Have you ever remember the dream after you wake up and it created chaos and confusion subconsciously. It is possible your dream actually interrelate with real events. This is a phenomenon of precognition, knowledge, or perception of the future. It is versioned through extrasensory means. Precognition is taken as simply chance with interesting scientific perspective is emerging that could change our understanding about consciousness dream and time

The idea that a dream predicts the future is a part of human culture since civilization began. The story of Gilgamesh which is the oldest epic story was written around 2100 BC in ancient Mesopotamia. Many of the dreams explained by the story hero of Gilgamesh and Enkidu serve as presentiments of a future event.  

In the 20th century father of psychology, Carl Jung, spent many years of his academic career researching this phenomenon and later called it synchronicity.

Jung began to develop this study into synchronicity after a meal with Einstein at his house. His professor’s theory of relativity came into his dream in which he began to think of relativity of time as well as space and their psychics’ condition

Precognition is now studied around the globe as an academic and research field. Professor Stanley at Saybrook University in California has been studying this phenomenon since 1960. 

Now in summary what she did was to have dreamers go to sleep and try to dream about a picture that would be randomly selected the next day. 

After eight nights of these experiments, she has outside evaluators try to match this response to the correct picture.

And of a chance, she gets right maybe one of these eight times. Now she was right six out of eight times.

This is statistically significant. Now following on from this research Dr. Julia Mossbridge has advanced the studies in this field.

She said what she has done is convincing people. She took 26 different studies on a group of people. It looked at how the body changed in preparation for a future event

And in these experiments the future events randomize.

So for this instance, the future event could be you look, at a computer screen and there is a picture of someone with a gun pointing at you or the future event you looked at the computer screen and there is a nice little pastoral image with some flowers.

Those give a very different response after people see them but what the study shows is that they give very different responses before people see them, even though they do not know what they are even about to see.

And I think that relates back to dreaming because that is a completely unconscious process. Most people do not control what is in their dream. it just happens to most of you.

Quantum physics is providing insight into how the very nature of the universe is far stranger than we ever believe.

Discoveries like Quantum entanglement of two points in space-separated over a vast distance reacting simultaneously and retrocausality a reversing of cause and effect have begun to seriously question our current understanding of time and space.

Quantum retrocausality is an idea that affects the future could actually be causes for the present.  In a way sort of forming a loop. And there is a lot of people in physics right now who are studying casual loops or time loops to understand how that might work.

If there was any way of transcending time or space perhaps the most complex machine in the universe human brain would be the way to do it.

I think of precognition as mental time travel. If you are having a memory of the future just like you have a memory of the past that’s like information coming from a quantum state in the future and then going to the past now it becomes the memory of the past but it is also potential that you are causing the different state in future.

Time very poorly understood; hypothetically it is true that we can travel back and forth in our dreams and in other states of consciousness.

Time is very complicate and time might not be the same all over the galaxy. It might not even the same for the individual. The time approached during dreaming might be very different than the time during logical walking and thinking.

During dreaming we might enter the dimension of consciousness. Time is like water in a river with the start and end of the stream connect as one entity.


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