Watermelons run throughout the summer. It is delicious and refreshing. Its watery contents are protective shields against heatwaves. The benefits of watermelon are immeasurable. Like any seasonal fruit, summer comes with watermelon and its importance is imminent especially in a pandemic. Its watery slices are rich in minerals. Here are the healthy benefits of eating watermelon.

Healthy benefits of eating watermelon

Keeps Body Hydrate:

Watermelon keeps your body hydrate; it is consists of 92% of water. Any fruit with high water content can help you in good digestion. However, in summer burning sun has higher chances to make us dehydrate as a result our body can stop function properly. Watermelon is refreshing and gives us a sufficient quantity of water.

Benefits of watermelon

Rich in vitamins:

It is the lowest in calories and hence helps lose weight.  A cup of watermelon has 46 grams of calories. Its calories content even lower than barriers which are considered as lower sugar fruits. It is rich in vitamins and carotenoids. The body converts carotenoid in vitamin A.

One cup of watermelon has many other essential nutrients such as

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Potassium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B5, B6, B1

It has essential amino acid, citrulline. Citrulline increases the supply of ingredients according to body needs as well as it has antioxidants properties.

Benefits of watermelon
Healthy drink

Consists of anti-cancer agents:

Watermelon has a lycopene compound which is an anti-cancerous agent. Researchers show a fine quantity of watermelon in diet lower the risk of cancer.

Lycopene mainly prevents digestive tract cancer. It lowers the insulin growth factor (IGF) which triggers cell division and ultimately stops cancer.

Beneficial for heart:

Heart disease causes a massive death rate worldwide. Poor lifestyle increase the chances of disease and any disease leave a bad impact on heart activity. It is a central and vital organ of the body. If the heart stops beating we announce as dead.

High cholesterols level and high blood pressure are the main reasons for heart failure. Heart attack and stroke take a million lives per year.

Watermelon has lycopene which lowers blood pressure and reduces chances of heart failure.

Benefits of watermelon

Lycopene enhances the flexibility of the artery wall and improves the circulation of blood flow.

Citrulline is the main component of watermelon which expands the blood vessel and lowers blood pressure.

Contain Anti-inflammatory compounds:

Inflammation triggers many chronic diseases.

It reduces oxidative damage and reduces inflammation. Watermelon is rich in lycopene and vitamin C which are anti-inflammatory compounds and strengthen body immunity.

A 2015 research survey shows the anti-inflammatory properties of watermelon. A group of rat fed on watermelon powder. After several days they develop less reactive proteins and less oxidative stress.

It makes the brain healthy. It reduces the chances of Alzheimer’s disease and slower onset.

Protect eye:

Lycopene is an essential component and hence provide immunity against inflammation. Body weakens relative to age.

It prevents age-related macular degeneration AMD. It causes blindness in adults.

Watermelon consists of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds that help in preventing AMD and if it develops watermelon lowers its growth.

Lessen muscular Pain:

Citrulline is an important amino acid that is commercially available as a supplement and it lowers muscular pain.

Watermelon juice enhances the absorption of citrulline.

A survey of athlete shows, watermelon juice with citrulline supplements lower soreness and enhances heart activity as well as keeps the body active.

A survey of lab shows, citrulline in watermelon juice has a high absorption rate as compare to simple citrulline in watermelon. 

It enhances exercise performance by strengthening muscles.

Benefits of watermelon

Improves skin and Hair:

Watermelon has two components, A and C.

Both are important for skin and health.

Vitamin C helps your body to make collagen. It strengthens hair roots and makes them thick.

Vitamin A replaces the damaged cell and makes a new cell. Insufficient amount of vitamin A your skin looks dry.

Both Lycopene and Vitamin C protects your skin from sunburn.

Face mask
Face mask

Improves Digestion:

Watermelon contains a lower amount of fibers. And hence it improves digestion.

Massive water quantity keeps stomach movement fine and fibers provide bulk for stool.

High water and fiber content food enhance digestion and hence improves your health and well increase life duration.

Better the health; Better the life

mentally strong
mentally strong


Summer is targeting us and we need highly nutritious foods as a protective shield from the burning sun. Watermelon is healthy seasonal summer food. It has immense benefits. This is the era of pandemic and many viral outbreaks are caging world. So we need better immunity to cope with all. Watermelon is a reliable source as it keeps us healthy as well as fresh.


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