the truth, it’s a sign of a player man.

The thought of being cheated is undue but on top of it, if you are used by someone who doesn’t even desire you, is awful.

If your partner is not even fair to you, how would you think he can love you? This feeling defines players in a relationship.

He is not interested to know you.

Typical dating is that you love a person and want to know your partner’s personality and nature.

But if you are paying attention to your partner but is not interested in you, and he is only interested in the sex, then it’s a sign he’s playing you, do not make yourself a toy for a guy.

If he is not getting into your soul or wants to have fun and want to go to the parties, then think for a while, sweetie; it’s a sign of a womanizer his personality traits.

 It would help if you did not forget that once a player is always a player,  don’t waste your time on the men who are players.

Player keeps track of your venue.

When you notice that your boyfriend is tracking your venue every time you go out with your friend, there may be two reasons:

  • He wants to protect, or it’s a way to express love to you to come to that place silently.
  • But if he is continuously doing this without being nice and avoid this place, it may hurt you, but yes, you are indeed dating a player.

 Because it is the psychology of a player womanizer that he avoids the place you are hanging out, he is afraid of being caught by other girls.

After this weird behavior, you may think that he is a nice guy or a player?  It’s okay if you think about that, but if you are involved with a guy who doesn’t desire you, leave him.

It should be the main reason for you to think, ‘is he playing me?’  Because if a person is not hanging out with you when you are with your friends and family, he is not Mr. Right for you.

He texts you on Saturday but doesn’t have time for you on weekends

There are other signs he’s playing you if he often texts you on Saturdays and asks, are you going out? If you said “yes” and then ask yourself ‘where?’ and ask yourself your plans. Please think of it for a while because there may be two possible reasons for it:

  • He is with other women, and he makes sure you don’t catch him red-handed on that place he took other women.
  • Makes sure you don’t arrive at his place when he is hit on another woman.

Player is More distant on public places

You can feel it certain times if you are dating a player that when you are in public places, and there is another woman around you, he will not stand behind you or try to be in the distance.

These are the major signs he’s a player because he conveys a message to other women that he is single. You might be thinking, is its a warning signs of a player? The answer is yes. The reason is that if he is distant from you in a public place and does not want to make it crystal clear that he is in love with you or he’s in a relationship.

If he is doing this, often this is the time to take it serious note. Many men are flirting quietly while holding their girlfriend’s hand to make sure that their bf is a nice guy or a player keeps an eye on his behavior.

He doesn’t give details about where he is when you not with him on weekends.

Mostly men are not so much talkative, but when you ask how was your weekend to dig into a pleasant conversation.

He replies: “yes! It was good.”

When he never opens up with you, there is a sign to take a mental note on my bf is a player. I have seen many cases where the boyfriend answer in two-three words he is hiding something from you.

Maybe he is with other women, so he can’t say what he was doing on weekends.

So, if you think that why your bf does not reply to you on weekends? Is he is womanizer? You are probably right because if a person is not accessible on holiday, he might have to do a lot of work and after that a lot to say. But if your man is not telling you about his time when he is not with you, something is wrong.

Your bf doesn’t introduce you to his family or friend

If you are in the early days of your relationship, it is okay, and don’t being crazy about it. But if you are dating for a year or more, then it is serious.

Let’s talk about why he does not introduce you as his GF in front of his friends and family.

Is he ashamed for being your boyfriend? If you are having a great time and fun with each other, then the answer is NO, but if he is not ashamed of you, then there is a sign he’s a player.

Player does not want you to leave things at his house

 Clear signs that he’s a player when he doesn’t want you to leave anything at his house. If you forget anything at his house, a shirt or jacket, he told you to take with you or hide your’ things in the drawer.

There is a crystal clear sign for you to get all the things on one plate, sit down, and think, is he a womanizer. And used you for time pass or just for have fun with you.

After putting all the things together, you will conclude he has the characteristics of a womanizer.

On the other hand, if your girlfriend is behaving weirdly when you forget your cloth in her place, it signs she is a player.

He finds it easy to get physical.

Another easy sign a guy is player whenever you meet your boyfriend, and you want to talk to him about a hard day in your life or something at your office. He doesn’t want to listen and be physical with you; moreover, he doesn’t understand that you are hurt or want to talk.

Besides, if he finds it easy to get physical with other women and crystal clear signs, he’s a player.


What is a womanizer?

A person who is in multiple relationships at the same time is a womanizer. He is more in sexual relation not had a love feeling for his partner.

How to tell if he’s a player?

A player has many explanations and word art he can easily trap you again and wrap you around on his fingers. If you identify that he’s a player, go in front of him and told everything and leave him on his own. Don’t try to change him. It’s just a waste of time and feelings.

Do players ever change?

Its answer is NO! one thing you have to remember in your life once a player is always a player.

How to tell if he’s a player or likes you?

If he wants to be sexual with you and doesn’t care about your feelings, he will likely be a player.

He doesn’t take you out on dates and doesn’t introduce you to his family and friends.

Why does a man become a womanizer?

 Impulsive sexual desires or wanting a monogamous relationship leads a man to become a womanizer. But in many cases, men lie to the woman that he is just in one relationship.


Being used or dating a womanizer is the worst feeling. Save yourself even from the thought of ‘my boyfriend used to be a player ‘ is a blessing, but if you are in the trap of a guy who has characteristics of a womanizer, you shouldn’t waste your time and feelings with him. Try to find pure love because life is short. Don’t try to change a guy who has signs of a womanizer his personality traits.

Find a guy who is honest, straightforward, and loves you; don’t use you


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