A child is the father of the man is a quotation from Wordsworth’s in the poem My Heart Leaps Up. Later a song is composed by Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks and song recorded by beech boys. It is a contradictory statement. Every aspect of this statement is true and untrue at the same time. Massive justification and critical sight have left the audience with self -concept terminology. This ironic proverb makes the audience think about how much-hidden meanings are in a single statement. As of late prof. Manzoor Mirza explained in his literature, 

 “This proverb leaves a deep impact on the reader mind”

A child is the father of man- Decoding.

The quotation elaborates that a child possesses all those faculties which a grown-up man has. A child is a display version of youth and adolescence. By observing his movements we can elaborate regarding the skills he is going to develop. A child’s interest shows the traits he is going to adopt in the future. A child is a small packed version of fully groomed youth. History tells it so. It is a reality that depicts a person’s interest says a lot about his personality. The roots are thoughts but words and actions are develops from roots. Precisely A man’s intentions, action, words say a lot what kind of inner he drives. 

Life Facts

Life facts are interesting. We as a human different in traits but in any corner of the world we possess the same nature. Good and evil have definite forms. Both stay inside the soul but will flourish the one whom you feed. A child after birth is a pure clean combo of flesh and soul. As he starts absorbing energy he starts developing nature. He influences by matter and develops traits. The acts and speaks about his inner but as soon as he grooms that one starts concealing inner and speaking outer… But it depends on his will.

Let’s reverse moments when he does not speak his outer which means his childhood is speaking in adulthood. A child is the father of the man, yes there he is. The very adult version of his childhood.  

Imperial history tells so

Facts are always referenced from history. Reality is a belief with evidence. If we keep digging history we will encounter with velour radiant king who is famous for victory. Babur, after his renounced victory at Panipat he was sitting with companions to have a meal. Fareed Khan later Shair Shah Suri was among the solider. When someone offered Shair Shah Suri with the limb of roasted meat he tried to cut with a sword. Babur pointed out his action and announces a glad tiding of his future kingship. He told others he is going to be king merely by observing movements.


It is a fact and well-versed reality of life that a child is a version of adulthood. Life is simple but broad. Every aspect has a distinct element. We as a society lack analytical and critical approaches. Eagle vision is much helpful in observing facts and figures. We all are surrounded by people. Each of them is different but our approaches for all are the same. This is a spot where we lack. If we start analyzing and openly accept people, we would have done better in our daily lives. 

Is it so?



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