Ambition destroys its possessor is an attention-seeking proverb and somehow reflects avarice and greed in every aspect of life. Excess of everything is terrible. This sentence we have read on diverse spots. Still, every day we practice it. Undoubtedly, when a person strives for a goal at some stage of life, he achieves it, but a journey of ambition and achievements never ends. This ambition can never fill his soul. And if we do not enclose an ambitious soul in a cage of gratitude, then it can destroy us in the worst manner. Lack of appreciation destroys peace of mind and heart. We must maintain a balance between goals and gratitude. 

This review has been referenced from history with tales of legends, decoding all the aspects of ambition and enforce us to think where we have to mark a full stop!

Ambition is a contradictory word:

There are many perspectives about word ambition. It is good as long as it holds a sense of gratitude, but the hunger of more can turn ambition into greed. Life is ups and downs. Therefore, at any stage of experience, we are not the same. Anyhow, every person deep down inside craves for ambitions and desires and goals and dreams. Somehow, these words belong to the same family. The severity of excitement is just differentiating them. Some say, being an ambitious person is a good character. Some say ambition creates greed; therefore, we must satisfy what we have. Professor Mirza Manzoor elaborated this proverb in a sound section.

Decoding of ambition destroys its possessor by Late Professor Mirza Manzoor:

The quotation holds well in case of all great men who eventually fall victim to their ambition in life. It is impossible to keep ambition within reasonable limits. An ambition ceases to be an ambition if it could be restricted within limits.

Ambition can be bound by boundaries. Napoleon won victories after victories and antagonized all the power of Europe. Then, tables turned around, and European decided to take revenge. He was crush at the hands of his ambition.

Likewise, Alexander the great had the desire of conquering the whole of the world but did not succeed. Macbeth was killed at the hands of his desires eventually.  Ambition motivates its victim to expand the net of his socially undesirable activities to achieve ambitious targets. Once this process starts, there is no end to it. The process finally culminates in the consumption and destruction of the possessor of ambition.

A story of how ambition turned into a nightmare;

There is a short story named,” The NECKLACE” written by GUY DE MAUPASSANTwhich can be cited in the present context. A pretty charming lady married to a clerk in an education board, who desired to be married to a distinguished rich man. One day her husband gives her an invitation card to attend a meeting arranged by the minister of public instruction.

She complains about the lack of proper dress and jewellery to attend the function. Her husband arranges the dress while the necklace is borrowed from her friend. On returning home at 4 a.m., she noticed about the loss of the necklace. The couple borrows money at a high-interest rate and buys a new identical necklace at a high price.  It is returned. The lady’s life becomes a hell as she is consumed by distress and grief. She does domestic chores herself. She bears all sorts of agonies silently for being prominent in a social gathering. Later on, she meets her friend, incidentally and tells her the story of tragedy. The necklace lost was only worth five in France. False ambition destroyed the couple. 


That’s how ambition and desire can change into greed. A lack of gratitude creates chaos and insecurities. The want for more and more pave a path of an endless journey. We must show acceptance for what we have. Indeed, we also must strive for god. But we should never introduce our inner to greed. Life is short and has an ultimate end. We must not spare it in unending ambition and desires. Accept and show gratitude for what you have. Strive for what you can. If things go according to your will, it is good, but if they do not go, you must go them according to their will.

This is the secrecy of a peaceful, happy life.  Am I right?



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