We encounter a particular phrase on many motivational, self-development, and entrepreneur platforms, be the boss of your own, or be the boss of your life. How is exactly a boss act like, how a boss should lead a team? Are bosses and leaders the same people? These are questions that subsidies of the statement “be the boss”.

However, a boss is a supervisor of some employees. He has certain capacities and order to maintain. He is responsible for instruction and management in a particular place where teamwork is being done.

Boss and leader are terms use alternatively. They quite have similarities. Both lead teams, both direct the members and potential to make a certain decision. Besides work management, they are risk dealers. Both are a strategist and carry every stone that blocks their path.

Be the boss

What is the exact meaning of being the boss of your life? Undoubtedly life is a trek of ups and downs. Comeback and setbacks, thick and thin, bright, and dark are all aspects of life. You cannot expect it to be in the stationary phase. The hard time comes and they pass. But it teaches us how to be strong.

Every phase of life come to test our hope and teach untouched lessons. A state of happiness or sorrow comes to pass and it will pass. It is quite true that good times pass in seconds and hard times take months and years irrespective of the fact both have the same duration.

Problems are part of life and to live them is the art of life. It all depends on perception either you create opportunities from given circumstances or you do absolutely nothing about it.

The statement, be the boss of your life, reflects an image of sharp vision, compacted beliefs, firm determination, and strong character. The one who does not let any social or communal element to affect his path.

What is an invisible tortured cell? “What people are going to say about your behavior and action”. This orthodox and conservative approach birthed to many stereotypic societies.

What people say about us is not our reality but their reflection. It is not an updated point people definitely say when you do things differently. When you talk and act differently. Orthodox personalities believe changes are sinner.

In all this melodrama they forget a fact, time demands us a change. You cannot live a whole life with the same personality. Besides the individual approach, society is supposed to contain a diverse element.

Be the boss of your life and be the boss of your own. Do not let anyone roasted your creativity. It is a universal fact, people talk about things they cannot have. Enjoy every bit of your individuality.

It is not insanity to do what makes you happy. One day you are going to leave everything behind. Therefore, enjoy your insanity. Set a goal; make strategies define your vision. And let the remove every roadblock in the journey of success.

It is a proven fact, once you try to sustain your individuality; every conservative social element creates a bubble of hardship and discouragement. But the braves are ones who maintains their productivity without taking any element into consideration.

Be the boss

 A person who is original has positive energies. In the world of carbon copies, be the original. Do not idolize people rather than teach their life lessons. Be your own superhero.

Human is a universe. He is abroad and vast in thoughts. A series of age required to learn who exactly he is. Every person has cons and pons. Once you start the journey of self-consciousness it has no end. The more you learn about yourself, the more you would want to learn about yourself.

After a personal approach, a social and communal bond exists. Your behavior and manners say a lot about your upbringing and life events.

There are good qualities and high morals a good boss should have for his employees.

  • A good boss leads the team instead of order the team.
  • Equal contribute in work management instead of leaving all work on employees.
  • Protect his worker’s benefits and respect their opinion.
  • Pay their dues on time and grant bonus and prizes for good services.
  • He does not play the blame game over failures.
  • A good boss shows confidence in their work and encourages risk to have the right reward.
  • He is a great communicator. He speaks as well as listen.
  • A good boss is not biased and diplomatic.
  • He encourages creativity and offers possible help.
  • A good boss is open to discussing flaws of his own nature.
  • He is always well aware of the work worker and the structure of the office.
  • A good boss delivers a project at a time. He is consistent and honest in words and action.
  • No matter what the circumstances are, he never steps back and discourages his route.

Life is a combination of individual and social levels. A successful life knows the secrecy to maintain both. You are here for a purpose and a limited time. Make sure at deathbed would not regret anything.


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