same things cannot teach you new stuff. You must try diversity

Adapt variety in quarantine because it is a good and sound option to challenge your sameness. You should always choose a different perception of the same thing. Diversity is require for adding colors and flavors in life. Even diverse experience masters you in future decisions and actions. Diverse people taught diverse thing s while the same people taught you the same thing. And the graph of leaning seal hence your growth seal and in some way life also gets seal. Nature offers us to look deep in the way we behave and act. It would be a unique and new experience to adapt variety in quarantine. Life should not be the same. Every level of life demands a different you with diversity in thoughts and actions. Hence, you supposed to represent a different version. This time adapt variety in quarantine and check out who you really are.

How mechanic life cannot make you adapt variety

Life without diversity is dull and monotonous. People dread mechanistic life. Hence to make life enjoyable, variety is a need. There should be a variety of pursuits in life to wrest monotony and dullness from it. Man feel bored all the time by being in the company of machines, which are soulless, emotional less. Man unconsciously imbibes in himself the qualities of machines, which are capable of steamrolling, the emotion of compassion mercy in man. He thus needs certain outlets to release his pent- up feeling. Social recreation is essential to assuage the bitter feeling in man, which he gathers for remaining in the company of machine. The machine in the industrial age cannot avoided. What, however, can be done is to open social avenues of recreation of people suffering from tense nervousness on account of consistent application of machines.

You need diversity in the same way as you need spices in food

Life before quarantine

In the west, there are public parks where go to relax in the company of parks. I saw a well-maintained park in Halifax (UK) where people in large numbers come to enjoy the beauty of nature.  Their worries are washed away by divine soap of nature. People inhale diversity in the park. There are theatres where plays are staged, which feed the starved urges of people. There are sports/games clubs, which are visited by people on Sunday to provided catteries to the pent up emotion of people. So life is to be perceived in a context of variety, in order to satisfy the varied urges of man.

Why does life need to adapt to the variety in quarantine?

We use diverse spices to make our food palatable. Without spices, food becomes tasteless. People thus relish food, which contains spices. In the same way, you need diversity. A very same people and the same machines cannot make you learn something new. You need to cherish the diversity that you have inside your soul. Quarantine is the best way to make up new things in routine to lap the latest productivity and to adopt new skills.


This quarantine would be over soon. If you have a chance to stay at home, then avail it in the best possible manner. Try to figure out things you always want to. Be the person you want to be forever. People with diversity are good learners and quickly absorb as compared to those who tend to be the same all time.

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