“Think and Grow Rich” is a fantastic self-help book and it has transformed millions of lives. It offers assurance for reliable fame and good wealth. People with struggling phase and a long list of failures read this self-help and motivational book.  It encourages the start and restart of the success journey. This book is written by a famous journalist, Napoleon Hill, of all time. “Think and Grow Rich” is a combination of 50 successful life stories. If you are tired enough by constant failure then you must go for success manuscript “Think and Grow Rich”.

Behind the scene of “Think and Grow Rich”

Andre Carnegie was one of the famous businessmen in the world. But he always lacked time to ask his successful and wealthy partner what thing made you successful but deep down he wanted to ask. He called Napoleon Hill and arranged a meeting.

The journalist was not enough financially stable and he had money only for one trip. He went to met with businessman. Andrew Carnegie held a stopwatch, on one hand, to make a quick decision whether he want Napoleon Hill to interviewed 50 most successful people or not.

After a smooth negotiation, Andrew Carnegie hired Napoleon Hill and asked to collect the success secret of successful people at that time. This collection of successful and inspiring stories marked Napoleon Hill as the best journalist and earned money as well as fame.

Why Think and Grow Rich is time worth?

This book is bestselling of all time and it has changed millions of lives. Today if we ask successful people what manuscript you read during the struggling phase, they will say Think and Grow Rich.

21st century is the age of science development and technology advancement but the basics of success remain the same. 

The secret of success is a keen desire and practicality of your life goals. Will and action go side by side.

In the one of book session, it does explain the formatting of cover later. And hence we need today’s cover letter. It explains the major component of how to get having employment if you are competing with hundreds of job applicants.

This book is a rich source of information and it does not merely bound by philosophical success manuscript but the actual practicality of success strategies.

This book reveals success secrecy, the universe act how we want to make it act.

A successful life comes with successful thoughts. The base of success lies in dreaming, asking and receiving. The more you show self-trust, consistency and hard work, the more universe rewards you with success.


Think and Grow Rich is the script for life goals accomplishments. This book reveals the magic of magnificent fame and extraordinary wealth. Napoleon Hill was able to formulate Law of success in your reach.

This book revolves around;

  • What things make certain people superior over others
  • How to formulate and apply success techniques and strategies
  • What to adapt for a successful life
  • How to Master the secret of success

Book reading is a pleasant hobby. It enhances intelligence as well as broadens the vision. The magical formula for success is the same but not everyone is capable to adapt and master it. If you are going to purchase the next book then for sure buy Think and Grow Rich, a combination of incredible millionaire stories.


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