(All praise be to ALLAH who is the Master of heavens and the earth)

Arrogance is the feeling of superiority and a state of mind in which a person feels worthy and underestimates others as inferior beings. Also, arrogance means a desire for being self-dominant and self-centered. Pride and arrogance restrict one’s mental growth as one starts to think that he is perfect. This sense of perfection and superiority make a person sluggish as a result; he doesn’t pay any attention to self-evaluation and hard work to be a better version of his personality. 

Traits of arrogant people:

1-Arrogant people are cold and spiritually weaker than the others. There is the least possibility to expect any words of love, affection, and positivity from such people. Their only intention is to be valuable and superior in the sight of others.

2-Arrogant people have an intense fear of committing mistakes. Because of the sense of perfection in them, they even don’t dare to think about their failure. They forget about the fact that failures are the gateway to success. 

3-Arrogant people immensely dislike facing criticism because of the fear of being trolled and ridiculed by others. Hence they live in a consistent state of discomfort.

4-Arrogant people are envious too. It becomes unbearable for them to see a person with higher status, education, and productivity. They appear to be good with them, but deep inside, they’ll be upset and envious with them.

5-Arrogant people don’t make distinct progress in life. They want in their lives to be perfect without any effort and self-evaluation. Due to these behaviors, they always remain in hot waters.

Arrogance in the light of the Noble Quran:

Allah calls Himself Al-Mutakabbir— The Supremely Great, The Perfection of Greatness. He is the One who is supremely great. Al-Mutakabbir reveals His Greatness and power at every moment and in every incident! 

All the qualities that we possess are given by Allah. We haven’t had any control over our status, race, and family in which we born; our; our knowledge and all other things are the blessings of Allah towards us. So how can we even be arrogant over those things which we have no control over?

Allah describes people as “mutakabbireen” (arrogant) on many occasions. They have pride and arrogance in their hearts and actions by disbelieving in Allah’s signs and also towards Allah’s creations. Allah announces His wrath and severe punishment for those whose hearts are filled with pride and arrogance, who look down towards His creations and be proud over their beauty, grace, and knowledge.

Following are the verses of The Glorious Quran which declare pride and arrogance as a great sin in the sight of Allah Almighty:

“And swell not thy cheek (for pride) at men, nor walk in insolence through the earth; for Allah loveth not any arrogant and boastful people.” (Al-Quran 31:18)

On another occasion, Allah says:

“Do not walk proudly on the earth; your feet cannot tear apart the earth, nor are you as tall as the mountains. (Al-Quran 17:37)

“And they denied them those (Ayaat) wrongfully and arrogantly though their own selves were convinced thereof…”(Al-Quran, 27:14)

Above mention, verses show that Allah Almighty dislikes or hates arrogance and pride. What we even possess to be arrogant over? Nothing. All Sovereignty and Greatness belongs to Allah alone.

Arrogance in the light of Hadiths:

Pride and arrogance are a kind of belief in which a person believes that he has the perfect qualities, so he is “above” than the others. It is a severe disease of the heart (spiritual disease) that’s why our Holy Prophet SAW stated the following statements about arrogance and pride:

”None shall enter the Fire (of Hell) who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of Iman, and none shall enter Paradise who has in his heart the weight of a mustard seed of pride.” (Sahih Muslim)

Types and shapes of arrogance and pride:

Arrogance due to knowledge:

Imam Al-Ghazali said,

 “People of knowledge are in greater danger of arrogance than anyone else.”

It means that knowledgeable people tend to look down over less knowledgeable people. One should acknowledge that Allah encompasses the knowledge of the heavens and earth. He guides to whom He wills.

Arrogance due to lineage:

Arrogance, due to tribalism, is also common in our society. One is unable to choose his tribe as it is pre-determined, and one has no control over it. Thus it’s a foolish act to be arrogant over your tribe and lineage.

Arrogance due to physical beauty:

Having a beautiful body and face is what people nowadays are proud of. White color, colored eyes, bold lips, and sharp nose consider as the criteria of beauty nowadays. If a person doesn’t have these features, he’ll be ridiculed due to this. And so-called beautiful people who stand on the standards set by the society are arrogant and feel superior over black and socially declared ugly people. What a shame!

Pride in the present day:

Nowadays, sometimes one looks down upon others because he earns less money. Rich people begin to look down on the poor. Married couples begin to look down on unmarried people. Similarly, couples with children feel themselves superior to those who are without children.

It is also possible a person who is more spiritual and spends more in the way of Allah begins to look down who is not as much spiritual. These kind of arrogant behaviors are prevailing in our society.

Everyone is trying to be great and superior in others’ eyes, but very little people realize their blessings and pay gratitude towards their Lord.

How can we avoid this?

One should acknowledge the fact that we’re all Allah’s servants. Allah created us and dispersed us among different classes and regions. We even have no control over our births, parents, and society, where we open our eyes. That’s Allah’s decree to test us that who is more grateful towards Him and show humility. One should be great by being humble.

You can find greatness only when you show humility towards your Lord. As Allah says in the Quran:

” O you who believe, whoever of you should revert from his religion, Allah will bring forth a people He will love, and who will love Him, (who are) humble towards the believers, and powerful against the disbelievers . . . [Quran, 5:54]”

Respect and love others for the sake of Allah. Remember, your perception about others reflects how you judge fellow beings. Only Allah knows what the hearts possess. 

Be humble to increase your knowledge.

Battle against the arrogance by continuous recalling that Allah is your Master, and you’re His slave. Keep a high alert check on your feelings, as pride comes into your heart, recall that you are nothing. All you possess is Allah’s blessings upon you.

And the most important thing to avoid this disease, ask Allah for His guidance and help. Indeed there is no power nor strength except through Allah.


Arrogance and pride are deadly spiritual heart disease. It restricts a person from spiritual and mental growth. Arrogance also brings an atmosphere of injustice and social class system among society.

One should understand the inner devilish feeling and practice humility to compete with one’s inner pride and arrogance. Ask Allah’s help and guidance to combat pride and recalls again and again that a man is nothing but a statue of soil with some qualities that His Lord bless him with.

Let the scent of the gratitude and humility to overcome the bad smell of arrogance and pride. Let the society cherish with love, brotherhood, and togetherness.

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