Bill Gates an innovative revolutionary mind of modern times is suggesting activities for this summer. A blog published by Bill Gates on GatesNotes, in which he is giving some ideas about summertime. The world right now is facing a severe pandemic. The world is terrified by the loss giant countries had faced. Thousands of people have died and millions are battling with the virus. Bill Gates a philanthropist is suggesting the world to have hope in dark times. He is recommending some books and TV shows which are worth time spending. If you want to be a great leader firstly you have to listen to one. Close consideration will engage you under the banner of excellence and productivity. 

5 Recommended Books by Bill Gates.

Below mentioned 5 books by Bill Gates are sound and nicest works. This pandemic is giving us a chance to do extraordinary stuff for ourselves.  Book reading is a source of expanding wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is the power that no one can destroy. If you keen on learning you are undefeatable. 

The choice: Embrace the Possible by Edit Eva Eger:

The choice

This is a biography by a modern time famous psychologist Edit Eva Eger. This book explains recovering from Trauma. She with her family in 1944 went to Auschwitz at the time of the Second World War. After a series of trauma fear and horrors, she moved to the United State and got married. In this book, she explains her struggle in the darkest time. She is a renowned therapist and is a motivation for people are facing horrors in life.

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchel:

Cloud Atlas

This is a high praised novel. Once you read it you will understand the importance of good books. Book reading leaves a profound impact on the reader’s mind. It was published in 2004. This is a fiction book and consists of six interrelated different centuries. It offers an opportunity to shift a view from south specific inn nineteenth century to Hawaii in future time. This fiction novel has a touch of voyage and reality. Bill Gates is mentioning a young doctor on a voyage in 1800. A series of shifts about humanity both good and worst are well engrossed in it.

3-The ride of a lifetime by Robert Allen Iger:

Bill gates

This book is full of a thrill as it is a biography and has a touch of success and leadership. Success is never easy to achieve. It takes years of hard work and constant struggle before you touch the desirable position. Robert Iger Is the CEO of Walt Disney company. He started his career in 1974. Step after step he contributed massive effort for the international growth of Walt Disney company. He directed the Disney shop as an executive from 2005 to 2020. This thrilling biography will enlighten your success is never cheap It takes sacrifices before engraving its claws.

4-The Great Influenza by John M. Barry:

Bill Gates

It was published in 2004. This book describes describes the deadliest pandemic of the world which was in the year 1918. It was flu pandemic indeed the worst also. John M. Barry was discussing different contexts linking to pandemic the role of the United State as well as the development of medicine in 1918. This book is a good historical compression with the ongoing situation of another flu pandemic. The similarity between both pandemics is the flu. Well, the difference is the development of science and technology, civilization and severity of the pandemic.

However, challenges are the same.

5-Good Economics for hard times by Abhijit Banerjee and Ester Duflo:

Bill Gates

This book was published by an intellectual economist in 2019. They are smart in resolving economic challenges. The specificity of their work is their information can access by a layman. Their book discusses world policies and the role of fully developed countries like the United State. In this pandemic when the world is standing at the edge of economic chaos, these two young intellectual workers can change the course of the world economy with innovative ideas and theories. Bill Gates is recommending the book for understanding the fundamentals of economics and its policies.

Bill Gates is also recommending TV shows and movies to kill summer.

Netflix is a Media Production Company and almost cover all genera of film and drama industry. Bill Gate’s next recommendation is a tv show; Pandemic How to prevent an outbreak. This TV show introduces 4 people around the globe who try hard to prevent an outbreak. This documentary focuses on influenza pandemic (not on corona) Influenza is all time culprit behind major world outbreaks. In the COVID-19 era only doctors researchers, aid workers, and the military are putting their lives at risk. This documentary infuses a ray of hope and motivation toward work irrespective of upcoming challenges. 

Million little things and spy games are worth keeping entertainment in the bucket.  Bill Gates are catching the curiosity of the audience by pointing out he has watched spy games 12 times but won’t tell you what it is about. Bill Gates and inspiration and motivation for the IT and technology department is recommending us good stuff to enjoy summer with family. 


This is going to be one of the hard summers in the last years. The COVID-19 pandemic is giving us a major challenge. WHO stated the increase of anti-anxiety and anti-depressant purchases around the globe. Children and adults are dragging major psychological problems. We can make this pandemic easy-going and stress-free by driving productivity. Nature is giving us a chance to take a close look at our life. This unsettlement is a big settlement. All you need is a different perception to cope with pandemic challenges.


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