Asia has been always a controversial point. From Pakistan independence to America entry in Afghanistan everything has passed at a glance. Every compartment is just working right for oneself but not for unity. It was always about power and overtaking of power. South Asia and the Middle East were always involved in sectarian violence and religious extremism. Everything is destroyed by these two components. A breach between Saudia and Iran, A breach between India and Pakistan and now to be superpower china has turned the shift of alliance. Just look at some points. COVID-19 is taking the world in lap. Pakistan and is being victimized after Iran and China. A major loss of Asia is absolutely a confirm reality but the next agenda is what will happen after we get rid of this virus.

Who will go to lead Asia?

Iran Pakistan India China is superpowers that actually our neighbors. This terrifies the world. China’s investment in Pakistan and Pakistan’s stable relation with Iran and India breech with Pakistan never put Asia on peace. China’s economy is great. They recovered from corona within three months. India’s economy is also stable and Iran is a powerful player in Asia and her natural resources also eminent it but Pakistan’s economic crises will put us in deep trouble. Pakistan is all divided in sects. Iran’s Shia government and increasing influence in neighbors will align them under the same roof; China is a bilateral trade partner and India as a major hostile of Pakistan. But the question arose for Afghanistan and Pakistan. This is the extremely wondering point of how powers are going to shift. What is the situation of Pakistan?

How Pakistan will manage it.

The alliance is always been a strong part of diplomacy. Pakistan’s only center of attention is CPEC, a port and trade route. China will trade by CPEC in Africa and Europe and Central Asia… CPEC is a gateway for Middle East and central Asia. Middle East is famous for natural resources oil and gas. The world is running out for industrial fuel sooner or later they will need the Middle East. China is going to use well CPEC with a 62 billion investment. But what is an advantage for Pakistan to be a trading partner with China.

Pakistan as a pawn on the International chessboard

Pakistan needs to move wisely to get benefited well. Pakistan’s entry into SCO and alignment with Russia is a support system for defense and economic dimensions. Pakistan must need to neutralize its relation with India. Asia can progress well if all subjects unite and move into a single compartment system. India and China ever-increasing economic stability can open a new door for the rest of Asia. Iran a major player of the Middle East can affect relations with South Asia. To have alignments, states must have an interest in each other. Common objectives are a core key of multilateral relation. It is confirmed point that that will have a strong alliance and stable economic position will control the world and will favors the balance of Power. And after examining all the circumstances, China is most suitable we can speak for.



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